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Rimini Comix 2011 COSPLAY FANVIDEO 『summer wanted!』

by BakaBlueRanger • 3,730,454 views

Cosplay Fanvideo from Riminicomix 2011 July 22nd-23rd-24th 2011 at Rimini, Italy. NOTE: I made this video not for profit but only for the pleasure of people who love cosplay and for my dear...

3:17 here to see the BOOBIES that all we came for!
Io vivo a Rimini!!!!
Geeks not nerd's ,nerd's are Nerd is a descriptive term, often used pejoratively, indicating that a person is overly intellectual, obsessive ._.
Name of the manga at the minute 3:16?
+TheJzoli these anime chics are fkin hot though... and they're real freaky in bed too.... hands down i love nerdy girls
Lol Queen's Blade at the end ^^
USTEDES DESCARGAN ESTO??? Do you download it?
a que te refieres? ._.
Me refiero al video
i've never seen so many fantastic cosplays in one place!! all the cons i've been to its like people made their costume 3 days before the con.
2:27 havent seen anything more fucking ridicoulous... Stupid loser
Hot girls dressed up as anime characters pushing their tits up for the camera... I really wish the anime scene was like this 10 years ago when I was more into it. Instead, it was nothing but nerds with neckbeards and autism. sigh ... I feel like I was born 10 years too early.
i think is sakurai card captor
2:12 whats Sebastian doing in the backround? xD (black butler)
grey sutcliff on chesschire cat. realy cool costume !!!!!!!!!!!
The Queens Blade girls were best dressed imho 
oddio quello di erza alla fine è :Q______________________
Anche i vocaloid >>>..<<<
Here we going again and again 
serhat Er Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
James Kemp Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
What the fuck did I just watch?
this is where all the girls are at yeeee!
I came for boobies and boobies I saw
I hate cosplay for one reason, until it became a big thing I had pretty much ran the gauntlet. Now I have to get that elusive cosplay chick, damn it!!! Well I guess it gives me a reason to hang around a while!!! Lmao ;)
I came here for tits where the hell are they?
Like 0:39 - 0:47 - 0:57 Red eyes - 1:14 verde - 2:03 - 2:10 ragazza ovviamente - 2:15 - 2:18 - 2:44 batgirl - 3:02
call me biased but caucasians cosplaying jap anime characters are mostly an instant fail. except where there's lots of boobs.. then it's fine.. LoL
more cosplays here /TheTrollfighters
its like the queens blade cosplay crew!
Oye tarado, si tu padre se separó de madre porque se la follaba un mexicano ese es un asunto personal. Por favor, no te metas con los mexicanos porque la mayoría no te han hecho nada, imbécil racista.
☰♥ You are a big inspiration to me ♥ ☰ I have seen many of your videos. You gave me a boost of confidence, I want to make my own videos :) I just posted my first video Madoka Magica Transformation, Its hard for videos of be found these days~ If you like Cosplay/Anime/Tutorials/Convention Videos then check me out. I'm not begging for views just finding friends ღ If you could take a second to Like this comment and check out my channel it would mean so much to me! Please and thank you ☺
3:18. Nice xD Straight from Xenogears
1:26 . Ok, that's a fu*king dildo. And now im off to pornhub.
The term "Comix" isn´t well used here please inform more.
my grandfather was white and he was from geneoa italy, those are dirty Sicilians (euro mexicans) that give that stereotype
tigas ng mukha ng mga western cosplayers..
Are you from USA? Of curse, you're dumb as fuck.
In an Italian cosplay convention it's all random. They didn't film it, but there were normal people, lolitas, people holding posters or... let's just say "Random"
wow this just hit me there are so many girl anime fans O.o and i mean pretty as hell O.o
how to die from happiness Step one: grab a camera step two: go two a cosplay convention Step three: become amazed at the fact that the girls here will do sluttier and sluttier things every time they see a camera step four: die happy
i loved the Lich King one it was so funny
2:22 Beatrice by an ITALIAN cosplayer <3 You all are so beautiful <33
Sometimes the most awkward moments can make you the greatest friends I guess.
(Masquerade) Cosplay's or comic-con, man I love costumes and people in general. Yay for Those Costume freaks out there. :D
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alguien sabe de que anime es el cosplay del MINUTO 2:39 pues me quiero hacer el cosplay!!!!!!!1
ゼルダw イケメン過ぎwww
Pretty sure anyone will tell you, chicks included
her and all the girls till the end are from Queen's Blade
wave greetings congratulations the video is good and live well follow the anime!
No se de que anime sea ese cosplay en realidad pero lo que si se es que lo estas confundiendo con un cosplay de Grell Sutcliff que es un personaje del anime Kuroshitsuji.
"Cause" and "Because" (the word you actually want to use are two different words with completely different definitions. So, technically, you both fail.
and the nasty thing is how they dress but i still like miku i wish i had hair like hers
i think its panty from panty and stocking in her resident evil episode
I feel like nobody should ever cosplay as menace...
hey the song u are playing is bowling for soup their latest album i sang back up on
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