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Pheromone Dating Party!

by SourceFed • 238,614 views

A woman started a dating party where the partygoers pick mates based of smell. Order your SourceFed Posters here: ‪‬ Our Source: Go to...

Came here from same video on the same story in 2014.
The whole pheromone thing is smart, but if a woman is on hormonal birth control it changes the types of pheromones she is attracted to. So she might smell a shirt that is wonderful, but the guy might be a complete genetic mismatch because of the hormones changing her perception.
Tell us the results of the parties that were already held. I suspect only the women got to do the scenting, right? In other words, just like real life, women get to pick. So the question is, how did the results turn out? Were the women happy with the scent-selected male after meeting him? How many were satisfied with their choice. Give some details!
Lee is single???! I'm taking the next plane to the USA.
So my boyfriend and I don't live together yet and I love having one of his t-shirts that he's worn to help me sleep when we're not together. Could this be explained with the same reasoning as the pheromone shirt party thing?
This sounds amazing i would soooo go to one of these
Of COURSE she likes her own shirt! She is MARRIED to herself.
Don't worry, the scent exposes all of that. When it comes to attractive people, you will be able to smell it. Your scent let's others know the hidden codes about you and possible genetics. It's interesting. Someone you may find unattractive will have a scent that you aren't into anyway.
This is so true! The only guys I've ever been attracted to always smelled awesome! I would so go to one of these!
the internet runs off of ads. if adblock is used, great content creators lose money.
On paper it seems like a good idea, but in actuality its pretty dumb. What if I attend one of these parties and find a smell I like, but the girl turns out to be, well, a bitch. Ive just wasted my time with her, when i could have been out dating someone that i like on a mental standpoint. The same goes for women, the guy they sniff out could be a giant douchebag.
First is shirts. Later is underwear.
Smells like Sexy? nope, its just Lee!
i can tell even more about a person by smelling them then looking in their eyes. it just sucks when they where sunglasses
so my nose will tell me that around the three month mark a girl will become over possessive and snoop through my things and start to become a spy... scent may be able to tell you about genetics but other variables come into play when in a relationship not just good genetics...
Lee!!! smell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, but they usually have those big fake ta ta's and will swallow on the first date. ;)
This sounds amazing i would soooo go to one of these
Hmm, Lee attempting to procreate with herself. I'd watch that...
I knew whose shirts those were, but only because I've seen Elliot, Steve, and Joe wear them in other videos...
Only reason to attend one of these would be Lee being there.
I LOVE the smell of my boyfriend's armpits. I can't help it, I just keep sniffin' when we hug.
oh man...this is a little weird lol...i dont really wanna smell what someones been up to for the past three days lol...
we will have to wait till her source fed job is over.. then she will do a few movies and maybe a tv show.. sometime down the road we will get Lee porn
@ theunderscore47, thank you derp for pointing that out. even it clearly reads are a joke and even it clearly repeats T-SHIRTS on the video. silly derp!
This girl is incredibly annoying. Like a mosquito.
i would never strictly base anything on that but the science-y part of me wants to try it anyway
I've heard of this. Wearing cologne or perfume is supposed to be forbidden. The secret for guys is to eat an entire box of "Good n' Plenty" candy and stuff your pockets with lots of dollars. That will attract those gold diggin' bitches!
u smell interesting. Lets make biologically ideal children together....wth?
I'm right here Lee...right here
heh... he shaved just for hank
spring and sarcasm it sounds like me
Explains allot. Walking into my brother's bedroom literally kills me. I feel like I'm walking into a wall of stench. None of mine or my brother's friends seem to notice it at all though.
this is actually interesting because i have broken up with girls because i did not like their genes. I also have been able to identify my friends clothes out of the lost and found based on smell since like 3rd grade. in addition to me being able to smell accurately in others i have an interesting stoy of the one time i forgot deodorant and during track practice and 4 girls came up and said that "i smelled amazing today." i thought it was funny and true. i told them it was me. they were unpleased
This is actually why my wife steals my shirts. She sleeps with them when I work nights.
I would love to do this with my wife and see if she picks me!!!
...... Someone stole my idea. I'm not even kidding. I knew about.. And.. But... *grumbles to self* yes, I'd attend..
Was anyone else hoping that the last shirt was Trisha's?
Can I send you my shirt Lee? :)
an explanation as to why i can't get a girl: i smell of a mix of sweat, cheap beer, regret, rodent, old spice, blood, middle eastern food, and pizza manly because i go to A LOT of shows at The Middle East (punk club in Cambridge that serves middle eastern food), i have a rodent for a room mate, and i love pizza.
Certain logic to it I cannot argue with. I would try it for the experience of it.
google Youtube Ad Blocker its awesome
Can't have a relationship based off of smell I need a chick that looks good and is smart and likes some of the stuff I do can't determine that by scent
If i had a few doses of alchohol for an excuse ._.
Just a way to complete the marriage to herself
you realize you just set Lee up for a few thousand loads of peoples dirty laundry via the PO Box now, right?
Science: women who take the birth control pill can`t smell the genetic match.
You know your desperate when you start smelling shirts random people slept in for three days.
Strong legs and a good lung capacity? I'm underweight and have asthma... so... dreams... destroyed... :,c
I watched this whole thing on pheromones on the Discovery Channel once, apparently we're usually born finding the pheromones of our direct relations (parents/siblings) to smell unappealing or repulsive.
thats weird but the way picked my boyfriend of nearly 2 yrs wasnt normal At All... there were 2 guys that i like and it was trying hard to figure out which one i wanted to date. i was invited to target practice (yes like shooting... with guns) so i invited both guys to see who was better. not much could get more weird than that. lol! now i couldnt be more happy with my boyfriend! :P
oh no... come on world ita not funny !
Lol sounds like a fun party idea!
I would smell Joe... even if he smells like a lumberjack/llama
That sounds desperate. Some of those shirts are going to stink bad.
The guy in the other bed in your prison cell won't,
The whole thing seems a little fucked up.
don't tell me what to like bitches
Just wondering; are you allowed to apply deodrant or shower just before wearing the shirt to bed, becuase that could confuse things...
I was thinking the exact same thing and yeah, I think that could be explained with the same reasoning as the pheromone thing.
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