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ps3 timedout error

by jmoralesGTA • 12,059 views

i have a connection but i keep failing to obtain a ip address

Can any one tell how to fix it
Go back and dine up to see if you did something worng
Please help my ps3 is also not connecting
Help the ps3 is saying that i must check my security lan settings but it is ok!
Same here...... so I was playing my BRAND NEW PS3 I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS. When I 1st got internet and PSN it was fine. I didn't play as much. So I tried to play as long as possible. But I check to see if it works. I re enter the Damn password over and over and over BUT IT FAILED. Please help
i just posted a video that might help with this issue i fixed mine as well as a friends and my dads
@coolgirl3030 there should be a button on your modeem or router
@ZENON676 at first i call my internet provider and it wasnt them so i bought a new modeem and router and i use ethernet so i have a good connection having a enthernet cable can fix this you want at least a 4.0 speed of internet.
@Silver760n my psn works perfectly and i have strong signal but i think ur problem is that u need to go to network settings and then click custom then click wireless if u have a if u have a wireless router then the rest u can find out on utube then ur psn should work fine if u know ur pre shared key and put it on ur playstation 3 then ur all good bros.
@adriankennedy1 got a new router and modeem and got new internet provider
@sweetcaliber10 it was my sister singing
@alstorp100 this can fix but u might have to restart it every day to every couple of days
@TheSasdow u might have a slow roughter that is too far away to connect tell me again your problem but a little more clear
everyone else tyr to restart your modem
i have the same problem please someone! help!!
hey please i pressed on easy then it said checking network configuration please wait then it says the attempt to obtain an ip address timed out (that is in network settings) and then when i go to network test it says to me a connection to the axcess point could not be established.check the security settings for the wireless lan and i went to security settings but i didn't knew anything and i afraid that i restore the ps3 so how can i fix these and what does that means
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