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NBA 2K10 WWS4 Finals Game 2!

by Chris Smoove • 29,629 views

Another thriller in the finals!

If you want to win again, be careful on those double teams.
How do u do the shoulder fake twice because i can only do one shoulder fake once unlike you who can do it twice how for ps3??
where is matt bonner the def. poy
Man Smoove is hella of a good LOL I wish I could play just one game aganist him.
lol at 9:42...smoove using glitches to win games...
do me a favor smoove. the next time ray allen makes a 3, say BooyahCasha
man i wanna start a league like this.. :( anybody interested send me a message.... (360)
you miss the tip smoove whats up wit that?
6:58 "Oh Derrick Rose had to do it to me..."
its the splashman he makes it splash man!!!!
You know Smoove, I think it would add to your game if you took a couple transition three-pointers with Allen.
how do you do the step back and shimmy?
you lucky with allen an kg on your team. i wish i had that lucky ;[
@12Phreshkid how is he slippin? Trey is the second best player in the lg.
" oh you dive on the floor like a noob "
Game over, I need my theme music. Haha
LETZ GO CHRIS SMOOVE! We pullin fo ya!
"No 3's No'3s their we go take a 2, no 3's". LOL!
thumbs up if the only reason why u watch machinimasport is because of chris smoove
do u guys think 2k11 will have my player mode?
oooooh you dived on the floor like a noob, LMFAAOO
Awesome! :) Smoove do you play NHL? Cause if you don't, you should :P You would be great at it!
I've been trying to do that KG move all day. how do you do it?
how do you do a dribble spin to a shot in the post?
haha-"haha come on ref i didn't touch em"
@Yu5b0w well if you have a ps3 r2 is turbo I think...
What recording software do you use chris?
@RHCPFreaklol Im talking about the speed boost they do when they run left to right...
why hasnt ESPN signed Smoove to a commentary contract yet?
... this game looks alot better in some ways then 2k13...
Liking these Finals already! His Pacers team is nice! Smoove got some comp this time around!
*ooohh you dive on the floor like a noob!*
@TheDoubleAvideos 3 years from now i tell they gotta sign smoove
how do you do a shoulder fake?
why cant i ever join any active leages like ures smoove?
The 2k10 vids are so, so much better than his MW2 ones. So many people have modern warfare 2 commentaries but nobody does 2K10 commentaries like Smoove.
7:47 2K Comentator: "Nails it from just inside the Hansbrough" xD
does anyone know the song when video starts? he always plays it.
"if you cant score on him, chandler, im going to bench you." lololol
camby blocking garnett and stripping jones in the post is not bs at all, man. camby is one of the best defenders and shotblockers in the league and you have NO CHANCE against him with a guy like dwayne jones. don't know why you're not acknowledging it. still a nice video and a good game.
@Zetsubou00 must of been the guy that lost aganist him ::shrugs::
IDK How y0u Get KG 2 Make Mid Range He Dnt MAke Shit Wit Me NIGGA
@King4945851 but awesome smoove isn't on machinima.... his mw2 vids are the best. MORE MW2 VIDS SMOOVE!
u should wait before shooting some shots smoove so it wont be blocked so easily
for anyone who is wondering why the players are so mixed up within the teams like for ex. why Duncan and derrick rose are playing for the Pacers. What Smoove is playing is an online league where a set of players participate in a draft at the beginning of the season and pick whichever players are available to any team. This means that this online league has no relation to any of the real rosters in the NBA.
my friend played smoove on xbox live once, he apparently pulls no noob moves when it comes to this game
noob move for the other guy allowing a steal at the end of the game
@Dalonewarria well if u didnt give a shit u would have left it alone but you're too much of a pussy bitch to. Just bored man.
How do people run fast on fast breaks? Someone please tell me.
Mr. Splash Man, he makes it Splash MAN
I'm glad you found out that Ray Ray's release from 3 is early. =)
thumbs up if u were on the edge of ur seet cheerin for smoove
Good shit smoove! i enjoy watching these finales more then i did the real life finales : )
@lepbasket trevor ariza did it all through out the playoffs lol. conf. finals. and finals
another nice vid. keep them coming this is my nba fix until next season.
What sliders do they play on in this league? Anyone know?
7:08 Augustin and cook are both #14 lol
please make a tutorial on post moves
@Radollusslayer who the hell gives a shit... what u trying to prove? that u stare at the computer screen refreshing every second until u see a new video posted and comment "1st"?
@DowntownClown69 thats because everyone knows that it takes a while for youtube to clear it up after its was only posted an hour ago
how do you do the up and under in the post??
"cp3 sexy layup time sexy layup time..ahhh!"
@Smoove718954 Dude, your the greatest commentator ever
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