Tommy Lee Jones winning Best Supporting Actor

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Marisa Tomei presenting Tommy Lee Jones with the Oscar® for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in "The Fugitive" at the 66th Academy Awards® in 1994.

Is of common knowledge that Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes were robbed that night 
And Leo, he convinced thousands of people with such honesty that he was an actor who had a mental disability instead of an actor playing a character with a mental disability. It was his first major film role at only 16 years old too. IMO that category for that year was one of the few in which it could've been anyone's Oscar as they were all so talented in their roles.
nope...  just because he didn't play a maniac which is favored with mainstream audiences, Tommy deserved this award... if anything, it is a travesty that Denzel was not nomiated for Philadelphia.  Thtat year was a monster class of great performances. Either or deserved to win.
too bad, Denzel Washington was not nominated for Philadelphia
+Charlie Harrison but the question became who has the biggest spot of the movie in Philadelphia ? 
+alex kanyima I would class Tom Hanks as the main lead, as the story centres around his life, however the film also goes into a lot about Denzel Washingston's character's life and background. They could of done a category fraud and stuck him in supporting, which has been done before. e.g. Cate Blanchett being placed in supporting for Notes on a Scandal when she is clearly a lead, however Judi Dench had a tad more screen time in the film, so she got the lead.  
Ralph fiennes or Dicaprio, Dicaprio gave a sweet, heartfelt  performance and Fiennes gave us one of the most hated villains in history. Jones was good, but Feines and Dicaprio were better.
Ralph Fiennes seemed like a best deserving candidate , but of course it was political not choose him hence he played Nazi german officer. Second best choice was Di Caprio . 
one of the toughest ones to pick in the oscar history along 1994 Best Picture I can say... although I think Fiennes deserved the most..  
Ralph Fiennes deserved the Oscar
Most of people that are talking here that Fiennes was robbed didnt even see Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive... 
no they did but they recognize that Jones won just for playing a even more simple version of himself where as DiCaprio and Fiennes both lost themselves in very complex and difficult roles that should have got them the award. I liked Jones in The Fugitive, he was a lot of fun. But lets be real here, he just played himself. 
I have seen The Fugitive several times.    And even though Tommy Lee Jones was entertaining he was not as good as the rest of the nominees.    Also you shouldn't make assumptions about people.
He won the Oscar because he carried the whole film and took the straightforward character to heights no one expected. For that reason alone the Academy chose wisely
weel deserved!!!!!!!! allways tommy lee jones fan!!
I watched this for Leo. I have to say he really deserved that Oscar
Tommy Lee Jones playes pretty much the same flipping character in every movie he's in....Ralph Fiennes deserved that Oscar far more than one-note Jones did.
good performance by tommy lee jones but DiCaprio or Fiennes deserved 
TLJ is actually bald at the top?!
People say DiCaprio shouldn't get the Oscar, but Fiennes should've. Fiennes was great, but to me, DiCaprio's performance was a much more difficult as playing a ruthless character who turns good in the end, isn't something that people haven't seen before. There aren't many roles where actors play mentally handicapped characters very well that were convincing.  The only ones that come to mind are Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man and Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump. But Arnie Grape had a different type of handicap than Raymond or Forrest had. Those two had certain talents we see, while we don't see any talents, aside from climbing the water tower, that Arnie has, as he's home the whole time, except when Gilbert goes into town to work or they go some place. Playing someone like Arnie Grape would be difficult as you don't want to act like you're making fun of people of that certain handicap, but you want to play the character as he's supposed to be acted. While I do think Fiennes would be a great runner up, either of them would be a better choice to win than Jones' performance in The Fugitive, which is just an decant, okay performance.
What's worse than not winning an Oscar? Winning an Oscar you don't deserve.  Ralph Fiennes was robbed...
The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences must have been made up of the dullest and least professional members in its history the year Tommy Lee Jones won best actor in a supporting role. Why the Academy would give an Oscar to a man who played the role of a U.S. Marshall in an overrated suspense film as opposed to a guy who basically perfected a recreated the role of a psychopathic Nazi, I have no idea. 
That was one HELL-A-VA crop of nominees..........  Tommy Lee, Leonardo, ...and Ralph Feines (in Schindler's List)!   Day-um!   ....oh...and Malkovich?   Oh wow!
TLJ should have been nominated for lead, cause he was the second lead
Fiennes should have gotten the Oscar
Tommy Lee Jones: I don't care!
Dicaprio's performance in that movie was amazing. He should have won. 
It's Fiennes that got robbed here, not DiCaprio.
Fiennes was great, and would've won in many other years.  
stale jokes of the presenter 0:09 
Malkovich's performance in Line of Fire was sickening
Jeez, Fiennes or Dicaprio should've won, another massive fumble by the academy awards.
How in fuck did TLJ manage to beat four FAR superior performances that year? Fiennes should have won by a landslide, followed by DiCaprio. 
Marisa Tomei.  What part of her body would I not eat?  Man, is she hot!
Christian Bale should have been nominated for Swing Kids instead of Pete.
