Maggots in My Head | Monsters Inside Me

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While living inside the host, the presence of botflies creates painful pustules that secrete pus and other fluids. For More MONSTERS INSIDE ME video check out:...

I got this on my penis, what do i do?
Lmao you're so patient I'd chop off my dick asap if I had one
1 time me and my friend was playing,then he broke my we we
I'm on the weird side of YT again..
We also serve animals for your convenience! Thank you for flying Wierd Airways! Hope you feel wierd! 
I think everybody is........
When I saw the title of this video, I thought it was Slipknot song...
Who else scratched at their head at the part where they talk about the bumps?
Omg I did too!!!!
It could have been much, much worse. Do NOT, I repeat: do NOT google "penile myiasis". Especially not in Google image search.
You had to do say it didn't you asshole
I have a giant larva inside of my head!
....And to think that there are actually people who eat live maggots...*Yyyuck..
who else feels 'very' itchy? :p
all i could see was the booger in his nose.
"and the worms ate into his brain." Pink Floyd-The Wall
why why WHY did I click on this?
If you are interested in worms and their assault on humans try this; "It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into hell, Mar 9:48  where their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched."  Mark 9:47-48. Confess, repent and cast off sin, believe on Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!! 
So your saying that parasitic diseases have plagued humans so much, that accounts of them were written down in the bible? That is interesting. But I don't believe you posted with that intent. After you shared that interesting tidbit you then went on a "REPENT HEATHEN" rant and that's when I could not take you seriously anymore. I am a proud Pantheist. You should try it some time. But I expect a incoherent reply back denouncing pantheism via some obscure conspiracy theory and bible verse.  
he's also got maggots in his nose ...
Nah it's just a booger. I think
والله من الوساخه لو متروش ومتنظف ما دخلت وكبرت بجلدك
Anyone else watched the other short video about the botfly larvae where you can't just pull them out but cover the hole/bump to block their breathing and then remove them when they're dead?
"They're moving and making noises!" XD best quote ever.
this was so crazy i was thinking it  was fake 
Omg Ik him!! His son is in my class! I was in kindergarten when this happened!!! Omg holy!!i can't believe this, the guy's name is Aron.
Faggots in my head what ahh please stop the stupidity! 
Hehehe 😏 well played.
wtf did i just read :O
Gross doesn't seem to cut it for this video because this is way worse than gross.
My family had a maggot (small house fly) about 20-50 in the house, We killed them by putting sheets on paper on them then whacking the !&%$ out of them with a fly swatter
There more they have babies
that dark side of youtube again...ugh
Suddenly....all his girlfriends never returned his calls  :)
The botfly got in a girl's leg before.Check the episode there's a maggot in my what
No no no out of here right now so disgusting bye bye if you hate gross stuff OR IF YOUR EATING DON'T WATCH THIS! WARNING!
Ugh, how did that get there?
Okay.... well... I'm not sleeping tonight
Why is this 35 million views isn't it more interesting stuff on here that should top this video?
I wonder what George Clinton thinks of this.
its just a maggot BUT IN HIS HEAD
omg I live where he lives... Carbondale CO 
OMG I'm never ever going outside ever again
Maybe he listened too much slipknot...
cool man, great to be part of the circle of life and it didn't hurt you at all what's the problem
I dont know about u but i would rather be crazy that those noises and stuff weren't real than to have those creepy maggots in my head
Oh God.. nope nope nope nope nope nope nope!!! Im out of here.Q_q 
Shouldent of watched this before bed >.<
Aww..scary!! Feel it on my skin O_O
This is nasty show kids if they are watching so you need to take this off because you never know who are watching
I guess this means he's got Shit for brains! Gross
why am I watching this????
OMG THE FAGOTS IN YOUR HEAD?!?(I think he said faggot doesn't matter)
I'm going to call him out, the brain can't feel pain so how could he feel it
They didn't burrow through the skull, you dumbass.
There's a booger in his nose
Can this happen in England?
Now, how did I get on this side of youtube?
You got boogers in your nose too!
The only reason we get itchy by watching this is beacuse the body is designed to know if something happens to someone it might happen to you. Kinda like vomiting when you see someone vomit. Your body thinks you too were poisoned.
what countries have those FLies?
I got here from a chewing tobacco video?
anyone notice the bugger in his nose lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!! look like a baby maggot 
35 million views?
Well bot flys can lay eggs in Mosquitos and the Mosquitos can bite u can spread the maggots. That's why I'm afraid when Mosquitos bite me
Disgusting yet fascinating
lmao Im checking my head right now if there is a bump xD
Did anyone else see the booger in his nose?
NOPE. I'm going back to watching lions reunite with their families/people
Ahhhhh!!!!!! he has one in his nose.....
oh!!! its very shocking
wtf there's fucking pennies
Mike Luis Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Veja este vídeo no YouTube:
that makes my leg tingle 
Noooooope. Fuck this shit.!
monster,from the mosquito
I hope these aren't in the UK
How come whenever I watch these things wherever the parasite infects it's host, that part of me gets itchy?! WTF
Lol Hahaha Itches Me Too xD , Whyyyyyy?!
I have a major fear of maggots, how can I get rid of this fear? Me being stupid thinks it's watching videos full of maggots..
I hate maggots, too. I fear those fucking worms.
This guy is awesome "Oh my god" "What is it?" "I think it's botfly larvae" "Oh phew" Lol
why do they make it soo dramatic i mean its just a "maggot"
♫ desmond the tube doge ♫ how did i get here the end
I am ur true FORM !!!!!
no ur not, dirty impostors peasants, glorious doge master race
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