Keiser Report: Countdown to Armageddon (E288)

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In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert have a field day dissecting Jamie Dimon's 'egregious, terrible mistake,' the possible insider trading around those so-called mistake and what...

Stacy is beutiful! Hey Stacy... How about a date as soon as the apocalypse is over?
Use a credit union or local bank, or move away from banks altogether is what I say. I don't know of any banking institution that isn't charging a service fee now. Credit unions vary from company to company, but they usually don't charge a ton of fees, providing you qualify under certain stipulations.
3:50-4:24 is perhaps one of the greatest moments in television history...ROFL!
Did Max Keiser just kill these guys by telling people that they had silver shorts? And then people bought silver just to fuck with them... Awesome! Keep it up people!!
Great work guys, let's short these market
Nice idea. anyway here's your update his hair is falling out and he's freaking out
p2 you all have to find common ground dont let them divide you with labels like gay, black, atheist, woman, muslim, disabled, poor ect. Watch them point out your difference's. we all stand together now.
The US economy threw itself under the bus about ten years ago.
Obviously the way they are acting they know the next time this corrupt fraud machine falls down its not geting back up again. There are only so many people desperate enough to believe in the lie that is this fabricated reality financed by money that doesnt exist. Once everything is brought to light there is no way, other than forced slavery, which we are not far from, that this fraud machine can keep turning.
Drudge had to wait until 4:00, to release their Bank run in Greece, stocks down to 3 mo lows in US page and it was up for exactly 10 seconds. Obviously the US "govt" is censoring everything out there. In case you dont know, the US is in total economic collapse. The people making decisions about your life are incompetent and incredibly stupid, bet your life on it, they are.
+++ BREAKING NEWS +++ Jamie Dimon commits suicide by sucking himself down the toilet! Sewage pipe blocked for two hours! +++ BREAKING NEWS +++
Oh come on you don't even have an argument other than to call me naive? Your obvious hatred of capitalism blinds you. No one can gain power if there is no government, because they are entirely subject to the people. If they do something that affects the people negatively, the people dont buy from them and/or violently destroy them. Government bails out corporations and protects them with police. Without either, corporations would work ethically with the intention of only profit.
capitalism is a system designed by flawed creators - everything is flawed - but it is error-correcting & respects freedom
Stacy loves me she just isn't aware of it yet.
@philos4r Thank you, I had the same clear thought as you! Stand together people. Can not break the sticks when they are in a bundle!
With MORE inflated money? Good luck to those banks in the long run. Because even bankers will lose big time when the very money they held, got inflated and lose it's value.
@13:35 Max is checking out Nomi's tits.
No! Think outside the box. Capitalism is bad because the rich buy the politicians, thus gain lots of power. If there was no government, where would they get the power from? Society will have power over the rich, because you will only get rich by making the people happy, not fucking them over, like the government and big banks are currently doing.
You have to get a job, u freaking loser!! Lmao
Is this the same errors, sloppiness and bad judgement from back in 2007? Or is this new errors, sloppiness and bad judgement? You would think they learned something from the first time around and were attempting to be more careful. You would think that but apparently the laws of physics don't apply here. I smell bullshit and I haven't got the smell out from the last time. But hey, Prez Ojerkoff says they're a real fine organization just like MF Global was. These crooks need to be skinned alive.
If anyone was wishing for a top officail in JP Morgan got cancer your wish your wish has been granted. He has Liver cancer
"Saving up money" is something the working poor does. Taking inflation into account, it's truly a very bad move. Poor people can either get into debt and be "middle class", save up money and remain poor (or, if they are lucky, become moderately wealthy), or, instead of SAVING money, invest it. Once they get a return on the investments, reinvest the principal and some of the profit. Do this again and again, work less hours, and eventually become "filthy rich".
Not good, the best! When there is no arguments to give fuckers like you switch to personalities, mother fucker.
The problem here isn't capitalism, but a lack of capitalism. The zombie banks are technically bankrupt, and only government infusions keep them alive. That's capitalism like a dog is a cat. We do need a big ol' workers of the world movement though.
All these crooks smell, just like the settlers that came to the Americas reeking of asshole juices. Looks like some things never change; these guys still bathe in the blood and sweat of the workers.
