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Prank War 6: The Infamous Yankee Prankee

by CollegeHumor • 6,029,382 views

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I'd like this better if they'd gotten Sharon in on it. At least then it might not have destroyed the relationship.
Prank wars 10 Amir fire bombs streeters house. Prank wars 11 Streeter hires terrorists to capture and execute Amirs family. Prank wars 12 the nukes are dropped..
at this rate, probs
If someone destroyed my relationship I would've put them in a coma.
If that destroyed the relationship, maybe the relationship wasn't as strong as you thought. Putting someone into a coma just means you don't deal with anger well and should seek therapy.
Little Wade, You don't have a relationship or the coma putting ability.
This would not be so bad if they hadn't been dating for so long. But she said yes initially... You have to anticipate these things if you're gonna make a prank like this.
Really says a lot about your character Amir. Must be fun being such a shitty person.
+Last Kangaroo In the Human Giant prank, Amir got embarrased in front of a few people but Streeter got embarrased in front of the whole stadium.. and he lost his girlfriend because of it
ah but amir spent money to fly out to get pranked and its a YouTube video so they both got embarrassed by a huge audience 
i dont like this prank, he's gone too far with this one...
For all you retards who think this wasn't staged. Remember the totally unknown, not recognised, not mentioned, not discussed, not acknowledged cameraman sitting right behind them with good quality video and sound. Who only seemed to appear just as we got to the juicy part. Why was Amir only concerned with the grainy phone cameraman standing 20fft away? It was staged. For ratings. For views. For recognition. For money.
Do you not recall Amir saying that he bought tickets for right behind Streeter's seat?
i wonder if she broke up with him or if they just ended up getting engaged due to the circunstances, if so Amir should be invited to be best men and at the wedding the priest should marry him off without him noticing
It sounds like Streeter says "I don't wanna fucking marry you" at 3:53
That's because that's exactly what he said
OMG, it doesn't get bigger than this!
what was this filmed on a potatoe
I think that his girlfriend understood what happened after he told her what really went down. Still fucked though.
You know what my revenge would be? I would by a huge stinking Bass from the fishmarket and slapt it soo hard in his face while he is sleeping. Also put my dick into his drinks and delete all his porn.  Slipping a rape drug into his drink while pretending to be for laughs and kicks with him in a gay bar. Then pull him to the restrooms, dispose his leg wear and write "free fuck meat and semen disposal" on his ass with a sharpy. I mean it would all be fun and games if his gf was involved, knowing about this and only pretending, but like this its just sick.
Dude.....slow down....cleansing breaths... Think happy thoughts
Okay, dick move by Amir. But still, it was a prank. I doubt Amir meant to break them up, he probably just meant to make the guy flustered.
saw this when I was like 14 or 15 and it still makes me cringe this hard to this day. 
Lol that is fucking epic. I'm totally using this the next time one of my friends pisses me off.
ididint understand this prank =.=
This is not a good prank. His poor girlfriend got the worst of it.
This is my personal favourite: every prank before this one had moments that made me cringe or feel bad, this one I was entertained the whole way through.
Amir didn't know it would end the relationship if there relationship was strong they might have got married then he'd be a hero
This one was a bit of a dick move on Amir's part hitting his love life, but I saw the Viva la Bam prank war, so...
that was not cool man! pranks are supposed to be funny. And this! IS. NOT .FUNNY your mean, you should feel bad about what you did dickhead! poor girl, you embarrass her!! not Streety!! :/
Amir is really asshole...
Now that was just mean. You made the man break up with his girlfriend, and he got slapped.
I would destroy that little shitbag. I would still on sight out of principle. 
Watching prank 7 now.... I get it... I get it....
+Jason Radam lol after 4 they get pretty intense
Fuck in asshole never do that they could have broke up
Thought these episodes were funny until this one and i kinda hate amir now
Dude. RIGHT? What a little girl. He's such a little socially awkward emasculated feminine piece of human example of how not to be a friend. I would have just been like - bro. no. You don't touch relationships. Especially have her be in on it. 
I know right what an asshole
Amir does so much worse pranks thank Skeeter. I mean this was just mean..
Very fragile.. Shouldn't be together
I kinda want to beat the shit out of Amir
Pause at 3:56 he like dont hurt me
LMAO that was hilarious. Amir really got his revenge from the last prank. 
