Pig Adopts Puppies

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A pig in Greece has adopted 4 puppies. Like Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uzooanimals
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They are doglets lol tjis is so sweet
there are no good farms/farmers unless it's an animal sanctuary for the rescued animals abused & used by humans for food & useless fashion items. no breeder is ethical. abolish exploitation of animals now. go vegan. cowards & lowlifes eat animals. might as well eat human flesh - tastes the same. 
I hope after all is said and done he doesnt kill the pigs.....
Unfortunately, logistics require that there be some control, and probably reduction, of the pig population--as complex, intelligent, and sociable as every pig is--from the tiniest micro pet to the biggest farm animal.  Understand that pigs have a connection to nature that dogs don't have.  They're  fiercely independent (unlike a dog, a pig obeys no orders without first asking, "What's in this for me?" ) and, at the same time, they're totally dependent on the herd and its hierarchal order for their sense of security as prey animals. When you introduce a dog or cat or yourself to a pig, you're making a commitment to becoming a member of the herd, whether as top hog or lower down. Even an escaped domestic farm pig will take on the physical characteristics of a feral pig--thin and agile frame, and a long pointed nose--and within its own lifetime!  They are definitely not the monsters that the NRA shooters make them out to be, demonizing pigs for contracting human viruses.  What represents a "problem," potentially a major one, is their rooting and uprooting the soil in the process of foraging for nutrients and food.  Their thick, compact bodies and roto-rooter snouts are, in effect, mini-Cateprilaar machines or Earth-Movers.  Left in a limited area pigs tend to obliterate the upper layer--of plants and grass.  The animal that has survived for thousands of years by foraging has the capacity to rob humans of the very plants they would use to replace the pork they had formerly depended upon for protein. Farm sanctuaries vary greatly in their quality of care.  Some are simply so  overburdened that all they can offer an abandoned pig is a place to become morbidly obese and die--pig hospices.  Pigs are so sensitive they have difficulty adapting when suddenly thrust into a new family, especially one subsisting on "pig slop" and slowly dying a lonely existence  under a protective canvas covering.  They miss their old companions--in the litter or the humans who promised to take care of them. The answer is to stop all of the unnecessary breeding along with protesting against the guided hunting trips that are little more than pig slaughter turned over to "armed sportsmen."  It's really hard to support pig sanctuaries in the light of equally urgent human needs.  But anyone who has enjoyed the meat of a pig or the companionship of one owes it to these animals to do whatever they can for the animal--in the form of voluntary work or donations. Great minds from E. B. White to George Orwell to Winston Churchill have recognized the unique personality and keen intelligence of the pig (3rd after primates and dolphins).  Pigs are problem-solvers--again necessity has made them so--these prey animals that must figure out how to survive.  And they're smart enough to know they can't do it by themselves.  To view a pink pig on an operating table, being by modern medicine as a human surrogate, can be a bit of a shock.  It's a bit like viewing your own naked body.
@SerenityShootingStar Nice straw man argument, but my real point is that you shouldn't discount human mothers. Of course potbellied pigs aren't a threat, and humans are vicious too (and also part of nature).
and a human won't kill you for an iphone? at least in the animal kingdom it is the rationale of food and territory, humans rape family members and then drive them to suicide. as members of the primate animal kingdom I would not say we have the corner on affection. we have the capacity to be very sweet but on the other hand we can be cold predators
@Dwaldron89 Humans kill without remorse. I doubt animals go around killing for no other reason then for food, they do not kill for money, greed, jealousy, revenge, religion, all the wonderful reasons humans kill. Animals are pure of heart.
Lol I loved when the guy was watching the sow cover the puppies and her pilets with hay, and she just looks at him like "What? They mah babies! SHOO!"
will the dogs act like pigs when they grow older?
Video is good , but music is AWFUL!!! My ears bleeding!!!
@Magikshroomgirl Don't be ridiculous. Why would you say such a thing?
"I'm gonna grow up big,and one day eat my mom's bacon!"
@Dwaldron 89 indeed it is naive to assume that animals or humans or to ponder whether nature is cruel or not. We are all creatures living an existence subjected under the same natural laws as one another. We just happen to have laws to discourage cruelty to the young.
