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How I style | Creepers!

by beautycrush • 258,215 views

A short video to show some ways you could style creepers =] Hope its helpful! Daily OOT'DS! - Blog - Orginal creepers -...

Ive always hated creepers , they are just so big and chunky looking. Good video though , i do love your style , just minus the creepers haha !
Creepers? There not cute shoes. But u styled them nice. Americans don't wear those shoes lol
arghhh looove that camo jacket! can you post the link of the ebay seller pleaaase? :)
Can you do a video on how you style a jean jacket pleeeeeease:)
your first outfit is perfect! i love your army jacket!
loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee all of these- escpially the first and second oufit!! and your cross top and sun hat you wore too!x
Topshop, River Island, Bershka, Zara, H&M, Pull & Bear & New Look x
where did you get the black skirt from in the second outfit ??? Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
were u yawning in 3:34 - 3:36 LOL
I love outfits one, three, & four. This video has really made me want creepers. Why are they even called creepers? lol
i llllove your 'how i style...'s!! :) so unique
I don't really creepers but you match them SOOOO pretty!! :) I love your voice/accent!!!!
You are so fashionable!!! Creepers are awesome and not like those awful 'we pretend to be californian but we're not' shops! You go girl!!!
You got lovely legs and i love all the outfits!
My creepers literally just arrived from asos! Laaaaarve what you did with the camp jacket!
i beg you to reply :) can you name the seller of the camo jacket:)
You look lovely :) also - great outfits!
im so confused by creepers, there are so many brands of them now, i thought the demonia ones where the original AUGH help :(
If you weren't so ridiculously lovely, I would want to sneak off with your wardrobe when you weren't looking. You have such great clothes and these outfits are amazing. Your style videos are always top notch.
Ummmm so I was wondering where can I go to edit a video like this .? :o
Was the gold watch michael kors? if so what is it called? ty in advance :) love you xx
you are so pretty i love your videos so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
LOVE How You've Styled Creepers! I've just left a video response on a video that I done on how I styled creepers, hopefully you can check it out? :) x
Your videos are never boring ! :D
Sammi, this is the first video I'm watching on my new phone! Hope you feel honoured -3
i think creepers and a maxi skirt are not really comfortable. you look bigger and shorter than you are. but if you like it, it's okay :)
omgg im obsssed with this ur style is amazinggg omgogmogmog
im the same colour haha! I never fake tan or anything, its the lighting! =[
You are so cute...lovely personality
Do you have tumblr? love creepers and you style them perfectly ;) xoxo
i just subscribed! im in love with your accent and your style loveeeee <3
Please do "How I style see through clothes (sheers)" :)
I love how you can make any outfit work! I would love to try some of these but I fear I'd look like a complete numpty! :D
i love the ' how to style ' very helpful
U should dye ur hair caramel...BEST HAiRCOLOR ON YOU EVER!!!!
im not sure! Its actually my bf's im not sure if he can remember haha! x
You should braid your hair more often :)
:D i especially LOVE the last 2 outfits! thanks for sharing x3
where did you get your denim shorts ? plss reply when you see this i really love those short :)
thanks for making this video, i know fashion-y ones can take quite a while,but i really love all of them:)
u look so adorable! <3 love all the outfits, so flattering =] what r u wearing on ur lips btw? the orange one =] its so lovely! xx
Normally i hate the look of creepers but some of these outfits have changed my mind :) xx
do you think that they still sell the riding pants in H&M ?xox
My favorite movie ! ♥ you are totally stunning ! + and i love your camo jacket , one day I will steal from you :))
definitely more fashion videos!
i've just bought Creepers! you read in my mind Sammi, love you xoxo
Wow your really good with fashion!! -3
hello; great video and very helpful! love all of the videos you do and was wondering if you could do some on how to apply certian makeup styles stuff? that would be great:) thanks x x x
I like your style but creepers are so ugly, sorry. And they make your feet look huge.
you can get some hoodies like that from peacocks,burton, topman etc. :)
you look like a homeless person the first look
@fairylove2007 check in the down bar, but i think it's from topshop. :)
hey there, just wondering where you got your gold choker sort of thing that you wear all the time from? x
why has everyone got subtitles in their videos!? its saying funny but incorrect stuff and its annoying after a while to be honest :S
The outfit with the army jacket is AMAZING! I love your style!
have you got the seller for the jacket? :) xox
sooooo happy you made this video just this morning i was telling my self i should wear my creepers more! thankiiiies !xoxox
love the lipstick color! pls do a vid on your tattoo's
Love the peach lipstick in the third outfit looks stunning on you! xx
the first music sounded like the scientist by coldplay :) i think anyway
You make creepers look so kewlllllllllll <3
You have such a distinctive style... I love it!
The lazy and camo look was my favorite :D
i love your style so much... can you be stylist?!?!
Please do a "How i style Blazers" video :-) would love that
Could you please send a link for the jacket
Can u put the link down to where u got the 1st jacket from Ebay? pleaseee x
you look so cute in the bobble hat and hoody I COULD EAT YOU lol love your styleee x
In looooove! I must have this shooes <3<3 Pretty pretty! Youre first look ist sooooo beautiful :=)
what brand is stole from the boy ;) sounds like a new clothing line you should start
in the vid it said she got hers from Ebay . try Ebay , American Apparel or Urban Outfitters
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