That was pretty harsh on Amir's part. I mean when Streeter pranked Amir there was a little embarrassment and some name calling afterwards. Whereas when Amir pranked Streeter there was huge damage done and nearly a relationship ruined as well. They did get back together though, but broke up a week or so later. Harsh :(
This shit is totaly not funny, friends don't do this one to the other, like who knows, maybee he would eventualy end up married with this girl and have a happy mariage (ok, thats a big maybee, but still), but after this, he is dumped for sure. Good one idiot, you'r a real friend, just the kind I dont want or need in my life!
what if... what if these were all just an act... and they're such good actors you thought everything was normal...
That's what I think
Who would marry a guy who won't let you look at him during sex?
did the gf know? if not thats a fucking dick move and i would beat amir if i was streeter
should've had sharon in on it...otherwise it's just fucked up. she's innocent
What the fuck is Amir wearing?
they are not together anymore.
So technically, Amir cost him his marriage?
Pretty rat thing to to do, not exactly a harmless prank.
Man these "pranks" are getting severely personal.
If I was this Streeter guy I would have just pretended I was on it just so my girlfriend would not get embarrassed. He didnt handle it well, what a pussy.
And of course proceed with the wedding, honey moon, and children, since her feelings are so much more important.
Any person please read about truth of islam
+majed KSA Lets all say a major prayer
Wow this is a video about a prank, it's not about you or religion. It's not always about you. +Imran Khan +majed KSA keep on praying. 
So mean but hilarious lol
You shouldve let her know, that was so dick..
sick fuck. who needs an enemy when u have such asshole friends..Amir needs jesus !
he says "i don't wanna fucking marry you!" right before he gets slapped 
You know Streeter and Sharon is married.
+BlueVizon no, sharon and streeter broke up, he maried someone else
is this all a big prank? or real?
A little bad? Damn only a little?
AMIR! I love ya you psychopathic monster!
A little too far there. I would bust a cap in this cunts ass if that was me
Lol ok you're like 5 so good luck with that
that definitely was not funny at all
By far the worst of all the pranks.
Amir fuck you bitch.Breaking there hearts
Damn if that were me I would of had to go along with it and marry her lol.
Genius... Filthy, evil, duplicitous, fucking genius.
I wonder if they ever got married
of course not, have u seen the next prank video?
FLIP PHONE man this is old
That was to extreme. : (
This prank war was uploaded before the first one?
That's so mean! It wasn't his fault the thing came up! 
Fuckin epic! College Humor was at its best back in 04-05.
It was obviously acted.
lol where have you been this is prank #6
I know that's cruel but I couldn't help from laughing because this is a dam good one.
This was probably the best.
wait so did his girlfriend know?
+Alex Leadbetter I ddont think them breaking up had anything to do with this. I think it was something unrelated
Omg this video was so funny it made me subscribe to you guys!!!
Not funny at all...
This prank war is absolutely histerical. But after watching this video coupled with his reaction to the fake TV show, it's obvious that Amir is a straight up bitch. This was cruel to the girl man. It would have been hilarious if the lady had been in on it, but given that she wasn't it's nothing short of fucked up. I have zero respect for Amir at this point. Streeter, you are a boss and freaking hilarious. Keep doing what you're doing! Mad respect.
What is the show prank called?
he should have at least told sharon
they just get each other good each time. people who say it's harsh, it's not because it's a prank war  
The first prank in the prank war was made in 2008 this is number five and this was made In 07
Good premise, but the reactions seems fake to me for some reason.
I think the only way this prank would've been ok would be if Amir had told his gf about it and had her fake that reaction...
Dude, if she said yes, I would just go with it. I would tell her I didn't get the ring yet.
what if you didn't want to get married though?Which he obviously didn't. Prank is so unfair on the girlfriend however way it turns out, because she would find out that it was a prank even if he went along with it and then be equally mad that he didn't genuinely propose.
😑 hahahahhahahahah
Amir , retarded asshole ..
well, at least he got him back with the half-million dollar prank
2010sasaki Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
All you new amir haters should seriously stop if the girl or streeter had actually talked (and if she had a lick of sense) she would see that this was nothing of streeter but a prank by a friend.
It's not a big deal that the girl left him in retrospect. He's married to his wife Vanessa who is supposedly his soulmate. I think the last prank was too far, considering being cast in a big TV show could turn an acting career around for someone and Amir was so happy about it, and then brought to tears without it being funny or entertaining at all. At least this was mildly entertaining.
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