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"You'll Look Like Poo" Parody of Miley Cyrus

by VenetianPrincess • 11,481,339 views

This song is available on itunes: Please comment, rate, favorite and subscribe for more home-made song parodies. ‪ ‪ The song I'm parodying...

This is weird but I really like the way she sings "you'll" in the chorus...
If you're watching in 2015 reply below
VenetianPrincess: making Miley Cyrus parodies before it was mainstream
Shane Dawson in the middle! :D
When this first came out I was obsessed with it because I thought it was hilarious. I didn't watch much YouTube at the time though. Years later I found out about Shane Dawson, and Shane is the reason I'm obsessed with YouTube now. And I just realized shane is in this video! Omg! If only I had known about him when I was obsessed with this,
If u look at her in blurry vision he looks like miley Cyrus
I remember when this came out and me and my friend would always watch it lol those were the days man
I remember singing this XD  This will always be in my top 3 favorite videos on the internet cx
Your a horrible singer and you look like poop
This was my JAM like 3 years ago, I know all the words still... And yet I forgot that Shane was in this?!
this is layla and omg this is a weird song
No no no no noooooooo As long as you believe in Jesus Christ you will live for eternity! True Fact! 
This was awesome when I was in Grade 2... But now I just notice Shane is in it... Maybe even awesomer now.
You have a really pretty voice. I wanna hear you sing something thats not a parody.
this is so fricken stupid how can you even come up with this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are such a mean old to people well I wish I could kill you
Or else you'll look like poo
I lost it at deli meats,your channel has the best parodies
First heard this when I was 9, six years later I still laugh
you forgot toilet paper! lol
ITS SHANE 😂🐶🐱😺😆😋😃😀😄
Omg i remember my cousin showed me this video like 3-4 years ago😂👌
i couldn't hold the laughing at "Deli meats" 2:55
Stop sayin 39#! Ughh sooo anoying all I said was and
Holy shit!!!! Shane Dawson!!!!
In 2:16 is that Britney Spears?
I remember I loved this because I had the same Miley cyrus leopard print fedora hat lol
You sing terrible at least she sings it better
She's pretty and a lovley singer
I remember having the Barbie and the swing! I didn't even know shane when this was out. Watching this now brings back sweet memories..
The Last Song was on the other night as I was flipping through the channels and when it was at the end, I remembered this parody. lol!
I thought it said ''You Look Like A Pro''
She's pretty and a good singer
I only just realized that's Shane Dawson. And I watched this when it first came out... And like a billion more times... ohjaysuz.
best parody on youtube if u ask me
Bloody needle! XD I love Crona And Ragnarok omfg Soul Eater kdbjvkdasjblajhnsgerjn <3 
Ragnarok is the name of the Scandinavian apocalypse.
I almost subscribed to your videos!  >:[
I got bullied off of my gymnastics team for not knowing about Hannah Montana when I was 8 and I've never played in a team sport since...She ruined my life :(
"Then there's my Hanna Montana brand
this is hillarious, like :D
miley cyrus isnt cute any more
but I like your other videos!
I actually think you sing well :D
omg!! thats shane dawson!!! awesome!
My sister showed me this years ago XP
My sister used to watch this and she still knows the lyrics too!
13 year old me is in this video. Dear God, I wore those clothes by choice?
revenge to calvien tran
Shane Dawson !!!! I love you !
Wait. My sister hates shopping and already looks like poo.
Haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaasaaaa XD
I just now noticed that was shane freakin dawson...... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
0:10 NOT IN 2013 - 2014! You will look like a whore, not poo
I wish i was as pretty as venetian princess =(
The use of Shane Dawson probably got this video tons of views alone. At least he got credit for being in the video.
Saw this video 3 years ago and still sing this song in the shower
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