He Would Later Win For The Fighter,Which IMO Was A Better Performance.
One of the biggest mistakes ever. Dicaprio or Ralh should have won. This is big mistake as Gwnleth Paltrow won over Fernanda Montengro and Jennifer Lawrence over Jessica Chainsaw
wow I had no idea Jennifer Lawrence beat Jessica Chainsaw, it must have been a SHARP defeat. 
RALPH FINNES was UTTERLY ROBBED. He truly deserved it as Amon Goeth in Schindler's List. His performance was utterly brilliant - he did the accent, he did the sociopathy, he did the cruelty, he did the evil, he did the look, he did EVERYTHING.
Fiennes and DiCaprio were both robbed!
Ralph Fiennes is the one who really got screwed here regardless Dicaprio was still better than Tommy Lee Jones.
+Akash Vijay I think Fiennes and DICaprio were equal 
Fiennes was robbed, and people who say dicaprio should have won are probably titanic fans, what ralph fiennes did in schindler's list is far beyond dicaprio's capability.
+Josef Hautala Gilbert Grape was  one of his first roles and he was just a kid or teen , so there is so many great child actors that after they grow up they suck or they are just average maybe that was Leo's case thats why I dont take that one as a reference , Catch me if you can, in that one he was just OK nothing that an average actor teaming  with a great director cannot do , the only movie where he really did a great job and actually made me change my mind about his work was The Aviator , in that movie he really blow up the screen  , very impressive performance and after that he just got better and better thats why I said that before Scorcese he was just a pretty baby face with average acting skills 
+jeffrey dahmere Well I disagree with you about his performance in Catch me if you can, I think he played that character with so much heart and charisma and showed noticable character arcs as his character got older and I do not think very many actors could have played that role nearly as well. The Aviator was just brilliant, one of the best performances i have ever seen, totally made up for his shitty performance in Gangs of New York a couple years prior.  I also loved DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, Django Unchained, The Departed, and Shutter Island.
Ralph Fiennes was robbed big time
I ain't a Titanic fan, but I am Leo's fan. I surely think Leo should win! I appreciate his performance in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, really do. Not blindly think he should win. I am not belittling other nominees. But at least he should get a Golden Globe.
For Blood Diamond, If you see the oscars 2007 he's here for Blood diamond :)
did she say ray fines for ralph fiennes..
His name is pronounced "Rafe" actually
dicaprio or Ralph Fiennes
Tommy lee is a great actor, but DAMN ACADEMY, it award was from Ralph Fiennes... GEEZZ... Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes deserves it so much.
One thing is for sure...the academy didn't see either
Oh poor leonardo, being nomitated since always
What an amazing year for this category. Any of those five would've deserved it.
he is a hught actor greatest
Dicaprio, Fiennes, Postlehwaite, Malkovich: I should have won the Oscar!!!!!  Tommy Lee Jones: I Don't Care!!!!!!!!!!! 
I agree..Big mistake.
Val Kilmer should have won for Tombstone.
Damn it! He is not best ,he's actually worst of all four. Finnes should won. DiCaprio,Malkovich and Postlethwaite were all better than Jones. And some other performances ,also much deeper than Jones robotic Sam Gerard. Val Kilmer - Tombstone Ben Kingsley - Schindler's List Sean Penn - Carlito's Way Robert DeNiro - Bronx Story John Leguizamo - Carlito's Way Just to name a few..
Ralph Fiennes should have taken this hands down, absolute shocker!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday !!! He won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard in the The Fugitive. His other major roles include Agent K in M.I.B and Colonel Chester Phillips in Captain America: The First Avenger. Tommy Lee Jones
WTF he is bald? He must have closet full of wigs.
They all look like idiots
This belonged to Val Kilmer for Tombstone but he wasn't even nominated!!!! They should have replace one of them for Val Kilmer only exceptions are Leonardo Dicaprio and Tommy Lee Jones.
Hunter S. Thompson style haha
WHAT. A. RIP-OFF. I have seen all of their performances and I strongly believe that either Leo or Ralph should have won. As good as Tommy's performance was, Leo's convincing and very realistic portrayal of a mentally handicapped boy and Ralph's incredible performance as a villainous and very frightening Nazi soldier were the most outstanding performances that year.
Clearly TLJ was one of the STARS of the movie and his comment at the end of Harrison Ford not needing support was not just to honor his co-star but to acknowledge this fact. He deserved this Oscar. I know so many think Fiennes should have got it but I disagree. He was fairly one dimensional in his portrayal -- an excellent performance - no doubt. But I honestly felt TLJ performance was nuanced and superior. We should NOT like his character because he's chasing our hero, Ford, but despite that he was a likable guy - good at his job - who could have been a really nasty law enforcement officer if not in TLJ's capable hands. All these years later I am still in awe of his performance. That's the way it's suppose to be done!
Tommy Lee Jones is a great actor and certainly deserves an oscar but not this year. Ralph Fiennes was by far the best this year.
+Akash Vijay  yup this was clearly Ralph Fiennes' oscar. What a perfect performance as Amon Goeth.
