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The Giant Gift

by tokyoxvirus • 174,543 views

The gift is a car for the tinny man that what is held in giant high-school girl's hand. It is a example of draping simulation by Poser app.

Fuck the car, I wanna be in the hand holding it.
Pretend I am the Guy on the Balcony, Here it goes: Me: What is that disturbence? Giant Woman: Hello little small man. Me: *Shocked* :O Giant Woman: I won't hurt you, But, I have a Gift for you. Me: Well, I like gifts. Whats in there? Giant Woman: Here it is... *Uncovers Sheets* Giant Woman: TA-DA! A brand new car! Me: :D Giant Woman: Well, there you go! Me: WAIT! Giant Woman: Yes? Me: Where can I find you, and could I be your Friend? Giant Woman: I am Found ANYWHERE, And yes we can
8 people didn't recieve a gift from the giantess.
the only giant gift i see are those 2 TIG OL BITTIES!
I wish I have a girlfriend like that
@ULTRAQQX Why ? he's tiny. She will let him enter the Car and drive into her Vagina.
@sketchaholicgirl I think it is. BUT, Its ANOTHER Giantess! :P
take me giant school girl! i will love you forever . . .
hey isnt that the car that gets squishified??? O.O;
Is this ganna be a car commercial in Japan?
oh thanks honey, I'll just put that on the...OMGWTFBBQ!
All my cloths do is drop. I still haven't figured out how to get them to stick to fingers, even after I set the contact points. Good work!
She should grab the guy and put him inside her vagina!
@Rotneybot I like that little play you did with that =-)
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