Karateka: Official Trailer (2012)

by Jordan Mechner • 70,660 views

Get Karateka in the iOS App Store now! - http://itunes.apple.com/app/id560927460 The launch trailer for Karateka (2012), an innovative remake of the 8-bit karate classic by Prince of Persia creator...

I need to try this! Loved the original one, what a classic
Please release playable demos!
You can play it through Steam on Windows or Mac. Coming soon. We'll have a trial version.
would be nice to know if the original Karateka could be "unlocked" in this game.
Will you please make an Android version? :( I have an iPod Touch but this game looks that gorgeous that I wanna play it on my Android tablet's 10 inch screen :)
The gameplay is horribly slow and uninteresting.
I like how character design is from The Batman
Holy shit! It's the guy from Big Trouble in Little China!
Cool, but I don't have a Xbox 360 or any video game consoles (not since my Atari 2600). I do have a computer (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X). ;)
One of the hardest games of my childhood.
Wow.. my son can't wait for this to be released.. And even laughed at me when I showed him what I used to play! Great work Jordan, and thanks for the memories.. I hope there is an easter egg in is that will let you play the 8 bit version!! ( hint hint )
yeah, punch that fucking bird in the face, UUHHHH!
Mr. Mecher made what he want to made with his Karateka. Original Apple II game wasn't all about graphic design - it's visual style was more due to technical limitations than everything else. What we've got here is another interesting game with some really clever ideas, and moreover, this is not another attempt to make money on old franchise (remember Alone in the Dark or new THPS remake), but a wish to go further for maestro Mechner. So please, stop whining about "true-non true" stuff.
I played it on the Ipad and I loved it. I am also over 10.
@ 0:29 did i just hear "THE TRUE LOVE" was the first hero?
Dude are you retarded? Original game had that kinda visuals because there was nothing else possible! And if you think visuals are only thing that matter in games, then you are even more retarded.
I saw no. Or is there a crisis in video games ideas?
These princesses need to learn karate.
i remember playing the original, back in the day in my cousins Apple. Brings back the best memories.
Ape Fu is the new hotness apparently. If someone comes up with an annoying art style, cliche the hell out of it until it is dead and it drags down classic games down with it.
They should code it in HTML5. Classic games must preserve simplicity.
Love the remake and I love the trailer too :) The extended Trailer is even better. I played Karateka originally on the C64 and comparing that version to the Apple II it seems the C64 version had way better sound if nothing else. Thanks Mr. Mechner for bringing back fond memories.
Me too... Of my son hopelessly addicted to video games. Would take this level of virtual reality to addict me too like my boy. Who would have thought we could build an entire industry is built on OCD? LOL. Some addictions are cool.
Thank you Jordan! I love how you paid homage to the Apple // in this trailer. And the game looks like it has all the makings of being TOTALLY AWESOME. I'm also equally excited that I pronounced this game's title correctly all along. I officially win all those silly childhood arguments now. :-)
HAHAHA! this is not " KARATE"
Holy shit, that's Gerald Okamura! Ever present fat Asian in many, many B-movies.
Woohoo!! Karateka - Live! What a flashback! Love the Apple //e!! .. I know that one really well. :)
why don't you do a port also for Mac and Linux?!?!
Another classic game destroyed...
Yet another puny remake of a classic game. And it looks like shit. No, really.
You do realize I was talking about "feeling like something" not "being it" - right? It is entirely and fully my personal opinion (short: it's fugly as all hell) - not a law or code you have to agree, follow and abide to. Also, rythm-based QTEs don't strike me as being particularly clever as a game mechanic and unlike Mr. Mechner, I don't care in the slightest for making games more "movie-like" and "story-centered". As an Ipad-Game, there is no need to whine about the TRVENESS of this creation ;)
Oh, and actually Karateka was heaviley influenced by japanese woodblock prints and Disney animation - so the visual aspect was important and lead to the unique look of the original, making my "graphical design" remark not being that far off actually. Just think of it this way, if you were to make a big print for a gallery based off a screenshot - which game would you pick, oldschool or newschool?
the graphics didn't change a bit
I cannot be the only one that absolutely hates the new visual direction? I loved the original because the visuals felt very "graphic design" (as in design done for printing) - there is NOTHING left of that in this new game. This could have been an amazing 2D game with a stylish, modern take on the "graphic design" part... instead it's this... abomination. Mr. Mechner, what have they done to your Karateka?
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