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Mass Defect

by kitty0706 • 3,510,908 views

So finally, after the amount of about 5 months, I finally present my latest video Mass Defect. Mass Defect follows the life of Commander John Shepard, who crashes onto a ship and proclaims it his,...

dear god, please give us back kitty0706 and well give you pewdiepie, Rest in peace dude, rest in peace
From what i heard dude is that he was a very nice person and died of cancer don't let me see someone like or you again
This has to be one of my fave videos, rest in peace man....
"OH, HERES DA JAM!" - Commander Shepard, 2011
"you cannot defeat furfags" 
+jamesmother fuckinfranco I dont know, ive seen them get some tail. carlos intensifies
I mean, other than the ones that fuck one another. Just always remember, under those suits, you're all just very sweaty, very hairy, 30 something year old men who have spent far to much time on 4 chan.
13:37 Take cancer and die? I wish you hadn't, Kitty. :( Seriously though, I watched this video more times than I can count, in addition to so many of his other videos. He will be legitimately missed, not just for his zany sense of humor but also his genuineness and how brave he was to battle such a horrible disease for 2 whole years. I can only hope I never get cancer, it's just a crapshoot in this crazy life of ours. Rest in peace, Colin "Kitty0706" Wyckoff.
kitty rest in peace ;-;
Ok everyone. I know kitty0706's death is devastating, and millions of people will miss him. But i think that people should stop posting comments on him dying. All he wanted was to make people happy and he accomplished that. He would've wanted us to move on, and remember him as a legend. You are probably going through the 5 stages of death. Right now, you are denying his death. but lets face it, he is dead and in heaven. But at least he died doing what he loved. Making Gmod videos and making people happy.
Aye, but I want to give my respects by giving a comment, so I don't disagree with giving people that honor....
That's...morbidly ironic...
Talk about harsher in hindsight. =/
REST IN PIECE KITTY0706, I feel sad for him and he was so young... He didn't deserve  to die may his soul rest in piece. Amen
+Chesney Lui Yes, go check on youtube.
+gorman971 Oh dear... Thanks for the informations... :(
Thank You Colin for having deliverd us with your staggering and immensly funny content. I will miss you and watch the shit out of your great videos until the replay button is destroyed. ;_; Cheers and R.I.P. from Poland buddy.
You aren`t the only one here from Poland... Hlip Żegnaj Colin, RIP Colin...
Ludzie, on ma jeszcze osiem żyć... ...prawda ?
Today I learned one of my favorite YouTube persons passed away with leukemia last month. This sucks!
Too many dies of that shit these days, cannabis oil is the wakeup call for everybody. don't believe the fuckedup media lies.
OCFCDB Only Commander Fem Can Defeat Bronyfags
Its funny when the fur fags attack the crew
What the f did i just watch? Guys?
you have seen art, my friend.
I have no idea what the fuck I just watched.
+David Nguyen didn't kitty die to leukemia? o w8 thats blood cancer 
well its still a type of cancer
God we will give u justin bieber for kitty,pls give us kitty back
"Myths never die, only sleep to myth again" -Brazilian Proverb.
Because as we all know, furfags are composed of pure semen. 
+GhostShadow661 I've seen the whole picture your avatar is based off of and I like it. All I'm saying. ¬_¬ zips mouth
I clicked expecting a parody or fan film instead i get the imagination of a 3 year old bought to life this is unbelievably stupid,you gotta be one immature fucker with a terrible sense of humor to enjoy this junk.
go die you little shitbag. you wouldn't know comedy if it hit you in the forehead. this is ine of the most legendary (if not THE most legendary) animations of the late colin wycoff (kitty0706) he lived a legend and died one too. so if you don't like his work then fuck the hell off. we don't appreciate your kind here
+Bob Obo actually some of his more mature fans accept that people have different tastes and have been clearly aren't one of them lol.i'm going to close this thread now because it's the same comment being kitty0706 i may not enjoy your brand of humor but the world is lesser for the loss of another creative mind.peace out people.  
9:25  Дмитрий Соколов , не вы ли это ? Russians , Like !
now the more interesting question is what will happen to this channel?
13:40 Take Cancer and die. What .___.'
Best Christmas story ever.
He may be gone, but we are not, people should step up. Make Garry's mod machinima for Colin. Become a legend like Colin. Watch his tutorial it may help you :)
R.I.P kitty, youtube will never be the same again.
Niko the Rebel Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Dont play Amnesia at night kids or you will be RAPED
Jimm was already bloed to smitheroons. Fuck... Wrong vid.
How did I get here from hitler works at a dollar store this is More funnier than the other video
The guy who made this is dead
poor sod.... loved his vids... well shit, when I die I hope he is still making this shit in the youtube of the afterlife...... fuckin love you man......
what a unnecessary shit .......I LOVE IT hahahaha
dear god we will trade you pewdiepie onision fred and every vlogger and reply girl in exchange for kitty back those shit youtubers are enough to bring him back there are so many
Would Mass Defect 2 have begun with some space corporation repairing Commander Shepard?
Sounds like a porno.
+monkeywolfe Commander Shepard's Johnson.
13:37 The left option is full of irony, a lot of it too. So much irony...