By choosing to extend existing individual rights & trades to work together, collectively, you can have a well-grounded, de-centralized socialism with no government intervention & all the benefits of economies of scale that capitalism can't give on its own for longer time-scales. This is far off from centralized fuedal-lordship "socialism"
“Oh, Vanity of vanities! How wayward the decrees of Fate are; How very weak the very wise, How very small the very great are!” (William Makepeace Thackeray 1811 - 1863)
It is changing, we have a case of rats in a sack. They will kill off each other no problems. Rampant Wetiko at work here, there is no hope for these psychopaths - they will just continue to take each other out and when threatened will take out their best mates first! Have faith :)
That's a nice way of putting a load of bullshit but I'm not buying it. Don't forget that OHIO IS STILL NOT A STATE if you want to get really technical...NONE of these laws passed since 1803 are even valid AND even if they were, they only apply to those who are under CONTRACT or OATH to them not to the PEOPLE unless they simply acquiesce to giving up their common law rights and can plea duress to governmental CON-tracts. ALL DEFACTO law is COLOR OF LAW in reality. Which "reality" do you live in?
So you want to abolish the Police because there some that are bribed and criminals go free ?
No one questioned the QUALITY of reserves. Turns out (source: Currency Wars, Jim Rickards) the Fed & Treasury are trading IOU's BOTH WAYS. Oh yes, they apparently can do that. Now they have the reserves but of WHAT? That's a second problem!
gobsmacked = this cat: images.ukcs . net/12128/lolcat.gif same cat: youtu . be/C_S5cXbXe-4
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Am I crazy or is Nomi attractive, even with that nose and enability to smile?
dont be an ignorant wanka, try using your brain first, there is scarcity because of todays capitalist system creating scarcity to keep prices high enough, eg there is enough land available for everyone to own a house, the government releases lots of land in a controlled manner to keep real estate prices high enough, another example being waste and the intentional manufacturing of poor quality items systematically depleting the worlds resources
You don't understand what the word means, apparently. Gold, fuel, silver, food, work-labor and technological machines / programming are CAPITAL, part of CAPITALISM. Euros, yen, DOLLARS, BONDS AND SHARES are PAPER CONTRACTS, debts of NO DETERMINED VALUE. They are NOT MONEY. They are NOT CAPITAL. Worshiping power is INCOMPUTABLE with capitalism - it has no bearing. Worshiping MONEY is not part of capitalism either. Consenting equal trade & personal ownership rights ONLY.
im not sure if you are aware but you are condoning true capitalism (something that no government practices). Check out Ron Paul, he agrees with you, except for the no social system bit (unless you mean social security in which case I think he agrees with everything you say, as do I)
I tried going to your channel but youtube said it wasn't available what's with that? Just asking here are you a guy or girl i can't tell from your youtube name.
Nothing is sexier than a smart woman. Nomi Prins looks pretty damn sexy in this.
Stacy Herbert, I LOVE YOU. But, if I can't have you, I'll definitely be falling for Nomi Prins. Gawd, I love smart women.
Max.... you know that Alex Jones says the truth... and then ALSO will say things that are bullshit. When you're on Jones' show... you know that you'll get more exposure... which is good for you! But you know how far to throw him.
How did Dimon Fed get the power how can it be taken away?
if it is a fruit that could grow into a tree when planted than yes it would make you a capitalist, but most food wouldnt. anyway why am i talking to someone who hates capitalism even tho they dont know what capital is! its like saying you hate ice cream when you dont even know what ice cream is!
To davidlanham99 -- i think max keiser's website is where all the awake people go to watch it. i went to youtube to view it because it streams better than his highly trafficked site. i think about 10 percent of the people in america are awake to this. ron paul. only hope.
2OF2; Darwin's law goes hand in hand with supply&demand, this is why its called survival of the fittest, most animals go extinct because they have to fight for the LIMITED resources [scarcity], only the fittest get it, the rest die out. You don't make sense, first you say scarcity is non-existent and now you say we are ''ravaging the planets resources to extinction'', meaning there is a limit of resources which is the definition of scarcity. Please do some brainstorming before posting.
Workers internationally must overthrow the capitalist system, for as we have seen ad neauseum, this corrupt system will not voluntarilly give up it's stolen priviledges... WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!
If you can get yearly bonuses, stock options,raises and have zero debt...you can live comfortably, for life. Good luck, in your life.
4: 10 Jamie Diamon is a BIG FAT FED FUCK
No surprise that London is where banks get their help from. That's where all the evil reptilians that want to control humanity hang out (LONG LIVE DAVID ICKE!), and they realize that the key to controlling humanity lies in controlling debt.
supply and demand are not laws of nature, this just goes to show your lack of basic knowledge, darwinian natural selection is the guiding principle of all life on earth. it is time us humans understood that the only way to survive is to make sure all humans survive and work collectively rather than individually, we will be extinct as a species along with many other species that think much like you do. the time of ravaging the planets resources will eventually come to an end.
why can't americans use the word an, instead of saying a before every word? it's an elephant not a elephant and the same for every word which begins with a vowel!!!