0:39 - Dog: I WANT BACON! Pig: rrrrrrrrrrr
@syntaxed2 thats extremely dumb because they like to go Mcdonald and they say yea but what i eat is not pig bulshet its all mixed meat and anyways a cow is full of larve's and slime in head so >.< all animals are cleaned before they get eated
animals are better than humans, wood is better than plastic, and americans are better than iraquis (or replace both people with any other of your choice).
Absolutely precious.. Bless them...Go Vegan!
at 0:40 the puppy is like... mmm i love pig ears like at Petcetra!
@curryking95100 probably the pig is so stupid he probably thinks they were his children
@curryking95100 ... well.. kind of. but you gotta remember- in the animal world, other animals take in puppies for a reason. cuz they were abandond. its not al sugary rainbows. but they are very sweet for doing so.
@curryking95100 then why did the puppies mom abandon them?! huuuuuuuh
@jonnyd89 :o) who needs to see wild animals when you can see wild humans and the sh** they create every day? I'll just say one thing. I know almost instantly if I can trust an animal. You can sense it in the way they react. A human is far trickier to fathom out. You know, all these message are really very trivial. We, as humans, can never agree 100% with each other. I have my opinion, you have yours. That's the way it is. All the best ;o)
how many pigs were there? is there enough nipples
@Dwaldron89 Then how come humans are the only species that sometimes don't even let their offspring have a chance at living?
did they also drinkthe pigs milk?
@TheBostonterrierMino but the worst animal kind than ever exist.....we are destroying everithing for nothing....
@Dwaldron89 It depends on the human. Most mothers are good, but you have mothers who beat their children because its fun for them, mine laughed while she beat with the metal end of a fly swatter. She lit my sisters hair on fire, broke a cutting board over my older sisters back, and sold us all as whores before we were five. Tell me dear friend what animal mother does that? An animal mother may kill and eat her young, but she won't brutalize them for years only to abandon them to the system.
My only complaint about 'animals adopting other animals' videos. They are too short! I could watch videos like this for hours. Cheers.
@Magikshroomgirl <---- click here for free a subscription
@veggievamp1 Humans kill because we have a biological imperative built into our heads to do so. But why do some kill for religion, money, jealousy, pleasure? Because we can abstractly think. This enables us to abuse the built in mechanisms that "rewards" us for killing. Most of it comes from exploiting the desire to protect ourselves & our ability to reproduce. However, this same abstract thinking allows us to feel remorse and guilt, and show compassion much more strongly than any animal can.
i like bacon, susages, ham, pork ribs, ect ect ect and i dont care what some religion says il eat what i like to eat. by the way thats cute
@Dwaldron89 No worries, I definitely know how that feels. Chocolate helps ~_^ and interestingly enough, so do white button mushrooms. They both have high amounts of endorphines.
@Mariko15 Thank you Captain Obvious. Care to add anything that hasn't already been said a million plus times?
Bacon and hot dogs all in one! Yummy
@Dwaldron89 and you don't think humans kill without an ounce of remorse? what war-less planet are you living on
@Dwaldron89 Funny thing about that last line, is that so will some humans. The reason that animals are better than humans is that, most of the time, the reason they will kill you without remorse is for protection and food. We humans kill for selfish reasons.
OMG! WHAT SONG IS THIS! im dying :SSSS epic song
@curryking95100 Before you use the word instinct can you tell me where animals including humans get their instinct from. How do we know that instinct and spiritual are may be closely interrelated
@veggievamp1 Check out the ichneumon wasp - now thats defo pure of heart - pure evil
too bad the piglets will be sausage links one day :(
@lloydnpatsy You know these dogs and piglets are together only because of human.
@curryking95100 You should see the one video about the dog rescuing another dog after it got hit by a car, that was pretty heart-warming and HUMAN.
@Dwaldron89 Yeah, just like a person next door for your Ipad...
@Dwaldron89 My first thought and LOL was what was the biological imperative to invade another country for it's oil and have so much death. But I guess it keeps certain people rich, but there again, I feel animals are better then humans. You really cannot predict how an animal would feel if they could think like us and how do you know they don't feel compassion? Elephants for eg show alot of sadness when another dies, many animals help others, I have seen that for years.
Is this why Macedonia conquered the world? Alexander understood the value of swine?
