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Awesome's Creed

by Tripz2030 • 3,079,170 views

Funny spoof on Assassin's Creed.I didn't make this video. Enjoy...

This got this game a couple of days ago So far, this is extremely accurate, especially the "Wait a second, you're not praying! You must be the murderer!" part.
HAHAAHA oh how this brings back good nostalgia memories
i am searcging for the video, where somebody shouts out god damnit...wasnt that sonic, i cant find the right one. any idea?
"I told you we should've used something other than hay to protect our rocks." LMAO. WHO THE FUCK TRIES TO PROTECT ROCKS???
okay first off, to the idiots who say YOU STOLE THIS!! ^READ THE FUCKING DESCRIPTION!!^ secondly, use the fucking search engine on your browser and look up awesomes' creed on newgrounds the producer is almighty hans, okay? (its ironic how the worlds greatest source of information is full of idiots)
Chris Beers Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
awesomes creed make sure u leave a like
Attention retards He "stole" it because it was token down by the original owner.
+TheRabbitFear no it's not... its Hans Van Harken.... he made this as a tribute to egoraptor 
0:18 he said , we should have used something better than hay to protect our rocks
Everyone flag this video, he stole it
follow me now bitch...sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttt smash
Then why was it uploaded on your profile only 5 days ago?
Who many people have done this, but actually failed at the leap of faith.
you're an idiot - this is an animation by egoraptor.
This is the best non Egoraptor Awesome video. It seems like he actually made it.
Well you see, punches like that, especially to the face like we saw, can easily be fatal. Smash the the ridge of your nose into your brain, a concussion bouncing your brain all over the place, well just about anything that can fracture can lodge somewhere fatal. It's far easier to kill with a single punch than you think, you just have to hit the right spot, and the face has plenty.
I flagged. Sorry but Hans made it.
You're an idiot. Hans uploaded this video on Newgrounds years ago. This guy stole it, and uploaded it to Youtube. The original is here. newgrounds com(slash)portal(slash)view(slash)411493 Stop being an idiot.
It's a damn shame Hans doesn't get the damn credit and channel traffic he deserves! He is a fantastic animator and his videos are hilarious.
You're one to talk. Clearly, you have nothing better to do than be a smartass.
0.5x is funny as hell in this video.
Still a better story than twilight
And how exacly does that make Egoraptor the creator? you know, the ACTUAL creator of the movie that ANIMATED it and edited it and all that?
i yoused to be an assasing like you, bet then skyrim came out
Just looked it up on Newgrounds and to my suprise Hans Van Harken made Awesome's Creed, which in turn is also awesome.
Because he never uploaded it on his Youtube channel, it was on his Newgrounds. Now he decided to upload it because he could do it in better quality and he is more active in his Youtube channel now
Did you amnimate this with a tomato
It's a homage to Egoraptor, the guy who made it's website is below egoraptors in faint red, i followed the link but it's down.
OneyNG said that he was inspired by Egoraptor to do Grand Theft Awesome 4, the description on the video says that "What if Egoraptor did GTA. By me", your argument is invalid
the guard thinks a priest is praying, but when you don't the guard you spot you as the civilian murderer
since when is assassin creed blad?
This is the part where I get bored of reading idiotic comments and stop replying.
pause at 0:27 He looks like a cartoon Rob Dyrdek
i always kill them they just keep begging for money it makes me angry
With that logic, I could go steal all of Egoraptor's videos and repost them, saying "THIS ISN'T MINE." That's totally not stealing. Or I could go into the grocery store and steal some food. I get caught, and then tell the police "THIS ISN'T MINE." Then they let me go.
This was DEFINITELY Egoraptor's. It's just one of his old ones. Look at legend of awesome and this one. It's like the same thing.
could you spare a coin NO I'm a poor old women NO i have nothing NO i *punches* ugh NO MEANS NO DONT YOU GET IT UGGGHHHHH!!!!!! xD
It says it was uploaded in 2007. Besides, he even said he didn't create it. And how could it get 2 million likes if it was just uploaded?
Oh, ok. I didn't know that he had this video up on some other website.
JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA so fucking true! I do the same!
He didn't talk about when it was created. But it'd be a little sad that when the original creator finally decided to put his version on youtube, that there'd be another video of it by another guy with million times the views than the original.
hahahaha, The poor woman thing is so true..
what's the deal with his website at the end then?
I actually did this on Assassin's Creed!
True, 'but this is a parody of the game', so when you punch her, she DOES die.
You stole this viseo from hansvanharken you BITCH
No it's not. Whoever made this tried to make it look that way, but Egoraptor didn't make this.
Well I hope you get the views you deserve Hans.
Look this video up on newgrounds and you'll see that the author is a dude called AlmightyHans.
proof that only egoraptor could have made something this funny with such a short amount of time XD
After nearly 6 years, why are you just now finally doing this?
So if you don't pray, you're a murderer? Guard logic during medieval age i guess.
He didn't actually make it, dumbass. it was made by another guy who thought that this is what it would be like if Egoraptor did really make it.
Everything sounded like a guy, with different voices!
Right, that's NOT confusing lol. Thanks for clearing that up :)
i used to be an assassin untill i took an arrow to the arm
That sound effect at the end reminds me of a game...
This is the part where the troll attempts to say that he is not trolling. This is the most pathetic part. The troll tries to scramble back onto what he has said before but fails. The troll dies and then goes back to the land whence he came from.
he and arin are good friends. he is PARODYING it. like what oney did with grand theft awesome.
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