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by SHAYTARDS β€’ 525,745 views

Podcast with MysteryGuitarMan!: Yesterday's Vlog!: ShayCarl SHIRTS at Rodeo Arcade: 1 year -...

That was funny how Kasie was chewing behind Koletee's/Mommytards head
FYI its spelled Collete :)Β 
FYI It's spelled Casey
such an inspirational family!
you guys make me want to live in california!
Man u look cut. It's hard to stay in shape. U r doing good so don't be so hard on urself. U will get like that again. Ur a busy daddy, it's hard to work out 2 hours a day. I miss cali. I slept in a tent on that beach lol
Shay is in his best perfect shape here.. so handsome inside and out.
He is always handsome inside and out :D
Shade like that video it is a cool video and you and you mommy tart and all kids
Like if you are watching this 2 years later ( 2014 )
Thanks for the likes people
Your funny 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Like this if you're watching this in 2015πŸ˜ƒ
cute cute cute cute cute
like if you're watching this into2015
Thumbs up if you are watching in 2015
Even though I'm watching this in 2015 if you see sea lions there might be sharks!
Duzjsjsowaddffettwild with child from experience the absence with ease with child syne skin
He looks like my cousin cristian now, even his clothes and height :)
Can I live with you please can I any way I have got a crush on Gavin and mattyb because they are cute love you gavin
Who is watching this in 2014?
Rocktard is cut😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Do ypu live next to monterey bay aquarium or san jose it looks like i seen it before when my uncle died and yah there was a beach right there and i saw those houses before in my life its a 6 or 3 hour drive from where i live
They don't live there anymore . They live in another state
I can't wait till daxton is that age! (brock's age) it's so adorable!
Idk why but at like 9:45, Shay looked a lot like Logan
When i got my first hair cut was when i was 9 years old and im 11 years old know.
Don't get wet because of sea lions
I really love Gavin can he be my boy freind
Do't listen to them mommy tard I am the girl in the photo
poor sontard getting hit by shays younger brotherΒ 
dear shay, I love u guys so so much I watch u every single day of my life if u could plz read my comment or comment back u would complete my life when I watch ur videos I get so happy u made me reach goals, and u inspired me greatly I love shaytards all the way and I will never stop,,, plzz right back. shay
U should comment on a recent video if u want a reply. It's not very likely that they will reply anyway πŸ’
Did you see bralie shove Babytard to the ground wow
You should go to Virginia beach it is amazing go there sometime
This was 1 of the frst shaytards videos I watched
i loved brave really cute movie
Shay is a lot skin eyre then he was when he was in the later videos
you and casey have the best jokes ever
hello I am thinking of starting a youtube chanell....... daily vlogs..?
when i was 3 i went on my dads back and we went surfing and the first time i ever stood up i was 8 i am 13 now and i still surf
Anthum King Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
I only go to the beach every 10 weeks
I ust to live in the youtube house but I moved to Florida 😜
6:10 Cooper: COME ON REALLY COLETTE?!?!?? XD
shay and coilet sorry if that is not how you spell it but any way you guys are really nice parents keep it up:D
My very first haircut was in second grade.
lol brocks awesome haircut shay is so cray cray
Is it just me or were sontard and shay harmonising there for a second
who was it the one got hit by the big wave??
this was uploaded on my birthday
Happy very late birthday or happy very early birthday (I'm not sure what to say!)
Yo please let me be a family please let me be a family
This video was the first shaytards video I have ever seen now I'm a big fan
Your supposed to get out when you see sea lions cus of sharks
Was Princesstard by the big wave or who
I have no idea! I've been trying to figure it out! I don't think it's princesstard though
when kayli was cutting rocktards hair and she said he looked like the lollypop kids he also looked like alphipha from the little rascals
Do you know sea lions are poisnes
But thanks for correcting me
I didn't know that, but now I know not to get close to my favorite animal
hey im growing my hair so babytard so get the heck out
Shay looks so good here not saying he doesn't look good anyway
There was something in front of sontard in the ocean I think it was a sealion
You know when there sea lions around that means sharks are near?
That message Babytard was suppose writing an shay voice overed made me laugh so much it was so funny he's so funny I can't get over it hahaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahhaahhahahahahaahahhahahahahahaahhaahhahahaahahhahaahhahaahhahahaahhaahahahahhahahaahhahaahahahhahahaahhaah It was funny to me
I think they're funny. For sure.Β 
No babytizzle don't attack me
Don't kill me babytizzel no no no nooooo
Does anyone else think Shay looks greenscreened when he's dancing around in the parking garage? I know it's not but the lighting or something makes it look like a green screen haha
Why did rocktard get his haircut
I love Rocktard. Such a nice baby.
U said they grow up fast as Casey is in the back round acting like a 6 year old !!!! LOL
That girl needs it get off the insulates
damn shay is sooooooooo fit here
Rocktard looks like Logan!!!!
Hi haircut looks like logens hair
If there are sea lions then then means there are going to be sharks
Sounds like a peachy Kean day shay
Casey chewing hahaha
That sand thing was a crab
This is by far one of my favorite vlogs. Everyone is just havin' a grand ole time. :)
is babytard high haha
Can you guys teach me how to surf
any one else see theΒ MY UGLIEST KID! vlog linked when their swimming?
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