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Lastly Mr. Rubio before you go around pointing accusatorial fingers at others regarding terrorism please don't forget that it was Donald Rumsfeld who sold Iraq WMDs in the form of chemical weapons which he had no problem using on both the Iranian and Kurdish military as well as civilian populations - Rumsfeld knew exactly who he was selling these weapons to - so I ask u what is worse 1 or 2 terrorist incidents here or there or wholesale massacre of civilian populations by western supplied WMDs
Israel is a terrorist state and they have over 300 nukes. So what's the big fuckin deal?
Jeepers gee whiz... global nuclear war will be... FUN!!!
And here's the real kicker: IRAN HAS NO NUCLEAR WEAPONS. U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and independent U.N. Observers/Inspectors have all admitted, consented and made public, official statements that Iran is in no way, shape or form developing nuclear technology for weapons of any kind.
It's not about oil. It's about Israel's nuclear hegemony in the region. According to the NNPT, which Iran is a signer, the US is REQUIRED to help Iran build a nuclear power plant. Isreal, however, who is NOT a signer of the NNPT, is talking US aid in violation of the Symington Amendment, and is in violation of the terms of the membership in the UN. Iran is NOT seeking a nuclear weapon, but the US supports Al-CIA'da (Jundullah).
yah another trigger happy American politician ... over 50% of Americans are on food stamps, but US politicians want to lead the world... talk about under qualified.
FUCK isreals wars that kill americans!
This zionist puppet are so pathetic
Rubio is obviously reciting things he's learned from his handlers.
Getting more and more convinced that you need to be a psychopath to get to the highest areas of public life today. I am in no way saying this guy is, but there is a mentality pervasive in Washington DC today that one must present the whole issue of war as a cost-benefit analysis as well as using public relations to sell war to the world? Seriously, check the traits of psychopaths and ask if our government isn't full f them ("video "freedom from conscience - psychopaths").
Friend,you are the one who is intellectually challenged! Aminajhad said the Zionist entity would destroy itself as it is now doing along with its buddy the good ole U.S.A.! When you rely on MEMRI and other Israeli disinfo sites for your info you will wind up looking stupid. Iran hasn't invaded anybody in around 200 years! Can you say the same for Israel or the U.S. I think you should enlist, along with your relatives and children and put your money where your mouth is!
The Iranians want REGIME CHANGE in Nazi occupied Palestine, NOT to turn their holy land into a nuclear wasteland and commit suicide for the nation of Iran! Get your heads on straight ppl!
Vote all war mongers out... Ron Paul 2012!
Marco Rubio is an enemy of the American people. He is loyal to the Zionist entity, not America. Tried for treason, found guilty and lawfully EXECUTED is what should happen to ZioRubio. God Bless America and may he swiftly destroy the Zionist parasite that is eating this country alive.
"IED technology that kills American soldiers - what's not to say they won't share some component of nuclear technology or hold the world, the US, or the region hostage." Gimme a break - TRY HARDER. This entire speech is propaganda. These US war advocates and their Israeli counterparts need to be punished for their crimes and warmongering. I live in Israel and think all of the "you're Hitler" and "read the protocols" folks need to get a grip. We're run by financial rulers of all ethnicities.
Cost benefit, Rubio? Go to Hell! Another psychopath craving power. Fuck it all!
does americans really are that stupid?
Guys, how are we supposed to have a war on terrorism if we don't bomb Iran? Smarten up!
Let's call it Operation "Spic and Span", Tea Party Asshat...what a Dicckhead Motherfucker w/ Shit for brains!!!
Marco Rubio is a Roman Catholic, the Zionists and the Roman Catholics (fake Christians) have hijacked America and are using your country for their crusade against Islam.
Globalist SCUM! Who the hell does he expect to fight these wars after the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan? I'd break my kids legs before I'd ever let them join the military to support the criminals who are pretending to be our legitimate government. Let the likes of candy-ass chicken hawks like Marco Rubio be the first to hit the beachhead or parachute into Iran then!
8 millions dead in Congo. if war starts then we talking about 100 millions or more worldwide just for the sake of governments and their agendas. worthless lies, how much are they taking to the grave. waste of time and resources.
