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E3, Cannibals, & Black Holes...It's Comment Commentary 20!

by SourceFed • 292,383 views

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This was the first sf episode I ever watched. Oh how the time flies </3
I got Slytherin and Huffulpuff( idk how to spell it) on two different tests
That's quite a pixelly dinkle
Actually, both pronunciations are acceptable and correct. ;)
I actually got really curious and went on Pottermore after I saw that video to see where I'd be sorted. I'm a Ravenclaw, just like Elliot! :D And actually, because I got into Pottermore, I also decided to pick up the Harry Potter books. I hadn't read them before (yes, I know, don't kill me please), and now I'm fascinated! Thank you, Sourcefed! ^-^
I wouldn't say I prefer it, but yes anal sex is still sex and I find it attractive. If that makes me weird - so be it, whatever the outcome - my statement about bronies is still true .
Connecting to emotional safe place is normal, yes. But many of these bronies have just now, in their grown-up state began watching / obsessing over these cartoon characters. Hell - I am not above watching some old cartoon and reminiscing, but their obsession is not weird And sure I might have given it a thought, but it was brief because it is ridiculous. Because when comparing from outside, between a brony and a person who thinks they are weird - i damn well know who is a lil off.
can we start petition: Leefin to be substituted with Trisha? and she must not say if she has a bf.
I was playing BF3 earlier and "AtmoicSkillzz" (4:19) dominated the match. Now I see him in a SourceFed video. This guy is everywhere, wth
death reaper, lee. substitute the 3 for an e...
when did i click this video? i dun know..
Joe in Gryffindor, Elliott in Ravenclaw (nerddd!), Lee in Hufflepuff, and me in Slytherin!
I'm edicted to you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lee looked extra Hott in this one
i came for the ponies in the thumbnail :3 brohoof anyone? /)
I wonder if Joe will ever let his daughter watch these.....0:42
Making art out of his own feces I shall call it fart
lol oh she said that cause she likes the actor :P
someone will photoshop joes physical comedy thing over lees hello face, i know, im from the internet
I'm a brony and i'm not a grown up guy. Who cares if it's cartoons? It's normal for people to watch cartoons. And there is no such thing as "normal" everyone has their own definiton of it. And I'm a brony and I'm proud to be one.
So, there IS a bro somewhere in Defranco Inc.!
did anyone notice that sourcefeds address says TOPANGA ON IT !!! its just blew my mind!!!! like Boy meet World kinda shit! lol
If anyone's wondering about the thumbnail, I drew it and a speedpaint of it is the first thing uploaded on my channel :3 Thanks.
"Wanna see it again?" No, I'm good, Joe.
You do not know me at all, I could spend 24 hours a day self reflecting, point being - you don't know whether I have a sense of humility or not. I do not judge - I point out my opinion about these bronies, I do not tell them to stop, I do not 'fear' them or their weird obsessions- I simply think it's weird, and a lot of people agree with me. I repeat I do not think I am better than those bronies, I do not hate them at all - I simply know its weird, and dont think they should pretend it's not.
There should be a Turtlecopter, because Rainbow Dash's turtle has propellors.
elliott snorted when joe was humping the couch!!!! lol
They have successfully made me click on this video for ponies. Well played Sourcefed....well played
You know you smoke too much weed when you read the title as E3, Cannabis, & black holes.
I looooove Joe's tablet case lol It makes me want to buy one just for it.
Elliot is really adorable but in like a slightly nerdy way...
I remember when it was just...lee Elliott and joe and there was NO photos on the Facebook page which will probably never happen again...
I'm sure I'm like the 5,304,563rd person to say this but, Lee: marry me.
but i want to be the weird uncle...
@jmanu99 Look Up "A Very Potter Musical" and you will understand
Do you consider yourself normal? Im pretty sure you are a wierdo yourself..
Don't worry guys!!! By Boyfriend, Lee meant Donald Glover, she was joking!!! I know i was relieved when i figured it out!;)
I would expect Elliott to be in Slytherin...
I'm annoyed by the fact that they didn't talk about the picture at all. That's dirty, Sourcefed.
also, with the CC on, "catchy phrase" becomes "catching AIDS"
And it's your life and you should be proud of what you do. But you cannot deny that my our social norms what bronies are IS weird. All I am saying is - be what you want to be, just don't pretend it's cool or normal when it's clearly not.
They have a vid of the porn star thing on the internet. Its really disturbing
If you say so.. 1 last question tho, do you base your opinion on close friends of yours who happens to be bronies or the brony stereotype in general?
and yes i know the the blondes name is leeeeee
I think that Elliott has gum on the bottom of his shoe.. 4:48
My freind has to do a project so he attached a toy dog to a things thats is going to be a catapult
see i have a relatively innocent heart. you know as inocent as it can be in high school so stories like the dismemberment porn star really dont help me sleep at night.
We are Bronies and here we come /)
lol lee you play video games? she did not a read a license plate she read a gamer tag!
I get to the porn star part and my cousin looks at me with a rape face...halp
I love Lee's nail polish on her toes!! More please!! (yes I'm a foot fetishist)
I keep laughing at the way Lee says Hufflepuff. I wish I were in Hufflepuff just so I could set that as my ringtone.
Deathreaper, not raper, right?
LEE I'M WITH YOOOOU LOL Your in-depth results are: Hufflepuff - 14 Ravenclaw - 12 Gryffindor - 8 Slytherin - 8
You should self-reflect more before judging others on what normal and whats wierd.. maybe it will give you a sense of humility. We fear what we dont understand and most of the time we hide our fear with pride or hate, its always a bad move.
Although coming all out with the retard comment was a little harsh, don't you think?
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