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Luke & Noah's story - ATWT - Part 197

by LukeVanFan • 166,451 views

Part 197

OMG why Brian always interrupts them when they're about to kiss. Danggg
I love Luke's new haircut
I've gotta say Noah's probably the only person in the world to ever say he's been mushroom hunting on a camping trip with his boyfriend, his boyfriend's grandmother and her love interest...
luke: at least you'll have all those hot italians to distract you, im going to be stuck here with magical mister mushroom. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn! go away Brian, things were just getting good!!!
They are so damn cute out there in the woods and in their tent... Brian should move out already!! I can't get enough of their love and (subtly) dirty talk...*haha*
The more I watch the more I fall for Noah, he's just so HOT.
So they're talking about hot Italians but isn't Luke Italian?
Lucinda sounds like Daffy Duck when she said "MINE!" 4:18 haha :)
BRIAN, why do you ALWAYS interrupt them when they are doing some fun stuff?
'Oh really? That's not in the boy-scout manual?' 'No, it's not. Wanna' know what else wasn't in the boy-scout manual?' yes!!i wanna know!! but DAMN BRIAN DAMN DAMN DAMN BRIAN!!! 5:39 Noah's smile *-* love you Noah!! 6:10 almost kiss and again DAMN Brian....i'm tired of him
magical mr mushroom lol i luv luke
dam Brian is such a cockblock for Nuke!!!!
We're back to someone walking in whenever Luke and Noah are about to kiss -_-
omg Brian "is there a problem?"...skip that stupid question, everyone with eyes and brain would have noticed that it is =)
Van and Jake are SO hot! omg fangirl freakout! I love them together :'3
Why would Noah care about those Italian guys when he has his very own Luciano right there in Oakdale ;)
@TealBerryEmerald actually luke is half italian because his biological dad damien is italian
I never seen such big tents! lol & @2:09 Noah's smile, PRICELESS. This homophobic money seeking creep is working too hard hun!
Holy Shit like wtf that fucking huge tent
I want Brian to eat a bad mushroom and die.
Brian fixed Lucinda's hair back to perfection for could they have been THAT surprised when they found out he was gay?'re so mouth-watering....
What the hockeysticks is Brian's deal??!!
I've never heard of such a thing... mushroom hunting? I mean, people actually go camping to hunt for mushrooms? My dad would die laughing at the idea. Luke & Noah should have just tied Brian up for the whole weekend, left him in the OTHER tent (or perhaps on a railroad track, Chloe style?), and just frolicked together under the stars to their heart's content. Show Brian exactly NOT to mess with this couple. What a dweeb he is.
Magical mister mushroom. Lol comedy genius. I love Lukes lines. But I hate the writers
@jeffrylg64 haha i noticed the same. & it´s fake tan, don´t ya think? :) or not? i dunno....he looks great with or with out it anyway.
the way Noah says 'oh really, that's not in the boy scout manual?' cracks me up!
Oh goodness, this script. it must be embarrassing to have to say some of these lines.
"i like the way u do alot of thingz." OMG, so adorable.
I just love how Luke has a different hair style in every single video. He just keeps getting more cute. <3
really Brian what the fudge!!!
@msnoahxlukefan That's to be understood. Maltese sounds quite a bit like Italian, and I guess it's a place you don't hear much about very often, it's pretty small. :P
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...Wait, did they say anything important in this part? I was too busy staring at a mass of blonde hair...
I clicked a random video of my first luck & noah video
I think for most of us viewers when I say, God i love Luke's hair :) I wanna touch it so bad!!
Is it me or Brian looks like Colonel Mayor with those glasses..
That noise noah made when he threw that pillow at lukes face was soo adorable 3
OMG!! Can't these guys get a moment of privacy???
Brain should have not even entered the tent
Best Hairstyle on Luke...and Noah with a tan?! *swoons*
does anyone else think the noise noah makes when they lean in to kiss is super sexy?!
That's a huge ass tent! I want it!!
Ohmygodddd I love Lukes hair D;-!!!!!!!!!!
@msnoahxlukefan Nooooo it's not. It's a country. It's tiny, but it's its own country. It actually used to be controlled by Britain! Got independence some time in the 60s. :)
@TealBerryEmerald yeh malta is part of italy!! just south of it
You're sleeping in here? BUMMER!!!
Lolololol I love Lucinda , I love Lucinda , I LOVEEE LUCINDA ! Lol she makes this show just that much more better :]
I love Lucinda's new hair style! Very retro!
Noah looks a lot more tan in these episodes. Does anyone realize that?
They have to have the record of most cock blocks
i know it wasnt a full kiss but their lips touched and i was about to die XD XD ♥♥♥
how Noah put mushroom into sack make me laugh! so cute... sexy with tan. and i think he's more sexy if he get beard...
Luke: "don't let all those hot Italians distract you while in stuck here with magical mr mushroom." haha I love Luke and his overly exaggerated dimples!!!
Noah looks better with his tan
When Noah went "Boop!" with that mushroom I thought of Olli from Verbotene Liebe.... O.O too many soaps...
I'm sorry y'all but I hate Lucinda she gets o my nervesss
I love how this seems to be filmed in the same place where Colonel Creeper shot Luke... gah
Noah is so considerate and thoughtful in working between Brian, Luke and Lucinda. He is such a gift to Luke
I hope they find some MAGIC MUSHROOMS!!! O_o
5:59 noah's " so u trust me out there with all those hot italian guys" last i checked Luke IS a hot italian guy.....
Hahahah Noah: "aaa i see one! *picks up the mushroom* pju!" Noah is soo cute :D
i would have told brian to get the hell out of the tent. '
Um, you know it might just be me, but If I were Luke, a trip out into the woods for some "Camping" might not sound like a grand ole' time to me. Everytime I would see a hill or leaves or even water I'd be terrified that Colonel Psycho would come out from behind a tree and shoot me, paralizing me once more. No offence Luke, but does going out on a mushroom hunt with some guy and your boyfriend really seem comfortable or even smart? It's probably just me.
Why is there always someone being a cockblocker? Hmm?
For some reason Lukes "What?" at 6:21 cracks me up!
Ikr? I think you have to be certified or something to do that. An expert came to my school once and he said that you should never eat a wild mushroom, even if you're on a deserted island and starving. The edible ones are extremely hard to tell apart from the poisonous ones :/
Omg The way Luke jumps at Noah is so adorable <3
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