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10,000 Minecraft Skeletons Meet Unreal Engine 3

by kootra • 321,165 views

I equipped a Minecraft skeleton model with a Physics asset in Unreal to see what would happen when 10,000 of them met some KA (Other Physics) Actors. Advanced Creeper Time Video:...

That was bone chilling.
The Skeleton war has taken a toll on all of us, may those souls rest in piece. 
+333badcat well that escalated quickly
+lukey5478 Just like the 10,000 Skeletons. 
This video is really spooky.
That would make a good intro
any one know what the name of the song is ? 
+That One Guy I laughed quite hard when I saw that comment :P
My computer lagged just displaying the video...
This has to be sped up - no system out there can handle that much rag doll physics at once !
+ii RoaR Your HDD is kind of an irrelevant spec here, man.
The song of vidéo is Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack - Leaving Earth
Darude - Sandstorm*
Clearly a scatman john song.
10.000 Uruk Hai ehrm i mean Skeletons :O
Does is render or real time recording?
When will the skeleton wars ever end
How do you model the creepers and skeletons.
+Oumar Toure I smell a troll, in the off chance that you are being serious, I was referring to the fact that you posted the comment a month ago and still have not received an answer.
Lol the mass effect 3 theme song
Can you give actions to them to?
It's Over  9000!!!
10,000 skeletons were harmed in the making of thus  video like if you laugh/cried every time
Do you know how many people were killed in this video!!!???
did it make you lag?
ME3 music...Brings back my poor decision making and multiple play throughs aaaaaaall over again. 
"10.000 Skeletons were harmed", HE'S LYING! IT WAS 9.999! :D
jordan's pc too stronk
Why are they flying up???
because the physics just act weird with all these collisisions
Probably because he spawned those skeletons partly inside of eachother, making them want to "pop" out.
that song is from mass effect 2 NOT MINECRAFT!!!!!!!
If you have FTL open in background the music from it plus this is epic :)
my laptop would explode if i did this
It's not fake because it never claimed to be Minecraft, it just used the Minecraft skeletons and put them in the Unreal engine.
Leaving Earth- From Mass effect not sure which though
this guys computer must be absurd.
Your squares and pixels and java is NO match to my meshes c++ and circles!
That music always makes me sad... God damn it, Koots.
Means that most people already know its not in minecraft, and for you to take a nap.
holy crap how powerfull must your computer be to run this !!!
No not this song It makes me angry!
when im an old man im going to show my grand children this video and say this is how the war started
An army of at least 10,000 strong. With one goal. To destroy the world of man.
why..WHY ME3?!?!?!? ugh it makes me tear up every time
go to a dictionary and look up sarcasm dick stick
Stop copying people from "Skyrim meets ureal engine"
Yeah they kinda do burn in daylight unless they are in water. That's why you never see them during the day, along with the fact they don't spawn in daylight.
Mass genocide... god damn MURDERER!
i liked it for the harming of the skeletons.
If you had a brain you would know that the only thing that it has to do with minecraft is the skeleton model which he states in the description and if you saw the second part of the title "meet unreal engine 3" your little brain would know that it's a minecraft skeleton model being tested in a physics engine.
He becomes a traveling space clown on a quest for the ultimate birthday party.
I want the crafting recipe for automatic death. Orrrr what ever you would deem that.
Why does the skeleton just standing right there doing nothing?
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