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"Exile, Vilify" by The National (Portal 2 Music Video)

by faceofdoomness • 838,059 views

Finally finished it! I just needed one more month. Clearly this video is way too late for the competition that ended more than two weeks ago. But hey, why waste all the effort put into this by...

Exile It takes your mind Again Exile It takes your mind Again You've got sucker's luck Have you given up? Does it feel like a trial? Does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine? Exile It takes your mind Again Exile It takes your mind Again You meant so much Have you given up? Does it feel like a triumph? Does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine? Does it feel like a trial? Now you're thinking too fast, You're like marbles on glass Vilify Don't even try Vilify Don't even try Vilify
Doctor Who ? Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
I honestly thought this deserved 1st place. ^^
Exile means to be banned from a certain place such as a country.
Someone needs to make a game like this... It's amazing
+Eddie Adzighirey I don't think you got the Portal reference. +Rascal2ch I see what you did there.
LOL You are the first person I have ever seen on YouTube putting parents in the end credit!!
Portal Theory Cave and Caroline had a child and named her Chell. They decided to give her up because they were to dedicated to spending all their time on Science. They decided to give her to one of their employees. Doug Ratmann. Chell was too young to remember this. Rattmann decided to bring 7 year old Chell to bring your daughter to work day. This was also the day GLaDOS was activated. GLaDOS killed all of the workers and their daughters except Rattmann and Chell. As Rattmann desparatly tries to escape GLaDOS kidnaps Chell. Putting her in one of the relaxation chambers. Rattmann makes it to the Test Subject personnel files. Seeing his daughters file up for testing he knows there is no way to get her out. Believing Chell can defeat GLaDOS he puts her first on the roster. Once Chell is of age she begins testing. Rattmann for the remaining time hid in unused portions of the facility. Leaving hints for Chell along the way. Chell defeats GLaDOS and finally makes it out of the facility only to be dragged back in by a party bot escort. Rattmann sees his daughter being dragged away and runs back in after her. Chell is returned to her relaxation chamber. Knowing the system is failing Rattmann connected Chell's chamber to the reserve power. Everything else goes the same as Portal 2 does. Until the ending. When GLaDOS deleted Caroline from herself any caring or affectionate view for Chell was deleted along with it. Once she lets Chell leave the four turrets appear and instead of singing they shoot Chell, killing her. The singing and fields of wheat are imaginary. As the Greek legend goes. When you die you will see endless fields, be united with the ones you love (Companion Cube), and hear angelic voices (Turret Opera) If you look up the English lyrics to the opera it is bacially GLaDOS calling Chell her dear daughter and asking her why she turned away from Science. This song gives Chell the truth. Letting her know Caroline or GLaDOS was her mother. Also if you have seen the very convincing theory where they explain that dead bodys are in the companion cube, I think Rattmann is in the cube Like if you agree :) Plz no hate, just my theory
+tnt93dale It's established that the directions and such on the wall are Doug, and they're in the original Portal as well.
Poor Dougratman stuck in derpy land 😀
On Chell's file paer, it said " subject's home town: a town"
+ClockworkAug Spoken like a true scientist 
I cried after 5 seconds of the video
I'm not crying my eyes are just sweating
You are hardcore. Someone hand Philipp the manliness award.
Dunna dunna dunna RATTMANN!
It is not perfect (especially live action Chell does not belong in my opinion). But you made something that game, comic and music alone were not able to do: you made me cry. Thank you.
I've always found stopmotion to be a more respectable art form. Mainly because it takes hours of trial and error to get things done and it takes unbelievable patience to do it.
My theory of Rattman: What if he's not Chell's father BUT Chell's husband instead. I mean...sure, most people think Rattman's companion cube is his wife...but since Chell doesn't choose to speak, which indicates that something could've been taken away from her in her life...a part of Chell's mind could be put into the companion cube Rattman carries around. And, at the end of portal 2, when the companion cube comes with her...could Rattman or Glados be giving back what Chell had lost?
Then he escaped witch chell!
+ManicGames It were not 1 bring your daughter to work day, but at least 2. It perfectly works ! 1 with the patatos experiment, and 1 with Glados killing the scientists.
I still cant believe (almost 4 years later) that this video didn't win the video competition for this song... and they went with something not related to Portal, even though it was written for Portal... :/ Beautiful song, and this is definitely the best video to it!
I really liked the claymation, really cool and well made.
Reality is a story the mind tells itself. An artificial structure conjured into being by the calcium ion exchange of a million synaptic firings. A truth so strange it can only be lied into existence. And our mind can lie. Never doubt it...
RAT,YOU ARE IDIOT. Why You ran through the laser? WHY? ARE YOU CRAZY?!
1:37 On Chell's paper why does it look like one of those criminal reports? XD 
Glados was a human But when human she was a great friend of chell day who Owned Aperture Labs but he forced her to become the robot It's a theory that Rattman had the build Glados and paint the Schematics to take her a part These is a theory all of it
I found the little room where this song is playing!
makes me cry every time i watch it... riveting stuff mate, Bravo.... 
This was amazing, props to you.
Both dead and alive...
Lets talk about "Exile, it takes your mind again" 0:10 This shows how ratman when crazy being all alone, and now Wheatly has gone bonkers when he was in exil for so long. Glados was not effected because the curoisty core cuases her crazyness. So she was not effect during her death loop.
bet if you'd entered it you'd have one, its amazing
GraykWorks Serv Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
