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Inliners Super Slow Motion

by Michel Coeli • 539,678 views

Session shots with my Inliners friends. Soundtrack by Niklas Aman - "Reflections". My sincere thanks to Niklas Aman for allowed me to use his beautiful song.

No era necesaria la demanda, lo único que quería era compartir del deporte. It was not necesary the demand, all what i want was share the sport.
 Razors SLs with Genesis cuffs are suppa rad!
Inline skating at it's core, just about the fun and freedom of it great vid
i would have slow mo the birds after the jump
Lol I came from a family of skaters in Ecuador and its become tradition. Now that im in America I wanna start skating too since I fell in love with inlines since I saw them in the streets, but I dont know how to start off. Any help since I havent been able to speak to my family.
Karym s.n Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Beautiful video, subbed!
Massimiliano Galimi Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
what's the hardest part about being an faggot ? Getting smashed ur ass by hyper concrete wheels..
Caramba Rafael, Parabénsss pelo trabalho de vcs, muitoo massaaa mesmooo achei mais legal ainda os views.. showw sucesso! ")
Cara que rua daora pra dar um rôle essa ai hein...
Nice nice...showing how amazing rollerblading is:-)
If your a beginner then I think Rollerblade is the best for you cuz they have good quality and reasonable prices. Later on progress to XSJados or Valo
I let my haters be my motivators, so all of u guys who are haters can suck my dick
Aziezie14 2 Wheel are better than 4
it went from hardboots to softboots, from baggy jeans to skinny jeans. inline won't die, it became part of evolution. awesome video!
This was sick! I love it when tricks are super slow mo'd
WTF is wrong with gays? Nice video btw guys :D
Only dumb people skate in the rain... -__-
you can buy valo tv 2 .. they are very comfortable , good for beginners. You has a big soulplate and the skate istn to overweight .. have fun :)
work on your twixtor man, some frames looked funky.
Can't wait to get my Evo's. It's been a couple years since I've last skated.
it amazing video the work is soo cool kip going guys :)
Nice vid man! Really loved the artistic aspect, and the rolling!
i should go for Remz, i had rollerblade for 2 years they good too but since i have Remz i feel at first more comptable and the wheels dont break fast hehe i got these REMZ OS.4 Nick Wood complete now but the skates choose you test some off them, or try test a few..and good luck in skating bra :)
... are really nice but can slip out on grinds. rollerblades i don't know to much about. in reality though it just depends on how you skate so if you go to somewhere like slaptap or loco skates (or aggressivemall if you're american) and try some on and see what you like. hope this helps
what sort of colour grade have you used on this? it's a lovely look
The trilby is the icing on the cake. Well done.
like, favorite.. this is awesome, love you guys
This reminds me of ashomsky's video's
I bought some USD when i was 20, and needless to say, im 25 now. Never really got into it fully, but damn they can take a beating. 5 years and they are still in perfect condition (looks like shit, but holds firm ;P). The roads in sweden sucks, and so does our weather. Still holds! Mine were on sale for 290eu.
USD are always good , nice to skate and long lasting , ive got a pair USD thrones and theyve lasted over 2 years , obivously ive had to buy wheels and frames but the boot is still going strong :D K2's tend to be rather heavey and so do rollerblade :)
Didn't know people still rollerblade
OMG Cinderella iv been looking 4 you!
what do u call those roller blades really need to know
because skating at videos at full speed are way too mainstream
ola. boa noite. como vcs conseguiram autorizacao de NIKLAS AMAN? foi complicado, ou pagaram quanto por estes minutos de trabalho? qualquer resposta agradeco muito. video barbaro. gostei muito. parabens. andre varela de manaus
Does anyone know the font at the end of this video?
i can see slower than this,this is nothing....
your friends suck at skating the only cool clip was the backslide on the shopping cart
Is it possible to shoot THAT slow with 7D?? Achava que era impossivel!
What editing soft wear do you use? Thank you so much! PLEASE RESPOND!!!! This is the best editing ever!
How aggressive. I won't add fuel to the fire but one day someone will tell you how it feels like to start on someone who is just trying to put things straight and to negotiate how others may feel. It takes practice to speak to people. I feel you may need to be sectioned in a mad unit. Oh dear.
fun to watch and with the music it almost leads you to beleive theirs a deeper story here.
muito primário , mil deculpas , mas eu achei primario demais , na minha cidadezinha tem maluco q voa até por cima de carro !
Made at 60fps interpolated to 1000fps with Twixtor (software). so no the D7 shot at 60fps and post processing was used to make it 1000fps.
nothing is wrong with gays xDD i was just answering to MoshPIT but i don't hate gays or bisexuals xDD sorry :(
Massa o vídeo, mas a musica muito triste..LOL
How immature of some people to think that 'dike' and 'gay' are funny. Be more sensitive so people who should deserve some respect. I was gay. Period. It is not a Laughing Matter. Okay!
Dude you are now my inperation and role modle i had never tried a grind before yesterday and as soon as i saw ur vid today i decided to try and failed but kept on trying because i wanted to become like you and how good u are :)
Only dumb people makes stupid comments in the rain... -__-
well no not quite. there is a frontSIDE and backSIDE, just like in skateboarding, which is used to describe the way your facing in relativity to the obstacle. the backslide is just the name for that specific trick. it is called a backslide because you are sliding on the 'backslide plate'. dont know why its called that, but it is. it makes less sense the more you think about it, but thats the way it goes for almost all rollerblading trick names.
NO CHANCE TO DISLIKE....................AT ALL
Now to ask for it is to have a lack of experience. You have never skated properly and unknowingly have never appreciated the full diversity of the crowd. You are a crum-bun. Sod off. And don't call me a word that doesn't make sense - oh dear, prejudice? Use a dictionary and if you would care you would respect the self-indentity of others!
xsjado's are my fav. but is you want a more basic good skate go with USD's
!!!great video good job...........great song
Voce e brasileiro , ou so veio aki no brasil a passeio e fez esse video ?
what shutter speed did you use? 1000 + im guessing
i wanna come skate with you guys!!!
you are gay if you dislike this video dude ;)
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