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Lets Play Skyrim (modded) - pt 18 - Orc Warlock (Master Difficulty)

by Gopher • 40,170 views

This video had some stutter issues that I only noticed after I left the game. I will try to make sure it does not happen again. Part 18 of my 'Lets Play Skyrim' videos. Mods used in this video...

27:15 Lucky, when I got to this point, I met a Centurion Guardian, damn 20-foot monster. Tougher than the dragon that ambushed me before coming here
I think I've figured out what's been going on with the followers falling off of areas: It's not because of the nav-mesh, it's Bill... Every time Bill and another follower are near a ledge and you look away, he pushes them off. Insidious little bastard, isn't he?
Gopher solving a Dwemer puzzle in less than 30 minutes. Those were the days.
I am even more of a compulsive looter than you. i take everything and sometimes come back to check if i had everything. Even when my level is high and i have full dragonscale, double emchanted legendary armor.... i pick up crafting stuff, soul gems and much weaker armors like my life still depends on it.
I loot I have the Apocalypse spell mod and use Deep Storage to hold all the things. Gets laggy when you have half of Skyrim in there. ;)
same here XD deep storage FTW!
i have to ask was their anyone who DIDNT kill that guy.
I never killed anyone with a weapon before.  Congragulations!
That was Stiv at his most psycho. I was impressed.
Those mini Centurions are unfortunately adorable. Unfortunate for them I mean. I just can't take them seriously, hahaha.
LOL!! Love Gophers Lets play Skyrim. But he is a lier when he says he hates lockpicking. I think he loves it because if he hate it so much as he says he would have installed the mod Lockpick Pro a long time ago. That is what i would do. =) =)
I'm a compulsive looter. That's why I have 4 houses! :)
Damn, Youtube needs a type of functionality like netflix so I know where I left off.
+nick v Yes, it kind of does but it could be better.
I make a habit of not looting anything unless, it's value is 10 gold or better, early game, 50 gold per pound or better, mid game. Later on, I won't even loot it unless it's 100 gold per pound or better.
Small dwenmer centurions look so adorable :P
use the dwarven armor it looks BOSS
I was going to prepare a high-falutin' comment about English in all it's forms. But something glitched with the Comment bar just as I was finishing, and I lost it... (Probably for the better, but still, time lost) Anyways... Suffice it to say: Yes, I know there are alternate spellings for many things, and I actually really enjoy classic English words/spelling. As a matter of fact, I'd love to be able to move to Australia just to study the Australian-English variations. But when you have Autism, your mom has a brain tumor, and you are her primary care-taker; moving out of the country jsut isn't really an option. And honestly, in 30 years, I've never seen 'offence' spelled that way, except in error. I'll have to keep an eye out for other cool spellings in the future. It is a UK channel afterall. :D EDIT: I have adjusted my prior post accordingly, thanks for the heads up. :) Here is the google search results, also I would not reccomend moving to australia, everything is out to kill you, the snakes the spiders the mormans everything, and the internet is terrible
I actually really liked the way Stiv turned on the Synod idiot, I would really like to see this kind of attitude from Richard at points, I realise its out of character for Richard but surely his experiences have shaped him into a harder individual who really won't take cheek or put up with idiots? (Kind of see it when he sees Thalmor and attacks or kind of bides them into attacking him?)
Enchant the dwemer armour and give it to j'zargo
I would like to reference you to the release date of this video.
nick v does it really because i really would like to know how that works sarcasm not intended lol
wow  really don't notice u arnt wearing a pouch
Gopher ill never catch up like venturian :(
Hey Gopher. With that Monster Mod thing do the alternate monsters have different stats then the vanilla ones? Looks pretty good. Also Why have suck a huge Ork as a stand back support character?!?! He should be in there using his weight to smash things with a hammer or something. 
How am I supposed to watch 50 min of Lets Play nearly every day?
Gopher, I find it funny when im like ok im going to play skyrim today, but i wanna watch one of gophers vids. Then I watch it and your like oh I know about this one mod, and i'm like oh that seems cool. Then you say you will add it in the next video and im like. haha going to watch that one to. Skyrim can wait till tomarrow. and its just a big cycle
If ur using a mode that makes ur magic regenerate slower why not use equlibreum spell
If you're not too keen on the yellowish look of the dwarven armour, you should definitely get the retexture that makes it more steelish.