@scottclements78 I never said it was ok. My original point was how annoying it is to hear the clichéd "Oh nature is so wonderful and beautiful and innocent! Bad, evil humans!" Given the same advantages that humans have, any other animal would behave as we do. It's in every living beings nature to propagate its DNA. This means securing the most resources, the most territory, and the most offspring. When something is simply unable to behave like us, that alone does not make it morally superior.
@jonnyd89 "It is not my opinion, it is the truth"! "its a fact of life, its not an opinion"! No,this is simply your "opinion". Where does it say you have "copyright" on the truth? You have your "opinion", that's all. It really bugs me the way people always try and force their "opinions" on others. Go ahead and repoly if you feel the need, I won't bother replying to you any more.
@ghostxflower I´m talking about being cruel just to be cruel. Not to eat or survive. I mean intentionally being cruel, just because we can. I´ve heard dolphins do some crazy shit too though. Higher intelligence = higher capacity of evil.
@mohaa7 lol that shows how stupid YOU are.. it is a SOW..that means a SHE..lol
@Dwaldron89 Ignorance. animals don't have problems like we do. They are perfect. Live with nature instead of taking hold of it for their selves to prosper. To be afraid of death is to be ignorant as well. Death is just as close to us as life is. Just a part of nature.
@Varjensag At least animals are usually fairly consistent... humans can be very devious and deceiving...acting against the norm of the species
they are so cute!i would adopt one.
They cant really manipulate tools and/or simple machines? (excluding crows and other birds, which is actually really interesting)
I wouldn't even butcher this pig. It's noble.
@Caylix93 Umm I don't know where you got the whole afraid of death thing from... but anyway how about you study a little biology and come back and tell me that the second an animal develops an advantage over its environment it doesn't exploit it unequivocally. Because animals do. That's called evolution. There is no such thing as perfection, otherwise there would be no need for evolution.
4 siblings... 1: hmmm, when do we get older? I want to be bigger than mommy 2: soon... 3: hmm, about 1 year from now... 4: 1 year? Oh man, I cant wait to to feast delicious pork bacon... 1: What? She's our mom! 4: Stupid, open ur eye bro... We don't even look like her! 1: How bout the squeal thing? 4: We bark, not squeal, you idiot! 1: I see, okay then, count me in then.
@curryking95100 yeh humans are the most evil animals on earth period!
This little piggy seems to have read George Orwell's Animal Farm where Napoleon raised his own pack of dogs as body guards.
This is why people shouldn't eat pork. Pigs are capable of selfless love!
My Recation: 0:06 awww! how cute! a pig and a puppy! 0:18 sooo cute!!! End of video- Dies from watching cuteness.
i find the music very annoying on all of these videos
"and one greek pig....." wow sounds epic
@Magikshroomgirl It's a sow, so it can't be named Napoleon! :P
I wouldn't save that animals are better ,but i do agree that are souls have been corrupted and that we do have alot of evil .
@mizzarna Yeah, now only if we humans can all be like animals and be friendly to each other then the world would be at peace ^_^
You would taste a lot better though. Thats why I`m stuffing you into my sandwich.
Aww the puppy biting the sows ear: utter cuteness.
@Dwaldron89 Paranoid much? Only predators would kill without remorse, animals like potbellied pigs and other prey creatures wouldn't attack unless they felt threatened. And even then, what are they compared to humans and our weapons?
@Dwaldron89 I meant the pure of heart more of how animals don't bullshit each other. No lying to get what they want. They just don't treat each other with such disrespect as humans do. I know you can say because they are not blah blah blah as humans but still my point is many people would rather spend their time with animals then humans and have peace in their life. My dog has never given me any grief but certainly many humans have and I don't care if they smarter then my dog or not!
@Markio15 I am unfortunately out of both :(
OMG I can't believe how cute that is!
An animal combo that may be lifelong considering both dogs and pigs are social animals.
u mean raven ? (understand the use of tools) i have seen a vid on youtube were a black bird (i atleast believe its a raven) uses a little stick to get his food. alot of the animals are smarter then we think but our brain capacity is still nr 1 xD also u forget to say that for example we can teach a orangutan to "speak" in sign language
The moral is: Don't be racist. Or specie-ist.
i'm sure i ate one of those pigs
Pig: Remember kids....you must never eat bacon or pork chops.
@RememberApostrophes why ofcourse?? i mean, the pigs milk might be poisonous for the dogs o.O
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