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Space Vacations for EVERYONE?!

by SourceFed • 236,620 views

The founder of the British space company Excalibur Almaz, Art Dula, announces plans to take people to the moon for the first time since 1972. Order your SourceFed Posters here:...

I'll wait till it becomes cheaper.
If Joe Bereta dropped a mixtape it would be called "Dad RAP" (also, please make this happen)
im not sure. i'll be giving it to my parents first.
I would keep that money. We have millions of people starving to death every year. I think the money could go to more useful things here that need fixing rather than risking your life to go up in space. Priorities people. Once we fix the world you can go space travelling all you want.
:O 150 million i would keep it and and smin in it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Shins - A Comet Appears. I would fucking go into space and just stay there, and die there.
I'm pritty sure I could make my own spaceship for 150 million
If I had a $150 million handed to me I would keep $50,000 to pay off my student loan, pay for my last year of university, buy a cheap used car so I can drive to a job, and be able to afford groceries without maxing out my VISA. I would donate some money to my church and my Christian university (so they can lower tuition, which is close to $1000 per class or create scholarship funds for students). The majority, however, would go to forming or helping a variety of non-profit organizations.
People do talk about it. You need to work on your English class, because obviously you're failing. What school do you go to? I can't tell if that thing at the end of your comment was a really bad joke, or if you were seriously spelling that out.
i'd keep it. . . .space scares me c:
Put it in a savings account and in a few years I'll go to the moon and still be rich
Going to space on a used Russian Rocket is like driving the audubon in a Kia
Pink fucking Floyd i would gladly listen to them on my there especially Money
Id take lee on a really expensive date. :b
I would keep it. I don't really get the whole fascination with the moon and space. Everything I need is on Earth!!
I'd just keep the money and buy a ticket to see the movie that James Cameron would make out of this that'll going to be titled "Exploring the moon".
If I choose to not go to the moon do I get to hang out with Ms. Newton? I did just get 100 million dollars..... ha ha
i would keep it, and put some in the stock market, get twice as much. Than go to the moon TWICE
Get the money, invest in gold, and then in ten years go twice or just get 10 million :'(
Joe you could be a professional rapper
I would keep it find a way to make even more money then go to the moon
If I had 150 million dollars, I'd take Lee on a honeymoon... to the MOON!
you just can't let it go can:'D oh that just totally made my day!
I would buy a ticket for Lee. Just cause.
keep it and actually do something with my life, like buy a house or buy a car or but sourcefed posters and t-shirts
if only bill gates was my dad.... :(
Get looow gurl and show me that ASStroid, im gona be ur little soldier astro boy, get me pumped like im on asteroids!!! made me laugh so hard
150 million dollars or a trip to the moon.... meh, 150 mill, i'd be set for LIFE... and possibly some generations down too would benefit from that..... or maybe i'd just invest in science for some way to stay alive for x amount of years... you can't put a price on immortality.
imacs? Modern?!?! AHAHAHAAHHAHAHAH keep thinking that with their 2year old components and outdated UNIX Fork of an OS
keep it, spend half of it then invest in the other half and then buy the company and then go to space for free
I would go if I had another 200 million dollars
I can't think of a better 6 month life experience than going to the moon. But I could think of a lot more things I could use 150 mil for on earth :/
To the moon and back by savage garden! Great song :) Wish I could go for the writing experience, I would love the chance to describe the different emotions and experiences.
If I got 150 million USD and wanted to blow everything on a moon trip, I half expect my family to kill me and take it..
Hell yes, I would go to the moon. One of my great dreams is to become a lunar colonist, so it would be wonderful to get the chance to find a nice little piece of land to build my lunar dream home on.
Bitch, you are so fucking stupid. You are the last person I would stalk. You are acting like we should demonize the Shuttle. Hey, you can be an ignorant person, but please, do that on your own time.
I would keep it buy Source fed and give you all raises and eventually marry lee Newton!
so... 150 million to live like a king for the rest of my life OR a space flight to the moon which comes with 6 months of training (never fun) and a max of like 1 year at the moon... i think any logical person would choose the moon , i mean its not like 150 million could secure the future of your life and the life of like 6 generation (probably more) to come
I would rather travel all over the Earth and eat tons of great food. You show me great dining in space!
Keep it... then use it to go to the moon ^^ that way i have owned Dollars :D
the fucking moon who honestly wouldn't
KEEP IT!! Then I'd do all the normal lotto winning kind of celebrations, then i would invest for future generations to come.
Guess who has Can't Fight the Moonlight in their head now. Thanks Bereta you bastard. I still love you
How about we wait until there's a colony or somethin up there and the price is about the same as going to Disneyworld.
Keep the money. Spend 1 million on becoming a world leader i in astro engineering. Invest the rest in gold. Sell all the gold in 50 years. Fly to the moon. Build a moon capable bio-dome. Open a hotel on the moon. Make deals via price line. Meet 57 when she comes to the moon.
Well that makes since. I was little pissed when you guys said just any random person with money in the bank could go to the flippen MOON, for no reason. -.- I like that you have to have one.
keep the money, buy yourself your own rocket and live in space!
Uh... with $150 million, a person could purchase the engineering and construction of a space-worthy vessel. With a chaffeur and a little gas could go to space anytime you wanted.
There's no shopping center to spend my 150 millions on the moon, I'll stay here.
People these days go to space every day.... By getting high......
I would keep it and invest in something that I need
Fuck the moon we going to the sun
150 MILLION? Well keep it Duh.. but if i was in a hospital bed and 115 years old the maybe i would consider it.
in the words of frank iero: fuck the moon
Honestly, I would keep it. THat's enough to get me through college and keep me going through the rest of my life.
yeah so, this isnt for everyone. just the damn greedy rich!
i'll take the 3rd trip to the moon, since they'll have probably worked out the bugs by the third one..
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