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The only time in dbz where Gohan actually dodged something.
My favourite Dbz Fight :D
Well well so Gohan finally learned how to DOOOOOOODGE!
Cell's voice actor is actually in LOL. He's Kha'Zix and the funny thing is, Cell's voice actor is also Singed.
Well that's Jax vs Master Yi for you.
jax vs rengar 3 season (highest AS)
2.5 AS is the higherst no matter which champion :D
But still blind and jax's 3rd skill is still there
i remember when i was trynda and i couldn't understand why i couldn't beat jax, then it said dodge x100... lol not now
its an orgy between lee, jax and teemo.
wat does this have to do with league? ...
It's a joke emphasizing the feeling some players got when dodge used to be a thing in LoL.
I didn't know Jax was in Dragonball Z.
When did gohan learn how to dodge?
....but pd hasnt given dodge since beta. so i dont understand your point, and i was basing his dodge chance with ninja tabi as well (just didnt have enough space to type with) cuz you always got them on him... oh wait but that makes him easy to lock down because merc treads were the only respectable tenacity item at the time, too... jax could get, what, almost 40% with full dodge yellows, masteries, at level 18? about 30 before then, give or take?
Jax vs AD yi in a nutshell... they are even wearing the same colors.
Piccolo:Well, FINAAAALY He learned to dodge!!
What's the music in the background? I wuv it!
I imply that Outside of the lore Developers did because why not. But as to why it makes sense, there is your lore.
You are not seriously implying that the lore of league of legends is not important? YOU MOTHERFUCKER!
fiora have dodge as a skill/ability. this dodge is about a main stat that could be used by any champion, like tenacity, AP, AD etc
what do you expect jax is high councilor reginald ashram.
Jax was so op that riot had to change part of the game itself to nerf him.
That is Dragonball did u had no fuckin childhood?
Perfect Cell's theme from the American version of DBZ by Bruce Falconer.
now I feel like watching dbz. thankz
-___- Don't be an asshole. From reading the comments I can tel it has something to do with Jax and one of his abilities, but I still don't have many details.
actually there used to be dodge runes which is what riot removed from league of legends. You didn't have to be jax to dodge attacks
wonder who would really win, jax vs. yi
He uses a lamp post because the league of legends saw that he was a master of using every single weapon and easily destroyed everyone with anything he was given so they gave him a lamp post,
actually if jax is dodging when you ult him, jax will dodge most of the ult
that's parry its like dodge but only counter 1 attack jaxs e on the other hand dodges all basic attack form of damage for 2 seconds
Jax is STILL so OP that Riot removed his hands and made him use his mind. P.S. Give Jax a Daedric sword and watch him slaughter the universe.
His dodge used to be a passive (about 25%) and when he dodged, his stun was available, and he got hp from his passive for every bonus ap and ad he had. So a glass cannon jax was a tank :D
Wrong. He gave that rule to himself. Lol, what nerd doesn't read the lore.
Actually even with a current Jax and Fiora match-up that comment is accurate.
Nope, since him using a lantern didn't make much of a differance the summoners allowed him to use any weapon like he used to, but he decided to keep using the lantern
What's ironic about Dota having an item that prevents evasion? I don't see any irony there, just a mechanic of a game that wasn't even mentioned in this video.
actually it stuns you cant do anything when warwick ults u
He's not missing, just attacking the wrong wu kong clone. :3
Nope. Back then when dodge runes were a thing, for Jax it was a must. He countered Yi for a while because of how much Yi missed basic attacks LOL. It was literally like watching Cell vs. Gohan.
Both of you are right and both of you are wrong, deal?
I'm glad they removed dodge, Gohan was obviously breaking the Cell Game meta.
Oh hey, it's 2.5 Attack Speed Tiger Udyr against Jax.
jax can block the on hit part of ww's ult if hes spinning while he gets ulted, and then he'll stun ww and get out of the ult when his e finishes. learn the game bads
LOL! Did you get the lam joke? thumbs up.
When Fiora came out Jax was already reworked. Try again :D
Not so accurate since it's just 2 seconds of dodge mechanic. Before he had 40-60% dodge and even just with his passive (10-20% dodge chance) he dodged ALL attacks, not just 2 second duration. So no, it's not accurate and doesn't reflect how op dodge was before being removed.
it's built into the game's core too much, so if you get rid of it, you completely change the very nature of the whole damn game
i was not in lol when dogde was up, but when jax make dodge IS FUCKING ANOYING
more riot logic: when cait gets penta by standing around and 0 deaths, good for you! when vladimir gets 5 kills and 0 deaths, hm he seems to be TOO good at poking.... better nerf his cooldowns.
I wonder what TFS Abridged would do with this scene :p
While stunned, you can't do anything: move, autoattack, use spells or items... While suppressed (or, alternately, rooted) you just can't move. You still can autoattack and use spells
This is why I quit LoL, that community shows itself so righteous and shit, but when theres such a unique hero like Jax and they dont like it they make Riot go dipshit about it in the forums. Been there, saw that, moved to good ol' dota
I'm taking it you haven't watched Dragon Ball Z Abridged...
you have to activate it before he ults you, which is near imposible to do
If they got rid of dodge to make the game less reliant on luck why is there still crit chance? You'd think they'd change that as well.
100% true dodge is fucking annoing in moba games
"What are we going to learn today, Mr. Piccilo?" "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODGE"
Those arent Dodges, those are Parries...Not misses either Cell, you silly person.
thats why you buy sword of the devine
no? hes like 1000x better after his rework... his dodge gimmick was the reason he WAS so bad... if you didnt have dodge runes or masteries before his rework his dodge sucked shit because any respectable jax maxed his q and w, making him a terrible top hero at the time. this was also back when only a handful of heroes were actually viable jungle choices. riot removed dodge for jax, yes, but he is so much more reliable and, hell, better this way... doesnt hold a candle to beta jax, but hey...
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