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Hannah Plays! - Alan Wake, Part 24 - Deerfest

by YOGSCAST Hannah • 59,802 views

This has to be the most long winded trek for a helicopter I've ever seen. Endsplash Music: 'Shores of Avalon' by Kevin Macleod -

Finally the one place i actually expect you would find coffee or a coffee thermos. A bookstore
While she was looting the fire department i was thinking "Why does a fire department have flashbangs?" XD
I think Barry is my favorite character in written history. Don't ever change Barry. And don't ever die.
Hannah`s Famous lines: "Oh.." "Back off!" "Oh, bums" "Thank's love" "No shit sherlock" Volume 1 out now, Volume 2 coming out in December!
Sarah sounds like Sunny Smileys
Scary veiled lady. the one that gave Alan the Cabin key at the beginning of the game.
Sure this was already said but here it goes 1:40 "IT'S A TRAP!!!" ~ Admiral Ackbar
She should do the dlc after this.
HAaah, sunday morning.. watching Hannah play some games :) "Ohh Hello!!!" " Ooh Ohh Ohh, die already!!" LOL;)
So the manuscript speaks of a manuscript in a fictional story that becomes real in said fictional manuscript that he'd written or was still writing? I'm sure people would immediately go for the obvious anecdote relating to inception right a bout now...
LoL @ Barry and his troll logic xD
@R987chy I expected it because you said that and it made me twinge slightly.
So you`ll be eager to watch the next part when it gets uploaded.
do we know for sure Energizer is sponsoring them though? Maybe the game creators just wanted to base the game as sort of being in OUR world rather than it's own separate one. That might explaign the Lord of The Rings reference too.
@Greco Yatco She did an unboxing so if you want to see her you should watch that vid
i love how alan basically agrees with hannah
I’m sure this has been asked many times but is anyone aware of whether Hannah reads the manuscript pages in their entirety that quickly? Her muttering suggests that she’s an incredibly quick skim reader (an achievement on its own) but I was wondering whether she actually is reading every word in such a rapid fashion. I'm envious of either ability!
Now the Sheriff will die soon, seeing as she's becoming stronger.
The scariest part of Alan Wake is definitely when the Darkness keeps making Alan have all the visions.
So mad, so sad. Shhh, no tears, only dreams now.
15:57 did she say telegraph pole?
last part was epic... hm... I wonder where did my pants go ://
hmm could some1 explain? as a swe i might get it wrong xD hannah says "love" to sarrah at times. now what i wonder is, does "love" signefy a female in conversations?
after watching amniesia this game doesnt scare me
where are the christmas lights plugged on to at barry
I disagree. for me an interesting story is the most important part. who gives a crap if you media is interactive if you can't get invested in the story you are playing out?
i love how shes complaing about the difficulty not being very high
Another bit of trivia for the trollogy: Wake has the hunting rifle at the start of the assault. . . then somehow gets the shotgun.
thumps up if u want Hannah to make a video of her face (just bored)
this is starting to look more and more like condemmed
who shat thier pants right at the end when the fucking lady popped outa nowhere?
Torch and flashlight is like tomato or tomawto, they are exactly the same if you understand.
What is this game trying to be? Scary? Too much repetitive running in a forest and being able to easily kill things. Action? The weps are nice, but combat is still lacking. An interesting story? Fo sho, but a game must be SOMETHING more than that!
There is a difference between American English And UK English, although it's they are very,very similar.
mind explaining to me also why theres random boxes of ammo and flares n shit all over the place? i dont see a gun store any where nearby...
@TheToilet21 screw you cum guzzler
Wait, what?! Some common sense? In a YouTube comments-section? The apocalypse must be nigh.
Who else saw the lid of a coffee thermos at 12:08
Heh, the game Sixten Wake would be a lot easier and messier. ^^
It was just a joke. You don't have to be a bitch about it....
I missed something. Who is Barbara Jagger?
Because she picked up the rifle and putted down the shotgun.
why are there coffee thormoses FUCKING EVERY WHERE?
haha lol i read the hole case i was laughing my *** off
yep, theres a pub in Southamption (UK) thats called 'The Hobbit' . It has a LotR theme and it was sued, court case and all...... the pub won and still has it's name.
That makes me wonder, did Nintendo ask all the companies whose products showed up in Pikmin 2?
We argue that the proper form isn't English
I guess those exp points Barry put in Luck are paying off again
"flaming eye of mordor" Its a cultural reference meaning it's allowed. If, say Remedy had actually added the eye of mordor, then yes, it's copyright. But in this universe, the franchise exists as books and films. Its like: Stephen King could sue for using his name in the game if that were the case.
Hannah why do you always say love to the sheriff
00:43 hahahahaha.... take the piss :P
Hannah: Im going to run down the middle just to take the piss Me: I see what you did there
well yes. it is a named brand, so even if they wanted it to make it our world, they would need to get a sponsorship or at least the naming rights to energizer. and normally product placement like this points to a sponsor, but they had to get the lenience agreement at least, or else they would get sued for wrongful use of the brand. they cant just use the name without the company knowing.
Barry...One doesnt simply become mordor
plus the hunting rifle is only the most powerful gun in the game :P
Christ the scream at the end threw me for a fucking loop. *.*
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