Please stop talking about how Kitty/Colin died, okay? He went through all this work just to make us laugh and get our approval on things, he spent his last days making people laugh. Just please enjoy the video : ).
What if kitty faked death to get away from youtube
what if kitty is iluminati
Really want that alarm clock sound 
Still a better ending than Mass Effect 3...
13:38 lol look at the options!                     oh wait......
Acid Tabs. God why did it happen?!
Rest in peace you king on earth.
Tell TheSpyCrap he's an asshole because he thinks kitty0706 is trolling people being dead and when he tells you that was a joke then tell him from me that was the worst joke he ever told, even worse than his giant penis jokes because he can't do one thing... saving kitty0706
+patient1988 I honestly hope this is some twisted joke and that on April 1st Kitty will make a comeback. I'm just still in denial though, can't believe he's gone.
How about we stay positive and still laugh and try not to be sad. Its what Colin would have wanted for us. so what do you say, why not help one another on this lonely journey?
This was the first video ive seen of kitty0706 a few years ago. This video made me cry of laughter and i remember my first time watching it. I remember where i was and who i watched it with. This video was one that i shared with my friends and i loved it. Thank you kitty0706. R.I.P you'll be missed.
Why does everyone keep saying RIP Kitty0706. No please don't say isn't so. I'm so serious, Kitty0706 was one of my favourite youtubers growing up. :( please tell me what happened.
Thanks man. :(. R.I.P. A Fuckin Legend.
this sir, is the definition for messed up. such a tallent wasted. you need a real script man.
Well I hope you're happy because he's dead
Rest in peace you magnificent bastard. We will miss you on unfathomable levels.
Yes we will for his legendary lols that will top Gmodding for generations to come
1:29 "for the greater goo gaw" - Where is this from? I know I've heard it before.
Wait... so the guy who made this died? well.. fuck. His stuff is the best. rip.
Im really late to the party but I give 1 like and sub for the Ed Edd and Eddy soundboard.
Late enough to witness Kitty's last moments alive...
What.....the.....fudge...... is this.....?
2,674 people better not be dissing me, bro.....after EDI hits them all with his mobile monitor...
good to see more jet set radio future references :)
* watches to the end * TO BE CONTINUED * is sad *
Most all those lines from Joe come the chapter "The Buzzsaw." To me the funniest chapter.
fuck leukemia rest in peace kitty0706 
Not pewdiepie give us back kitty and give him and his friends imortaliity and we will give you tobuscis
Oh yeah, I watched this.... too weird.
Did I miss something? Did he die? :o.. If yes R.I.P. then.. :C
Rest in Peace bro you have taken the next step on a much bigger adventure. bigger then any one of your fans can even imagine.
this is fucking genius
A deep look inside the mind of Casey Hudson. 
You! Haven't seen one of your comments in ages. XD
Why everyone act like Kitty0706 died ? wut happened.
Turn on captions and watch 5;36 to 5;48 "Do online he on my cock"
We`ll never know if this was intended or not... We have no way of asking him now... Hlip
I think this version of EDI was better than the original, but that's just me.
Have a good trip to the afterlife
 I fucking died at the grunt part.
I thought his name was Elliot. But i guess it's colin?
His real name is colin but we call him elliot cause were cool
Yeah Elliott's a cool name
could you make a sequel?
+Boo Rhyne I feel sad for you if you are trying to troll. because you have no soul if you make jokes about this type of thing
Figa de dup MUB hug ughh 1:29
Prodicktion Presents 2069 shit, Including Shepperd as Jam finder, Ragdoll with tits ass tits with ragdoll, pink eye as alien shit thing,  ellis as ellis and first dood dyin' ass the typical nigga.
Thanks for the info...
Start is dead space reference lol
you're not even qualified in that field, what are you doing here?
ah the good days where he actually made funny videos
Those days are kinda over due to his death.
why everyone dislikes furfags?they have not do anything for this
It's just popular thing to do nowadays. You MUST hate something or you are a fag just like others. I am not a hater though.
text to speech program for "EDI"? xD
What is he saying at 15:02 ?
I also liked that goofy tune while Shepard was first playing Amnesia... what was that, anyway? ...You know, the little doot-doo-doo-doot thing.
When he was about to crash through the wall on the second time he was playing, it was Spongebob production music: "Witty fellow"
+Alsaphonse the Boomer Never mind, found what I was looking for. Thanks anyway.
I love that ending part with the camera men =3
What was the game Bill's brother played in the beginning? From which game is Bill's brother from?
The game he was playing was Heavy rain and he was just a custom character of bill from left 4 dead (he's in the chair) that kitty0706 ether created or downloaded
When I told you to die of cancer Kitty I was just being ironic you stupid pleb.
combines with Doritos like a madman
Why is everyone saying R.I.P did someone die?
Yes. And that someone who died is kitty0706 (a.k.a Colin Wyckoff).
How do you think this kind of stuff up?
A long hit from a bong and an lsd strip.
The first step is not to think. At all.
hopefully there will be some sort of similiar viudeo because he dont upload lika a really long fucking time 
cut chemist-motivational speaker
I dont get it at 20:34 how does he kill her? 
anyone know the name of the sound at 8:05?
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