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[FUNNY] Ao Oni: Scary Moments (and Funny) /w PewDiePie

by PewDiePie • 8,135,775 views

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That feel when, I miss the old days of Pewds.
Yeah... he used to be so damn funny!
I'm just so disappointed at the fact that pewds has stopped with the rape jokes because of the dumb feminists :(
I know quite a few people who have been raped when they were young. Its Sad but it happens. That being said, they love pewdiepie and hate the fact that he has been censored like this. She makes more rape jokes then I've ever heard anyone say and the most  disturbing jokes I never thought i'd heard. Though common misconception keeps people thinking that it brings back old scars( I used to ask her if its ok to make certain rape jokes before I made them) that's all Bull shit. really it comes down to association. Like a smell, music, image and so forth that links your mind to the night which causes the trauma to come back. Unless you were being raped by someone who was very similar to pew then there shouldn't be an issue. I know that because I had to calm her down plenty of times because of certain events caused her mind to bring back old memories. Though that being the cause, I've noticed a trend of people defending ideas and beliefs they know nothing about. Most people who are against rape jokes were never raped....not to say it like its a bad thing but how can they truly say that its offensive? Though it seems to be the cause for many people that want something to complain about.
you know i'm too lazy to read such long essay so i will just go to " Most people who are against rape jokes were never raped....not to say it like its a bad thing but how can they truly say that its offensive? Though it seems to be the cause for many people that want something to complain about."and you're right about this many ppl that complain doesn't even got raped i mean come on even ppl that are raped in the past can get over it
in his defense, there aren't many good horror games lately
Unfortunately, yes.
I miss the old pewds ;_; nowadays I just watch mark... Still can't help but love pewds tho.
+dawnwriter18 I feel you are right... now... if only we could let pewds know its okay to do the old stuff :/
Yeah It would be awesome if he could play what he wanted
I would kill to bring this old Pewdiepie back... :(
Watching in 2015! :D
Not sure if you're new to the channel, it was something very common back then XD
Its a wrong video he didnt play the game the gameplay was recorded from youtube whos against me i dont care i saw it and i know it >:(
I'm I the only one who thinks pewds sounds like that Mexican maid from Family Guy! Lol!
he mentioned in one of the videos that he was consuela xD
its wrong spelling its rape.raping
until now i have his headphones that he use in this video
I was lying down on the couch while watching this and I laughed until I couldn't breath and I choked on my spit. Just recovered. Lol
The funny part of this video was om when the blue dude said its raping time then he start to stik his tung out hehe and pewds I also want to say brofist can I join the bro army? Well anyways im a huge fan of u and hope u are makin more funny videos. Maya and edger is cute I dont know if I spelled there name correct and again im u fan and also brofist.
He know those words because of South Park obviously.
Back when PewDiePie was good... All good things MUST come to an ed, unfortunately. Oh well, I still watch his videos, and have been watching since this series started, in fact this was my first series to watch, still my favorite.
for some reason i never noticed how many rape jokes he made in one game. and for some reason, it's not that offensive to me when it comes from pewdiepie. but even then i'd kill to have old pewdie back :[
He sounds like that Mexican lady on family guy (cant spell her name) Consuela
I don't know why I find that so funny. "BITCH I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD" Suddenly a demon. It's like Dark Souls all over again, can't trust no one.
1:28 Is that acualy in the game or just edited by Pewdiepie ?
1.29-------->Shut Up (And Sleep With Me) Thank You All :)
Anyone notice at 1:36 that pewdiepie face
lol your subtitles are ridiculous +PewDiePie 
Me and you should share a nice dinner of Ao Oni chops sometime. @PewDiePie ;)
YOU HAVE TO LAUGH AT 1:30!!!!!!!
I remember when Pewds was young like that! He played so much more horror games!
I kinda miss this stuff you know actually scary games the not bay haircut PewDiePie not being number 1 on YouTube yeah that stuff
favourite bit is 2:49 - 2:55 couldnt stop laughing :) stay awesome pewds
I miss old pewds, it was funny amazing gameplay, now a days a just watch mark, my fave era was from 2012 - 2013 best era of pewds ever, still waiting for another series for him to play, like a really long one, with a great story too,
This was when he was funny.
Hiroshi is my favorite pewds character
good memories... old good poods... i want old good poods back :,<
I love pussy🙌😎🔦🔌🔋😂😃🙊🙉🙏💉👬😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈spam Sam spam spam shouting down bep beep beee3eeeeeeeeeer more beeeeeeeeer
Your young your free why don't you sleep with me ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
How funny its freking me out hahahaha :')
2:22- When I see Kenny after he died
Who cares? Its a video on YouTube.
Best thing about this serie: ai ai ai caramba no señor no señor ai ai ai ai caramba...i found the item basement key 
Thats funny on the part that he said," ah b** i thught that you where dead.aaaaaaaaaah he's so ugly. Lol so funny.... :D
This and facade are still my all time favorites.
Yo pewdie BROFIST
funny stuff "hide in the closet" 
dont hide in closet or you get raped!!!!!!!!!!
"I'm still here bitch" at 1:46 XDDD
so the code was 5-7-3-6 okay let me write that down 5-3-7-6 cuz i have the worst memerie lol
this video was the first vid i ever watched on youtube and dam was it a good one xD
throw back Thursday anyone? :P
2:38 You should've seen Markiplier's reaction to that part lol
his name is purple dildo
Anyone know what episode the rape song was on
That was edited in by pewds And the soundclip 'it's raping time' is from yu-gi-oh abridged For some reason he didn't give credit
This was the first vid I saw of his, and still by far my favorite :D
It's rapping time!!!!!!
2:52 totally not cheating XD
the old pewds was a lot funnier than the new pewds :(
If anyone know?,what theme song on rappin time?
I miss this kind of content Pewdiepie used to post…
I miss dis pewds the old lady accent sooooooo funny :.(
I miss when he was like this..
Caramba - Braziliam Swear
i miss the old pewds ;'''(
2014 still watching this stuff.
1:18 Ai Caramba? (pra quem é brasileiro sabe oq estou falando) (to know who is Brazilian see what i talking about)
é ta parecido com os br mermo
best guy in the world
Bitch I thought you were dead😂😂😂😂
its raping time. LOL XD
When i liked pewdiepie
This is the best part ever
Rape and constant screaming isn't funny y'know.
@dishonored assassin rape is not a laughing matter. as much as I love pewds i don't think he should make light of these events
and technically he stopped talking about rape because people were complaining, he made a whole video saying that. Just sayin' :T
at the begging he sounds like a character from family guy the old man plz tell me what his name is
classic pewds is the best pewds :D :*
1:28 IT'S RAPING TIME wtf ?????
1:32 what episode is it?
What is the music at 1:30?
the song name's SHUT UP AND SLEEP WITH ME really that's the name singed from SIN and SEBASTIAN
Dude how can i download this ao oni game?
is this attack on titan
Teehee! It hats purple guy
inari vargas Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
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