"Does it feel like a trial? Does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine?" The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie.
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Omg what hell is this fucking fantastic! omg
Is it just me or does Rattman's painting rooms make you feel uneasy?
i seen that in portal 2 in fase 18 rattmann watching me
One of the best song's i've heard
Ratman's greatest sacrifice...  Although he isnt dead..  He might be now.. But when chell woke up she saw the blood.. True fact: Ratman was chell's uncle because ratman was related to cave jonson!
+Brandon Peppler You can hear his ramblings when you go up to the murals in the den with the portal gun in it too. And you can go behind the murals and...nothing. So he could actually be dead, and those ramblings could mean nothing. Just saying
+Rascal2ch why would the develiper think that someone would go behind that wall where you hear him to find him when that is out of bounds?
Can I just say I love your Rattman model/design.
is this claymation or animation? cause it's amazing!
+Owen Games Yeah, And Nobody Ever Types Like This.
Is Rattmann supposed to be singing this or something?
I think he's listening to it on the radio.
Wait a minute why chell to answers one dough ratman us chells dad or two the other sincetists sea d stuff about her so ratman prove them wrong bonus three chell was a random pick
+Darkatday53 I believe what it was trying to say was "Is the Dough Rattmann Chell's dad, did he get chell into the tests to prove suspicions that she was retarded wrong, or was she just a random pick to be tested. And the answer to that is that Dough Rattmann put Chell first on the queue because he felt she had the stubbornness to stop GLADOS.
So is ratman the father or does he only feel bad to do this? I dont understand it exactly
Read the official comic. It is available for free on the Portal 2 website.
Portal 3 confirmed?
Wow, that is amazing, emotional, hats off to you!
i wish in portal 3 your playing as ratman as a backstory
how about a DLC or a Mod instead of a whole game for that?
:| It would be cool  though/
When I first found the radio in the game I just sat in the corner and listened to this song in its entirety while thinking about all the poor choices I have made in my life.
well im toatally crying! Portal 2 makes me Cry anyway!
you know he is still alive right ?
valve can make some fucked up games
Conga dancing ducks wrapped in christmas lights
i mean like portal and how creepy and just plain fucked up it is. the conga dancing ducks is just downright awesome
I have a theory.Rattman is her father.It may seem crazy,but why would a random guy do that?
Because he wants to help and not die regretting his life not saving the last human in the facility?
It could be likely, seeing as Rattman was an Aperature scientist, and Chell was at the BYDTWD, as shown by the project signed by her. 
Oddly enough, Rattman was a witness to my "destruction".
Guys you know what this game should be in the museum next to Monalisa so people in the future make stuff this go.
this ong still gives me chills
@ 4:00 should have done that from the start doug
Good work mate keep up the good work and stay tubeing
GLaDOS, did you what Rattman dead or was that an accident?
Wow, this was really well-done.
I escaped Aperture and almost destroyed the facility but now Iam gone and GLaDOS was cooked and eated and I put a core in for saving me from blowing up
I'm was feeling goosebumps all the bloody time. Well yeah, thanks for making me drop a tear
oh my god this is amazing, i have so many rattmann feels
I'm not crying... :'( a fly just flow in my eye... :'( Nice Video man!
Ratman Dose not die, He Goes In A Cryo chamber. Read The Portal 2 Comic
Well THIS video was posted in august 2011. And Portal 2 came out 4 months before, in april.
what album is it from, i wanna buy it
I'm not crying.I am just slicing onion.
Thanks to Valve for this Games!
Maghan no Mr.johnson is her father but caroline (GLaDOS) is her mother Doug Rattman is her adoptive father so everyoen stfu about it everyone knows except dumbasses 
Bullshit Who the hell is Maghan?
portalgan vs GLaDOS
I am not crying now!😢😢😢😢
About two hundred years later- "Hello! Is anyone there? Are you gonna open the door anytime soon? Hello?"
+Russell Kostal Yep! If your not to careful, an elite might shoot you with their.. combine.. balls.
We are gonna sing this song, because we are awesome!! _______________________________________________________ Exile
Actually, if you look through the notes in portal 2, it would show that Chell actually reffered to Cave Johnson as Mr. Johnson, so their might be a possibility that Cave Johnson was her adoptive father? That would also explain how Glados acted as caroline during the period of time that she was a patato. Also, if you listen to Cave Johnsons recording, He said that he wanted Caroline to look after aperture science when he was gone (As in, dead.) so their is a possibilty that Caroline is actually glados and was Chells adoptive mother? Its just my opinion, though.
I know how to blow your mind. Right before you kill the neurotoxin generators, you pass though the wonderful room hosting "Bring your Daughter to Work Day." The overgrown potato? It's Chell's. Look at the bottom right corner of the poster board. It says "By Chell."
It's more than a possibility that Caroline is Glados, it's a fact. SPOILER ALERT At the end of the game, Glados said saving Chell taught her another lesson, where Caroline lives in her brain. You then hear the weird male computer voice saying "Caroline deleted" followed by Glados saying "Goodbye, Caroline."
man that video she its creeped me with the man D:
when rattman gave his life at the turret part I almost wanted to cry
my couldn't the guy knock the turret over
Is this song made because of Portals?
Fantastic animation.
Doug has got to be chells father cause why would he risk his life trying to save Chell?
Its because that chell is the only hope of destroying GLaDOS
See, this is wrong. He didn't die there. In the Turret Opera scene at the very end, in one of the windows behind the turrets to the right, you see him walking away with his Companion Cube. Rattman Lives.
Brillent, The animatoin with the dough realy makes me feel like im crazy
Ya know he could've just crouched under the laser, belly crawled to it...BuuT nooooOooooo
and the fact that he couldn't think properly because of schizophrenia.
+chickendiaper17 It can do that?...i thought they can't look down
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