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Duncan's Lab - 39 - Taunting Monsters

by YOGSCAST Duncan • 1,047,412 views

Duncan improves his cobblestone farm and builds some special torches. Texture pack is Sphax PureBDCraft Using user submitted patches for the technic pack mods (found on the pure...

aahh the good ol' tekkit days
yup i loved this days 
"what's this pork doing in my hand" *cringe
1:57 this is almost exactly what my inventory looks like when i prepare to go mining.
With 12 block breakers you can get 1 diamond in 12 mins!! (according to my shitty maths)
am i the only one here who noticed he switch the lava and water between episodes
I made loads of block breakers on a server and they where banned
It's only powering 11! One isn't working.
I love your evil mind duncan 😂
Look at you... aww...Now you're on fire. Muahahaha. Oh look A Creeper oh no oh no. Oh God! Just being a troll. Like always Duncan
morale of the story... don't troll creepers because they'll troll you right back
/o\ /o\ ___     face \____/
the great words of Duncan Jones.... 'Whats this pork doing in my hands'
2 lava can easily make 32 cobble (this might not be the max it was just easy for me to make and effective too
+dragonbanana1 G+ lets you edit, as if to make up for its other qualities.
Next Time You Will Make..... CROCKS!!?
"Oh look there's a creeper sarcasm oh no, oh no, oh no! *no longer sarcastic" Oh no!"
Gotta love dat crafting music :D
Ash there's nothing like laying in bed with a good 50 episodes of Tekkit with Duncan to catch up on!
2:00 Yep. 15/10 Iron Picks Created.
Ah, special crops.. I'm picking up what your putting down
Think that too. That's why i set youtube to be a website my ad blocker don't block.
If I did my math correctly Your cobble generator gains 31104000 emc per day
This could work for a commercial.You said it in a way like the people in Commercials do it.
Those are some AWESOME torches!
Put it on peaceful for no monsters
As soon as the video started and I noticed the lava was moved to the other side I was all like what the fuck happend here!!
Those torches would come in handy in his Dino park if there was a breakout
I was about to tell you about those torches
imagine how the people who paid for it would feel like if that happens
how is it even possible to watch his videos?
duncan your so awsomei would play tekkit with u all day
same but i still get pissed off when i see long ads with no skip, but i put up with em
you could play the beta version for free awhile ago
What's with the jazz in the background?
is duncan the guy in the 15 sec of smart: rosebushes deter burglars?
thats a bit faster than the quarry
Well kids that's all for today, but remember our lesson: don't taunt monsters or they break your shit!
notch doesn't make minecraft anymore mojang does he just takes the credit
What's with the weird music that sounds like its from a retirement home?
There not torches there torshes
Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping? "1:11" xD
Playing tekkit as a job is great so why would he get another job!
Wow... Duncan made 15 picks, not 10
because only water can be infinite
a tip is use the tortch when u mining and no monster will get near u
I got like a full condensor of red matter on my world
He could get another job and upload videos MUCH less often, but still, ad block sucks.
He switched 'em so he could expand the generator out and keep it symmetrical with his house. He seemed to have recently learned that the lava source could be used for 3 blocks instead of one each. I just wish he knew that lava buckets could be condensed.
Creeper says fuck you and your interdiction torches
Duncan could have used the energy collector but that is a bit expensive that is why i was scrathing my head and wondering why he used the cobblestone genorator. stupid me lol!
0:09 the lava and water switched from last episode
about 15 cobblestone per second and 900 cobblestone per minute
HEY! I HAVE AN IDEA! shut up. Do popular console games stop making money? does call of duty stop? DOES HALO STOP? SO WHY ON EARTH WOULD MOJANG STOP MAKING MONEY ON THE MOST POPULAR VERSION OF IT?
Growing special crops hahaha like marijuana... pass the weed man!
I noticed how on the tekkit series, none of the yogscast used balkons weapons which lets you build cannons, Simon would have loved it
Like if you are looking at this because you like reading comments
I made a cobblestone generator with about 60 block breakers. OI had to use two condensers, one was completely full, and one took all the overflow.
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