Tommy Lee Jones was good in "The Fugitive", from what I can recall but DiCaprio and Fiennes was absolutely outstanding in their movies in two extremely difficult roles to pull off. 
Like Tommy Lee Jones but Rafe Fines was clearly robbed.  He was awesome in Schindler's List
They have an issue with DiCaprio. I remember in Titanic everyone won but not him,, and he was the Best of All. 
Everything? Um.. Winslet didn't win her Oscar that night. Also DiCaprio isn't the only actor to not win an Oscar. Seriously what makes him special? There are plenty of actors and actresses who are FAR better than him who have never won. 
What a hot girl that is Marisa Tomei. I love it, damn!!!
In The Line Of Fire was great! But The Fugitive was smart too
Ralph  Fiennes was awesome but Tommy in The Fugitive was also fantastic. i cant say any criticizecomment about Tommy's won because  It was very difficult to decide which was better.
Ralph Fiennes. That's all I need to say despite my love for Tommy Lee Jones.  God, the Academy... 
I love TLJ, the Fugitive is a fantastic film and I would never begrudge him this, his work is always first rate and he deserves to have had more than just one Oscar in his career. But he was up against DiCaprio and Fiennes giving the performances of their lives, it still shocks me nearly 20 years later that one of those two didn't win.
Marisa looks so beautiful and Ralph Fiennes(runner up : Pete Postlewhaite) was robbed !!!!
"greatest award an actor could recieve" nah i think that would be best actor in a lead role
Although I absolutely HATED "Schindler's List", I kind of agree that Fienne's perfomance was excellent and award-deserving too. DiCaprio would have been a close second, if not equally derserving, choice. Jones did a good job in the "Fugitive", but it was a far too easy of an effort, that role matched his real character so much...
+Akash Vijay Of course one can hate "Schindler's List". One can hate ANY movie out there. And love, too. It's about taste and preferances.
what does he mean by he's not really bald?!
+Alyfox3 +polarbear442  I think this group of YouTube comments is very kind and makes me happy. c:  Most people are comment dicks. lol
One of about a million examples of Oscar making up for past sins... By committing more...
Sean Penn should've been nominated for "Carlito's Way".
TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've never seen Fugitive, but he must have been damn good if he beat Ralph
Fiennes was better, but this win isn't a shame because T.Lee Jones is one of the best actors in Hollywood and it's not odd he owns an Oscar statuette.
An absolute joke. Fiennes was the better man hands down.
The fact that you believe Tommy Lee Jones's performance in "The Fugitive" was at a higher level than Ralph Fiennes's performance in "Schindler's List" is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard! Anybody with the slightest understanding of high level detailed acting skills would never believe that Tommy Lee Jones should have won best supporting actor for "The Fugitive." This is why I have no respect for ignorant movie critics. You have absolutely no idea what your talking about.
am i the only one here that thought tommy deserved his oscar
This should've been what got DiCaprio an Oscar. The only slap to the face that would be bigger than this is if a biopic about DiCaprio was made and the person who played him won an Oscar.
Fuck jones ralph was fucking robbed
I see another one in your future
Leo should have won for every time he has been nominated. Hell, he should have at least gotten a nomination for Django Unchained!
I cant belive Sean Penn managed to not get nominated for Carlitoes Way, he may have actualy deserved to win!
It is funny when you look at this choice they made, there is just no way around how bad and wrong it is. Tommy Lee Jones played a texas sherif who yelled at people, oh yah I bet that was a real stretch for him. And I know some people reading this might be like "you could say that about DiCaprio and Fiennes to" Well I dont see it that way. How could you make there characters sound easy? Fiennes played an evil, psychotic nazi Leo played a severely handicapped boy Those are far harder roles
Ralph Fiennes should have won. His performance stole the spotlight from Liam neeson. FROM LIAM FUCKING NEESON.
Yes! Ralph Fiennes not winning was one of the biggest all time Oscar **** ups.
Not my list. I just found it on the internet. Believe it or not, Penn's performance in Mystic River is ranked #76.
this was a fucking joke. fiennes was not just the best that year, he was probably the best of the decade.
I think that DiCaprio's interpretation is more complete, is emotive, sensitive and very difficult to interpretate.
I believe even Tommy Lee Jones knows he didn't deserve it over Ralph Fiennes.
DiCaprio is a fantastic actor, but Gilbert Grape isn't his strongest in my opinion. What I am surprised over is the fact that he has not been nominated for Django Unchained this year, in which he really shines! This year, it should have been Fiennes or the great Peter Postlethwaite if you ask me
lol your asking me if it is the worst?! LOL that is way to hard of a choice!! That is more then likely the worst best director choice I can think of, can we just message eachother?
I'm sorry, typo out. But you understand me correctly, and this is important. :)))) And DiCaprio in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, one of the best and dramatic roles.
He finally got the Oscar and he is bold as hell.
All I can say is boo. I love Tommy, but boooooo. Leo was so convincing, Ralph was phenomenal.
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