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by SpastikChuwawa • 1,666,336 views

Please check out my Patreon page and consider donating a dollah: and Robin square off against the Joker and his thugs. Can the caped crusader save the day?

+Deepak Nagpal there aren't many FIGHT SCENES in forrestfire vids...
so what these are better
Batman:F#ck the code of honor, guns are f#cking awesome. funniest part of the video
Hi every body if you like the batman videos like this, check out my brickfilms, you will like it.
wtf dude this sucks donkey ass
 this vid is cool so is forrestfire101 i do not know who to vote for
This is my favorite Batman BrickFilm,but I'm not a fan of your later work.
Forrestfire101 commented on this like if u find it and check out his channel
i laugh so much when i hear robin say ow muh gawd when batman shoots the couthing guy
This joke can go all night long!
Funny funny and even more funny
Batman kill's Joker that was funny call it the batgun that right there that was hell of funny
oh my gosh, "but batman what about your code of honor?"  "aww %^^&*(&% the code of honor!" this is amazing
Awesome job!!!!!!
Great work. See how many great people are from Lompoc?
Batman should always carry a gun for the criminals you just can't reason with or they always come back trying to kill lots of people.. Would make sense if Batman was less of a pussy and more of a action hero. Batman should take a lesson from Chuck Norris, Kick first, shoot later.
Guns are f**kin awesome
It figures that Dane Cook is the only henchman to get shot. AND IT WAS AWESOME.
@legowillmaniac1 clearly you've never seen a video by floristfriar101
AWWWWW MAN your trailer already told me the whole story D:
Best fight scene I've seen in stop motion.
but this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than forestfie 101!!! really!
Great job man .These are 1000 times better than forrestfires no offence
2nd best brick film of 2010! that one line from the joker (ah what a shame they were 2 days from retirement) was said perfectly and extremely funny! the fight scene was awesome! keep it up dude! I feel so inspired :O
@thenenote Obviously you have never seen spastikchuwawa's Meatsauce videos.
From the very begining I knew batman was goin to kill Robin
Great video dude, the animation was AMAZING.
why arnt there more views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! darn you people of the internet. nice vid
ROBIN: Your are a monster joker JOKER: You sound like my mother
ForrestFire101 must be amazed and jealous
dia, go raibh flipping iontach. how'd a dhéanann tú sin iontach sin? Ar bhealach níos fearr go forrestfire101's. a dhéanamh níos mó! lol brón orm faoi gaeilge speakin, i just a! ^ ^ god, that was flipping amazing. how'd you do that so brilliant? WAAAYYYY better that forrestfire101's. make more! lol sorry about speakin irish, i just have to! ^^
so creative i love watching your animations they are so entertaining and funny! this is my favourite among your vids, next to 'Meatloaf (2004)' of coarse :D
Best lego Batman movie I've seen. Favouriting.
excellente LOL.. great video... you should check my headknocker collection hope you like it...greating.. i´m a fan of your videos now..
How do you make lego people jump into the air in this???
loli totally expected him to shoot the joker and robin XD
just knew he had to say the bat-gun
The animation in this was incredible. One of the best animated LEGO films I have ever seen. However the voice acting was mediocre and the film itself went on for way too long.
That was the best Lego Batman fighting scene ever! Awesome work man.
I subscribed. This was amazing!
2:25 something we have ALL wanted to see
Because this joke, can go ALL. NIGHT. LOWNG.
That was so awesome! P.s i knew robin had it coming
That was quite epicsauce. Favorited.
HAHA! I favorited! That was awesome!
Dude you are so good! way better than Forrestfire101
best animated lego film i have ever scene
That was an awesome fighting sequence, just like the actual show.
i think ill call it the bat gun awww yeah it has a nice ring to it
AWWW Man you're trailer gave away the whole story D:
Did you use masking or a green screen? It looks like masking.
Is that stop-motion? If it is, I love you.
Your animation skills are incredible!
i saw that coming... btw, definetely the swiftest lego animation ive seen in a long time
u took a line from family guy :( but the way u used it was funny good job it was funny
1:32 nice headshot . very good movie!
That is the coolest action i've ever seen man!
forrestfires comedy and voice acting does seem to be better than yours, but your fight scenes actually look like real fighting, not 2 lego guys humping.
you killed the joker and robin!!!! but its a very awesome film!
How long did this take you? 1 day-2 days-four months-year- century?-Your whole life?
"You can't use guns,Batman. It's against the code of Honor!" "Oh(BLEEP) the code of honor. This thing is (BLEEP) Awsome!" Great movie!
OMFG ! the quaility of that animation was incredible nice work, stastikchuwawa XD fabulus :P
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