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[Dave/John] Shy Boy

by Ariel Allen • 30,803 views

I don't even..... Characters (c) Andrew Hussie Shy Boy (c) Jordin Sparks

the begining when dave calls himself a flyboy...and omg davecest XD and tavros is now a "bad boy" even though he would be nothing like a bad boy... also i dunno how shy john would actually be honestly, ok can we make bro the bad bpy and davesprite the rock boy at this point? also stridercest... sollux = homeboy fuck no.... ok honestly i dont like the way this was set up... like just no... now that i think of it i wanna see this with like jade and dave/karkat
I ship it now! Lol. Tav is the bad boy?
amazing viideo!! love how you iincorporated so many 2hiip2 (and awe2ome fan art) and it matche2 2o well to the lyriic2
im literally having a nosebleed
"play boy" davekat pops up just no 
The matroyshka picture of John is by ciaofox on deviantART.
i wouldnt call john shy if anything dave is
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This pairing is pretty much the cutest thing ever to hit the interwebs~ ouo
I wasted another fifteen minutes at 0:48. WHY IS THERE SO MANY KAWAII PICTURESSSS.
This makes me happier than you'd ever believe
dave and davesprite?? what would that ship even be called?
I just now got the "fly" boy pun. Wow. Nonetheless, awesome video! <3
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:21 deffinetly me and alllllllllll of my friends XD
john is shy.... about his homosexuality~! ;D
Jade's a cowboy? Daaaaaamn <3
Eridan is just pretty much everything (slick boy, schoolboy, etc lol)...
Could someone tell me where to find the pic of John at 1:07?! It's great!
Just saying but... Shouldn't nepeta be a tomboy? Or am I not making much sense here?
Does anyone know where to find the picture of John at 0:54 ?
I love how fly boy is just Dave being hit on by an alternative version of himself. Of course, Dave. Of course.
That very last picture of John o.o WHERE SHALL I FIND IT????
Cherry text + orange-creamsicle text... sunrise sundae ship?
So, in conclusion, Davesprite is a fly boy, Tavros is a bad boy, Bro is a rock boy, Sollux is a homeboy,Equius is a Freak boy, Rose is a fresh boy, Eridan is a slick boy, Gamzee is a rude boy, Karkat is a playboy, and Jade is cowboy.... yes
is no one going to mention that karkat is "playboy"
I lost my shit no really somebody help me find my shit xD
Lol, I love how johns "boys" were jade and rose! Awesome video!!!!
Humorous and heartwarming ... <3333
i love how meelowed out is john in a matryoshka costume XD
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