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Terraria Let's Play - Part 1: Zombies at the door

by Kage848 • 7,864 views

Welcome to my new let's play of Terraria. Some of the great channels I have been to, please check them out.

@codemax5 you're fucking stupid aren't you? the quality gets better the longer it's up on youtube dumbass.
So looking forward to the rest of this let's play.
lol. its nice to see everyone starting to play this, i played long before any1 knew about it cause red is my friend IRL, Nice video!
terraria cuz it has i lot more creatrues and its fun, plus it gives me boner :3
if you plant an acorn, you have to leave at least 3 blocks between each of them or they wont grow
Kage, challenge: smash a Shadow Orb with poor armor and at 1 life crystal used. Make a video of it and show me.
@snipedude really hes a dumb#ss just because he doesnt know that much about youtube and anyways talk about the vid instead of going of at some one
@Stormycrafter -.- you DO realize i'm joking right?
So youtube said I should watch this and I'm happy I did :)
@codemax5 I'm not even going to explain it to you, I watched in 720.
that guide does the same thing to me HE SUCKS
where can i get this game? it looks funnier to play than minecraft. if you said where to get it in this video i didnt hear it. can you please write where i can get it since i dont understand english so much, im better at reading english. sory if that soundes wierd
@Stormycrafter well i don't know what magic shrooms you've been using but....
now i cant wait until this is for a mac
1 can i download and 2 if yes aat 1 then i need java or something like taht
The Intro Song: "Dirt Rhodes" EPIC WIN! Question: This Is For Steam Right? If So....Mac Or Windows....Or Both?
damnm look at all those shrooms xD
kage to put the chat on the video get xsplit seperate it from the justintv page select it to record select terriria/minecraft/ect. and select your webcam you can
glass is for bottles, bottles are for potions. :P
Witch is better terraria or minecraft post comments of what you think
But you need BETTER QUALITY. i cant watch in 240. thanks
and do not have nightmare picckaxe or you will fail
If you put your doors off the ground, they can't get in during the red moon. Otherwise they will be able to open doors, and you will get swarmed.
yay you plant the trees back! so do i!
@Stormycrafter i was joking bout getting wasted. GAWD. XD
I hope I'm the only one, I really do but I really dislike the webcam thing.
I saw two really funny lets plays of this the developers LP at Demilogic and BlueXephos has two hillarious British guys going all out crazy :) I like this game alot can't wait to play it.
is kage the coockie monster he said tommorow have a cookie
@daltondame2010 hey kid, instead of trying to know what you're talking about, how about YOU go and watch the video. And while you're at it, learn how to spell too.
i just bought this game maybe 2 hours ago. i dont ever wanna stop playing it. i actually dont even want to leave work so i can keep playing and not go to my band practice hahaha....fuuuck....
@TheBandNinja14 and potions are for healing. lol
you can use manycam to record the chat all you need is a webcam recording program
The grin on your face ! :O we can make bottles now ! :)
@Stormycrafter no, potions are for getting wasted, DUH
If you like these videos plz check out my channel =)
@misty11 you can get it on steam for 9,99EUR. Don't know what that is in your currency, but I hope I could help anyways. Have a nice day.
Terraria is way better than minecraft but I lik mine craft too
hahahah...."im trying not to curse...i dunno why...."........."damn im gonna get hiiiighh tonight" =D
Kages please continue to do stuff on this channel, the new guys on EGN are cool but your stuff is always better.
@TheBandNinja14 I use the glowing mushrooms and normal mushrooms to make the lesser healing potions to turn in to a healing potion that heals 200 health if you didn't know.
Your guy's persistent! Can you believe your guy is persistent?! I can't believe my guys persistent!
@TheBandNinja14 I DO realize that you are joking but potions are not for wasting they are for healing. If you are joking about them getting wasted then okay. If not what are you joking about?
Bottles on a table make alchemy stations. You can make chests, they are open to all players, you can buy a piggy bank open only to you at a merchant.
As someone else already said, I also don't like the webcam thing. The audio also sounds off, like I can hear a fan in the background or something.
YES!! Do MORE of these Kage!! love it!
Kage you should really come back to Fools house some time,and see your new neighbor :) -Foley
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