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CRJ Fanvideo

by Laina • 19,423,660 views Twitter @laina622 Mail stuff here: Laina 2436 S I-35 E Ste. 376 #219 Denton, TX 76205

I would love to have a staring contest with her
That " nee nee" got me dieing on the ground laughing
she a crazy lady WHO IS WATCHING THIS IN 2015?:D
Me its still funny and i find ut very amusing
lol you and miranda sings should do a collab
they have :D they've done 2
WTF!! 19,267,091 views!! this thing!! :O
make the same video, you will surpass her..
you dont wanna know how Laina translates into bulgarian. :D:D:D
So if Bodil40 met her , and she introduced herself he would probably freak out ???
Is it bad I think she is really cute and I think psycho girls are awesome.
have you ever watched... mirai nikki? >_> <_<
OMG mirai nikki! yay! and ok? it sent twice? so?
2:24 She sounded like a horse LOL
Almost 20 million views... I don't even kniw what to say.
I havent watched this video in years and I suprisingly found my self singing the lyrics...😂😱
She had a staring contest with a statue once. The statue lost.
When she does that with her eyes, it looks like she's gonna cut me. 😱
Look out your window... She's there... O_____O
She reminds me rose from two n a half men..
I can totally see it O.O
2:24 the best , thanks for make me laugh today girl :D
2:16 creepiness intensifies
02:20 she looks like jeff the killer
02:24 best part hahahah ha 😹
Yuno Gasai your there
>6'3 M A N L E T S B T F O T F O
That nee nee got my bursting into the floor laughing my head off
Does she have eyelids. That devilish smile is enough to give you nightmare. Go on Google and check out her memes
Its nice to know that laina is always watching over me. Like a creepy angel. :D
I would love such GF, sometimes I go this way too, so we would be perfect together:)
Where are these awesome I'm looking for
Too bad she isn't this crazy in real life. I would love that :D
XD this is hilarious. Laina you're a comedic genius :D
this is way too creepy. Now I'm a fan :D <3
Vechs has a crush on you!
Why did I just get this as a notification? Funny tho
For some reason I thought this was gonna be about airplanes. 
Como eu não fiquei sabendo disso antes.
Blink for Christ's sake! O.O
You should me a REAL songwriter!!
Omg I found the girl from all the memes
Are you addicted to her now?
I'd beat cha in a staring contest #LOL. I'm a bomb at staring
So...the guy's dating someone else and she doesn't believe him...😓😆😂
I love the nee nee part I was cracking up and my mom was getting annoyed because I kept playing the nee nee part
3 mins and 15 secs of not blinking, damn this vid has some power.
But I forgot to blink :D
laina should date the forever alone guy lol
That would be the best video ever
We're special baby.
At the end that "neh neh was so crack up! Omg I laughed my heart out
I was laughing when I got scared because it was the end and I am having a staring contest and since I am on my phone the replay button pops up and I jump
Yep watching this 2015
She needs serious help
I love her smile :D
i'm affraid of her to go out of the screen to kill me with her eyes
how long does she not blink
I'll be your wife, you'll be my kids dad... Oh my gosh, dude! Lol!!!!!
This song is cool and creepy
2:23 ... I finnaly know where jeff the killer came from ;__;
I can't get over how cute she is
Why isn't she blinking...😟😟😟
I've been through quite allot in my life & i'm a little more than scratched & bruised.. But this. You. Your videos use to make me so happy every week. But now i'm a mere moth to your flame And you're my sticky trap You're my happy-death needle You're my shiniest end
this is literally my best friend
Call me a psycho but i fond this pretty cute Sorry forme my bad english
You are really good at being creepy and
I want a wife like this
i nearly shat myself when wacthing this
I like your song LOL
I will have a staring contest with her . I shall probably lose ...
I remember the time when this had all the likes.
Her face.... is... so... familiar......
This girl is JUST LIKE Amy Rose....
"Née née" ROTFLOL 😂😂 also I love her eyes -
Better love story than JJFish and Twilight
she'd be pretty if she wasn't so.....
She said "looking out for you" instead of "looking over you". The latter sounds stalker-ish. But the former sounds like general concern. She's not [that] crazy. Dateable even.
She's so pretty ;-;
I'm new and uhhh 0.0 o.0 I likey and feel scared at the same time
She's even wearing pink!
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