I never liked looting too much because I feel it makes you get rich way too fast.
Nah i don't like it that much... i mean let's face it kitty is not a healer by his nature as well as that dark elf girl, but that nord may seems legit to use healing...
11:14, Ha! I knew you'd say it wwas too yellow before you did! ;)
gopher, you're videos are a joy to watch. thanks a lot for them! cheers from edinburgh.
I like the way you said elven when you found that armor. Orismer are technically elves.
Well I actually did this video before the mod sanctuary actually. Just took a lot lot longer to upload and process :) But that will happen on occasion as sometimes the things I tell you guys are pretty much appropriate for my mod sanctuary videos and not everyone watches my Lets Play.
my game has recently started randomly freezing for 2 secs then unfreezing also when saving waiting all that stuff freezes for about 5 secs. before this never happened tried reinstalling, getting rid of mods do you have any of these issues i cant work out the problem btw my computer is fairly good and never had these problems love the lets play :D
your playthrough, and the mod "deadly dragons spells" has inspired me to play a heavy armoured warlock, i got mods like.. monster mod + lore friendly replacer, all deadly dragons stuff, omega red armor pack and such. should be fun :)
I didnt finish the video but... give her the 2-handed weapon... if she is not that tanky, it only means that you can heal her more, and increase your restoartion faster... that's what I think...
watching this and playing morrowind at the same time... mutitasking FTW xD
falmer see the small centurion and start laughing. The centurion gets pissed and breathes gas on them. when one of them dies, the others have a look that say 'oh shit'. Another dies and one wounded one escapes and closes the door but dies because he lost blood. Stiv comes and sees this and when he kills the Centurion, he says "they got killed by this?" Who gives this thumbs up?
Guy below you're lucky mine was bugged for ages. And gopher show you're trading and crafting
Lol, I was scared a little bit at 42:00! XD
As someone who regularly heals people and summons other worldly things, Stiv sounds quite like a cleric. A mace would be a fine upgrade from barehandedness.
yes,we want to see ur crafting and selling/buying sessions! its not just one guy!
75 gold robes only weight 1 unit, that's 75 g/u (Gold per unit). It's not so much how much they're worth but how much they weight too. Ingredients weight neigh on nothing and can sell for a fair but, usually at least 10 g/u. He's also grabbing stuff to use for smelting into ingots, which are more valuable to him. And lets not forget he's trying to do this quickly so we spend as little time watching him on menus.
I think there is a bug with the leveled lists that calls a rare few items the wrong name and are labeled as orcish instead. I had Orcish Armour of Stamina once, that were boots, and a axe named Orcish War Axe of the some enchantment that was actually steel of another.
PaperBatVG is NOT a compulsive looter he left behind a near 600 gold scroll and he looked at it for a couple of minutes...
Dwarves centurion pratices safe breath
Gopher may i reccomend to heroic dwarven armor mod it completely retexutres the dwarven armor and weapons to make them look way cooler!
Definitely,also wasting 4 minutes going over mods that were covered in the mod sanctuary too,apart from that great vid fella!
I have a similar version of the magic mod its called Invested Magic that just make the duration Really really longi think Candle lihgt lsats like 89000 seconds.
Why are all the centurions so tiny! I get it, it's SkyMoMod, but are all the dwemer centurions like that? I hope not.
This is how I have Lydia: Steel Plate chest, arms, feet. Orcish helmet, banded iron shield and ebony waraxe. She. Looks. Awesome.
So, Stiv doesn´t like elven armor... Has anyone told him that orcs are technically elves?
gopher, why do you recast the muffle spell as it automaticly recast? and don't use a perk on alteration but use in ilusion if you want to have magick regen, that the muffle spell who divide your magicka regen a lot ^^
quest items generally have no actual weight until you turn the quest in. even things like the elder scrolls have no weight after you turn in their specific quests
I'm a less compulsive looter but that's only because i'm limited by the carrying weight and don't have any followers
How do you shift between the spells witout bringing the meny or favoritescreen up?
Dwemer ruins,fucking auto correct
42:00 ROFL... hes already dead... nooooo not jet... 10 minutes later... is he dead now?... nooooooooooooooo give me just a hour xD
Gopher, I recommend a mod called Apocalypse Spell Package. It's got a great collection of well-balanced spells for every school. It includes an expert alteration spell (once you level a bit) called Wizardlight, which is like Candlelight but lasts much longer. It's also compatible with Phenderix Magic Evolved, so you can use both. Love all your vids, btw.