Rubio just lost his v.p ship...NO to Romney and Rubio,they need war so they could makeup for the money they spent campaigning....War Mongers smh...
we want the OIL and we are going to take it like it or not nobody going to stop our quest
freakin haters! more respect for the next Vice-President of the United States !
That's right and damn proud to be one. That's right no one is perfect especially you.
The CFR is a respected institution and you can believe that they give warmongers a platform and a stage? What f-ckin' world do you live in? The CFR, which Lush Bimbo insisted didn't even exist in the 90's is the biggest war mongering group of TOTAL SCUM on the planet! The CFR would have the US military eliminate ANYONE who refuses to allow GLOBALIST BANKSTERS to come into their country and demand interest on their loans. Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc. DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!
YOU got fight it, you fucking psychopath.
Why so much dislikes lol? It's just info!! Oh well y'all know ww3 is coming anyway!
no Ricky, you meant to say "condition the public" for war by using the controlled media run scare mongering headlines over and over and over and over and over and over again.
"This is not we don't like them..." No, this is we don't like their capability to control the Suez.
"Cost benefit analysis" of war? That's cold.
..invaded someone, they weren't even Iranians, they were fucking Persians and they were fighting Ancient Greece. That's ancient history, bruv! So they ain't exactly all that violent. We have no real reason to even be scared of them, they have more reason to be scared of us. We've invaded two of their neighbouring countries, we support Israel who have nuclear weapons who are constantly threatening Iran. So really we're the aggressors here, not them.
@ezrapoundsghost lol i bet your're a stupid sothern redneck lost in the false imag of america being some great god "fearing country" that wasnt established by bloodshed lies and rape.As a so called african america i say to hell with america and may god destroy this defiled landmass off the planet the blind arrogancy of you oh so proud americans is hilarously pathetic.keep believing in those white washed lies told in school.
This guy talks a good game, but he's an empty suit. Tired of hearing how big bad Iran is "implicated" in various plots around the world all for the eradication of Israel. It's really ridiculous, especially given the US military involvement in the world. Who is the bigger monster, the bogeyman hyped up in daily propaganda or America, the hammer that crushes people's lives every day in all out assault on basic humanity and empathy. The US is complicit in massive death and destruction. Disgusting.
In fact the ayatollahs were installed to impede Irans progress & turn back the clock on that country - western powers mistakenly thought that by doing so the ayatollahs would play ball but they didn't - now that 8 years of war, revolution and suffering are over & the country has emerged as a rising industrial, military and scientific power everyone is crying bloody hell
This guy is a mad man. The USA and Israel unleashed the Stuxnet virus what was Japan's nuclear reactors went haywire after the tsunami. It was their computer controllers that failed. AS it is , the USA is expecting about 20,000 deaths from this fiasco. If Reactor Unit 4 collapses, it will be about 85 times worse and could even make the Northern hemisphere uninhabitable. Rubio is not only a psychopath, but a genocidal one at that.
nobody buys? they just dont see this on youtube but on MOX NEWS
this guy is pure evil. this propagnada don't work anymore but they still persist like it's a big game. these people are destroying our world and we are letting them do it and no one no where can stop them because they have all the cards all the aces and hold all the keys. we are at their mercy unless we fight. but no one will lift a finger because it dont affect you personally yet. but by the time you do rise up it will be too late.
I actually think Rubio has links to the Top Hidden Bankers. If there's any link. He's part of the bogus MSM News media controlled by such like Reuters and "Asso"CIA"ted News Press" all bogus, lies and misinformation and disinformation and fabrications and control of the American Sheeple.
What gives US the right to Bomb anyone they please. This is a murderous invasion however you look at it. You might not like Iran but what still doesn't give US the right to bomb anyone on a preemptive basis. If Iran come at us with planes and warships. I said Yes, but what if Iran have a nuke, which they don't. They are no more a threat than India, and we ship millions of jobs to them. So we cannot bomb anyone on a preemptive basis PERIOD! That is Genocide on a Grand Scale.
So many dislikes... I imagine for the gentleman and his commentary - and not for posting this video, in general. Thank you for sharing this; it is extremely important for the public to see this baseless warmongering in such clear context of profit from human destruction.
