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"Breakeven" - The Script (ft. Max Schneider)

by Kurt Hugo Schneider • 11,257,366 views

SUBSCRIBE! I promise, it's fun :1 Grab this on iTunes here: This is a cover of "Breakeven"...

He does look like the older version of Cameron Boyce (is that his name) from Jessie. You know, the boy who has a crush on Jessie.
dang....he does!! wow. didn't notice til you said something lol
That moment when your cover has more views than the original video
41.723.904 (the script) 11.030.378 (max)  That's not more...
Well I kinda liked it and I kinda hated it because when he said I'm falling to pieces he went off key.
no he didn't are u deaf? even the script complimented him on this he sang it lightly cause u cant shout it or it would sound wrong. ✋
They... They aren't brothers?
Right lol. I mean I can't believe it's been 3 years already. :)
This is an awesome video, I love how Max puts so much of himself into the song and how he matches his pitch to the original. This is am amazing video, thanks Kurt and Max!
One of favorite covers from Max!
I hate max schneider to the point that I don't even wanna to click on his videos to not give his views. This is kurt's channel though, so i'm fine.
Wow ok then don't watch the videos with max in them you don't have to hate like fr
can i just say... EYELASH GOALS
Are you guys brothers? ... Kidding. Loved the video.
This is definitly the best Version of breakeven on the Internet! Maybe I will also make a cover 😊
Wow. I hope you have a gf. She would be one lucky girl
He does have one :)
Your compositions are always so amazing, they have such purity in their simplicity. I won't compare them to their originals since I like to view them as their own pieces of work. Your music gives me such happiness, thank you Kurt and the talented people that you work with.
This is the best cover of Breakeven that I have ever heard!
Wow it was absolutely amazing one of my favorites 😍
Omg this is just amazing max makes it 100x better
Holy fuck this is amazing!!! ❤❤❤
Alex Goot's version of this song is WAY better.
Awsome cover, i also made a cover of this song, check it out if you want to! 😊
Love that face😍😍😍. Beautiful song sung.
Man I love this version! Max seems like hes remembering something when he sings and he makes the song better!!  <3
Its cute when kurt put '(no relation):1' after 'max schneider' in description :3
thought you guys were real bro tho lol
Great version. Im not a huuge fan of the falsetto though.
Well Danny also used falsetto in the "I'm falling to pieces" line. They cannot reach that very high note without using it though.
The pianist is really cute! 🙊 and love this cover soo much! ❤️
He's Kurt Hugo Schneider. You should hear him singing, it's amazing😍😍😍❤ And sorry for my english, I'm learning :(
+Damaris S Your English was literally perfect there don't be sorry have more confidence
Still in love with this cover ❤️
Eric Tomer Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
"Breakeven" - The Script (ft. Max Schneider):
if kurt could sing this awesome, would be game over.
Max I know u get this A lot but I've had a HUGE crush on u for a while I'm eleven and I would love it so super much if u did a cover of Fire flies by owl city
Is it just me or does he look like Luke from jessie
best cover of max, like literally
I don't think I've ever seen anyone sing that good while standing that still and looking stone cold straight with hardly blinking the whole time. Unless this is lip syncing for the video lol. Very good though!
You are amazing keep on doing what your doing
2:25 .. He looks like his on the urge of crying :'(
Right that is so sweet that in videos he shows so much emotion
I just wanna give him a hug... 
The emotion.. ugh perfection <3.
Hugh Grant on the piano
But if you aren't brothers, Why is your last name schneider too ?? 
People can have the same last name of you and not be related to you like I know someone who has the same last name as me. Go to google type in a random name then add your last name I bet you will find someone with your last name.
please come to belguim
Wow! This is AMAZING! Great Great job
love that part from 2:30 - 2:32 because Max is deeply moved and Kurt looks at him as if he listened to the story he tells and as if he feels with him - :D
so much feeling for this song its beautiful
Although they are not brothers, they might as well be. BEST COVER ON YOUTUBE!
I could listen to his voice all day
Oh my god... This was perfect. The sound of the piano and your voice melts perfectly together ♥
They aren't brothers? Well they sure do look alike.
amazingggggggggggggggg!! voice wow.
Max was so emotional singing this I love it
Dang can he sing!!!!
+Kurt Hugo Schneider will you do Classic MKTO cover by Sam Tsui or Max Schneider or Kurt Hugo Schneider.. as a request 
I just fell to pieces when I heard this song
aww cute, he looks so young c:
His songs are pretty good. Especially that he does covers of other songs!
I love your voice Max. I wasn't a fan of this song until I heard this cover of it. Keep up the great work!!!
He is so fucking attractive in these clothes !! Omg 😍❤️
Honey, any man looks HOT when dressed up fine. (That was a hyperbole, some men just don't have that attribute lol)
Is it possible to fall in love with a voice? 😍
omg That's Max??? He look so cute!!!!! =[]=
I was just thinking about if they are brothers or not, and he scared the hell out of me. Didn't know he could read minds.
Rosalind Anderson Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
"Breakeven" - The Script (ft. Max Schneider):
r u related in any way?
Oh my word😍😍😍😍
2:52 Is that a vain? and pause. that face xD
But who's older though, Kurt or Max? Are you guys the same age?
Kurt is older.. His is 26.. Max is 22..
+Ashlin Mathew  So Max is only my age. Kurt is born in 1988 if I remember while Max is born in 1992.
max voice is perfect <3
I think its more than perfect :)
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