I'm not joking about O'Reilly being your fucker, he fucked your brain.
capitalism, socialism, communism are all man made constructs they are not stable and not in constant equilibrium, they are actually emergent and changing, and eventually all man made social systems break down, just like a machine, the only way humans can survive is to have no social system, completely in line with the environment and living in harmony and equilibrium with all other parts of what can be considered planet earth organism
All the latest on Scumbaggery! Max and Stacy are in the green today. Very easy on the eyes - I like it. Maybe they should add an environmental segment?
I had one of those JPM puts. In fact mine was a 43 put expiring this week. Sadly I sold it 1 week before JPM slammed down. Too bad for me. Were all those puts normal trading activity? Are near-losers bought using slush-money? Or was insider-trading used to double-rape JPM from those selling financial instruments to JPM?
This law DEFINES the actions of the FRB/IRS as NGO's. TITLE 18 PART I CHAPTER 43 § 912 § 912. Officer or employee of the United States Whoever falsely assumes or pretends to be an officer or employee acting under the authority of the United States or any department, agency or officer thereof, and acts as such, or in such pretended character demands or obtains any money, paper, document, or thing of value, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
supply-demand is the basis for darwinian natural selection, supply-consumerism is the basis for self destructiion i.e. capitalism, get the point now or i have to lecture you some more? consumerism causes scarcity in resources because it is resources directed into waste. why would you ever burn another litre of gasoline in your car when it is pretty much a non renewable resource, using up a non renewable resource is simply wasteful.
quick get a loan, put your children in debt ha ha.
You may have missed the trade already. Tell you what: if you get a put contract > 90 days and if you WRITE a put contract at a lower price to match it, you can drop input cost. Don't bother with margin on it. Safer than shorting. I HAD a put contract & a call but sold BOTH last week before the slam-down (near my expiry Friday). Well fuck me, obviously holding it longer or having more time was the right move... shit happens. I was 43$ put 19may - live 'n' learn
Hence the collapse that we talk about all the time!!!!!
THose JEWS are not really JEWS per se...Read this Bible Verse " For I know them those that call themselves JEWS budt are from the Synagoge of Satan" THats GOD giving us the description for those he knows are causing all the faults...THose call themselves JEWS but are not"
So nice that someone "dislikes" Jamie Dimon almost as much as I do
Your statement is contradictory. You complain about gov. keeping the price of land high yet you talk about resource depletion? The gov. keeps the price of land high becuz if it just gave every individual a few acres of land, most of it would be bulldozed for homes, deforestation would be huge with cheap land for every1. Capitalism works on supply-demand, which is the law of nature, scarcity is a reality, dont believe me? The idiots who hunted the dodobird 2 extinction thought like you. cheers
your reply blames socialism & capitalism, they are both the problem?
there is scarcity & whatever bullshit tells you otherwise is lying to you, including the ridiculous zeingeist [or however one spells it] bull
Well cocksucker, when you can explain why the jews of wall street are at the top of all the schemes and scams people might start to look someplace else. Till then shut your yap.
Jamie Dimon accepts full responsibility, but not the blame. LOL
Jamie might need more Quantitative Easing lol. Or baby laxative lol
dude I swear I was just about to say that and I look up and you already did! nice
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OMG I just watched the last of a movie where a very nasty guy ended up wearing a bear trap as a necklace, Jamie Diamon immediately came to mind of a fate befitting.................
Most excellent Keiser episode! Everyone was on their mark.....everyone shooting bulls-eyes.....and I love when that piece of crap Jamie Deamon is the target. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Lets hope that JerkPeeMouge stock drops, drops, and drops. Lets take down this century-old gangster/bankster, and why not.....lets take down the Federal Reserve at the same time.
He's always pretty good, only this time so hilarious.......maybe he is smelling the blood as well, ha.
kill jpm kill jpm kill jpm kill jpm kill jpm
wwwreuterscom/article/2009/10/15/us-arms-usa-treaty-idUSTRE59E0Q920091015 same story
i own a computer, im a capitalist, what did i do to you?
naive, without government to bribe, that would just make it cheaper for the crooks.
"that's an actual bird." Heh, heh.
this is exact opposite of communism, this is capitalism, except for the no more money/property bit
People pull all your money out of the big banks and out of the markets! There is no such thing as green investing it's al lie!
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