Same. I almost facepalm every time I see Gopher take the clothes off of a dead corpse because he can't help himself. Also Dwemer armour is awesome!
Give Kitty heavy armor, he's good at heavy armor
Samn it hurts so much seeing you to drop the valuable Dwemer Stuff on the Floor and only taking the useless worthless stuff with you
I'm not a compulsive looter. ^^ I'm freakishly organized, haha.
How do you get your nights to be so dark? I'm using RLO and Lanterns of Skyrim but the lanterns are useless with the bright 2am light. Even setting my brightness to min setting. Suggestions anyone? Thanks!
I actually one take two things. Things of Value(depends on my playstyle. But Jewels are always there.) , and things of Improvement and then leave my old gear on that person(Unless it is worth a lot of Gold). And books for lore. Even thought one of my characters have 1000 in carry capacity (Pickpocket + Steed + Enchantments + Stamina) I still only use about 200-300 capacity :o
I'm not a compulsive looter but I believe I'm definitely a minority with that. Many people seem to play these games as if the goal is to pick up literally every object that can be interacted with. Some people don't even look before looting - they just do a "take all." Considering no town will have enough merchants to buy 300wg worth of loot at once, I don't see the point of constantly overemcumbering myself.
Stiv's first kill with a mace.Im so proud, NOW HE'S AN ORC! :)
Yes, I also obsessively loot - I call it "hoover-ing the dungeon"
Pompous mage: I think we are done here. Stiv: correct. *WACK* I've never killed anyone with a weapon before, congratulations" I was laughing so hard I forgot to breath. well done.
True I had forgotten he is an immersion junkie so he doesn't cheat and raise his carry weight to like 1500 like i do...
I'm still trying to get the money to get some money so I could buy Skyrim... I played it for quite a bit but cracked and this game will be the first game I've bought in like 5 or 6 years... I think this game is worth it... I love how Bethesda make their games easily modable - it's as if they make platforms and you flesh out the game like you want... Sustained Spells is the way I imagine use of magic therefore I strongly endorse it and it is on my must-have list after I buy the game...
@Gophersvids Have you ever heard of the Dragon Souls For Perks mod? It does just what it says, but only works on vanilla perks; no perks added via mods will work. I found it on the steam workshop, but I'm unsure if it's a nexus port. It's one of my favorite mods, definitely gives purpose to dragon hunting.
I love the Encore Idea! Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I have been following though. Keep it up Gopher SOOOOO appreciate all your hard work.
Why not a mod that makes sheilds usable with two handed weapons. for tank lady
If you cast Oakflesh on any of your followers, while using 'sustained spell,' are their buffs permanent?
gopher only take items that for every pound it weighs it needs to be worth at least 10 gold unless you need it for the smelter
yes you do ... it's as if you recast muffle every 60 (or was it 30 ?) sec by paying with your magicka regen instead of magicka itself
You hoard a lot, Gopher. lol My gf does the same thing well as many other people I know. I tend to be minimalistic in what I carry. extra weapon, extra arrows and I generally won't pick up normal weapons and etc.
I never understood how people couldn't like Dwarven Armor, i absolutely love it, looks like some sort of golden knight stuff.
42:00 Savagely beat corpse. Turn around *pokerface*......."Well, he was annoying wasn't he?" Haha XD subbed
Could we see the crafting sessions? I find them interesting.
See, you want the bent scrap, not the dwemer scrap, and the small and large plate dwemer metals. they give 3/2 ingots/weight, but the solid only gives 1/5 ingots/weight. I used to make the same mistake as that.
Can you anyone tell me where I can find the Dragon Age mod he was talking about because i really liked the idea in dragon age for sustained spells
i wouldnt mind watching u do your tradeing but i remember in a few videos u had a skip thing in the corner u could do it and maybe the people who dont wanna see it can just skip them selves
that orcish war axe looked strangely like iron
I formed this same habit after years of Diablo II.
Most of my characters are compulsive looters, but it goes with their backstories, they love having heavy pockets of gold and usually are retired gangers who still love "FREE STUFF!!!", but I have a couple of characters who don't loot dead bodies, or stupid boxes (like firehose boxes in fallout) without reason.
I am a recovering compulsive looter. I had the same money problems mentioned already -- no one's got the cash to pay for all the rubbish one can loot...
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