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On The Verge - LeVar Burton, Alexis Ohanian, Tim Wu, episode 007

by The Verge • 34,999 views

In the biggest episode of On The Verge yet, Joshua Topolsky sits down with actor LeVar Burton (of 'Star Trek' and 'Reading Rainbow' fame), Reddit co-foudner Alexis Ohanian, and Tim Wu, author or...

The Verge has largely replaced TWiT for me. TWiT has increased production quality while sacrificing much of the good tech reporting while the Verge has improved upon both.
That intro music makes me wanna roll
Why does it matter, it's his personal business. Invasive people are truly useless.
this show was so fuckin' excelent!
Am I the only one who noticed it was episode 007?
Can someone meme gif Josh's stroke beard "what the f#@k?" moment?
Halfway through video I realize its from June.....
I think Josh made the intro music.
When are they going to let us buy the intro song?
great show, really enjoyed Tim Wuu and Levar, thanks verge!
I love the Paul unraveling segment, but they really could have made a hilarious knock off of Avatar 's Jake Sully webcam segment "The days are starting to blur together... everythings backwards"
little help. What's the intro music?
Tim Wu, you are a very smart man.
33:21 Amir from collegehumor
Gonna come back when my Internet is not so abnormally slow at 1 Mbps.
The Verge is the best and most entertaining website on the Internet right now!! Paul Miller is just too awesome.
fantastic show guys! oh and c'mon people, don't be hard on paul..
This is like the engadget show with a different name, switching bookmarks... now
Is it just me or is the introduction out of focus?
What's going on with the focus in the introduction? ;)
0:33:46 Nice to know the Ford was actually blue. =p Haha. Hey guys make that part of the video a separate clip.
11:17 wht did he say? cocktail what?
I am waiting for every new episode with more anticipation than Game of Thrones. You guys are awesome
Is Paul Miller gay? Or is he asexual or what the fuck? He never talks about women OR men...
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