What a sicko, globalist scum! "Freedom, prosperity and PEACE" -Ron Paul
Exactly! People are so naive and ignorant of Zionism's separatist and supremacist foundation! They've been cattle for the Zionists, just as intended.
FUCK RUBIO. Ron Paul 2012 or Tyranny. Those are our only options.
Another jumped up Chicken Hawk suit with a sense of self importance calling for war while he sits behind the safty of his desk, bravely telling us all what we needs to do.. Governments are chock full of these Psychopaths, we should send OUR employees (lets never forget thats all Government is) out on the front line to fight in the wars they dream about... Watch em Piss in their college girl pants..
Everything he said they have been implicated in, we do; we know it. America the Terrorist with cells spread world-wide.
i am sick of xionism. i am sick of racism. everyone everywhere, should read the PROTOKOLS of the LEARNED ELDERZ OF ZXION. you will be shocked to learn, everything has been planned since at least 1850. free the republik, vote R0N PAUL 2012 for PEACE and LIBERTY!
Who died and made American's "god"? And who told this jerk he has the right to war monger under the guise of "intellectual" pursuits while running for VP. This sounds as unhinged as Netanyahu.
The real reason for them wanting to invade Iran is b/c Iran is 1/3 countries in the whole world that doesn't have a central Rothschild bank. In 2000 Afghanistan Iraq Sudan Libya Cuba North Korea and Iran were the only countries without a Rothschilds central bank. Now the only 3 are the latter.
Pack all of these war monger pieces of shit up and parachute them into their Play ground, ooops I mean war zone. Let them kill each other. The people are sick and tired of THEIR wars. FUK THEM LIARS
Rubio needs to be removed from office. People need to start organizing to get this anti-America Zio-traitor out of our government.
i hope he's enlisting his 4 children to fight the front lines!
You said,"it was Donald Rumsfeld who sold Iraq WMDs in the form of chemical weapons...." Don't fall victim to Bushisms. A WMD is NOT a chemical weapon like mustard gas or nerve gas. A WMD is a nuke,and the attempt by the Bush administration to reterm WMD to mean anything other than a nuke was their attempt to turn 935 LIES to get us into an illegal immoral war, into a justification for that war. Mustard gas was never going to make the mushroom clouds bush was talking about calling for invasion
The nauseating war pimp Rubio doesn't have a clue as to the meaning of "Conservative" because he's a fake ("Neocon"). War ALWAYS magnifies government, which is why a genuine conservative usually opposes war.
LOOK AT HIS FACE.... remember his face when your country is a smoldering ruin... Bunch of slaves and cowards
I hope a great big gorilla farts right in this guys face! A really stinky gorilla! With big nuts like bowling balls.
Did anyone else notice the slip of tongue around 1:55? He says something like "the stated goal of this country [referring to Iran] is the eradication of Iran....of Israel." Oops Rubio! You let the cat out of the bag! It is YOU and your Christ-hating Zionist handlers who who want to "eradicate" Iran. If and when the bombs start falling on Iran, there will be social chaos on the streets in America and all we can hope for is that Marco Rubio's home is targetted and and burned to the ground.
Rubio is a LAIR and a F-CKIN' IDIOT! Pakistan has nukes because of AQ Kahn NOT because of India. Iran is not a threat to the US even with a nuclear weapon, and Iran had stated they have no interest in obtaining a nuclear weapon and the reasoning behind that statement is sound. Iran is a signer to the NNPT and has routine inspections Israel has nukes. Israel are a NON-signer of the NNPT, and in violation of the terms of their UN membership and is not legally allowed to get one penny of US aid
Anyone that goes around writing that people are retarded because they have a difference of opinion does not deserve any respect. I don't think you will be able to influence many people with your name calling but hey it's a "free" country....for now.
never heard so much complete and utter dribble in my life!
The kind of people we are dealing with are those that sold out the US to their greed and a promise of survival from the cabal.Our nation is not OUR nation anymore.We have been invaded,overtaken,infiltrated by a domestic enemy that is hell bent on depopulation.Who gave these idiots the right to decide the world's fate?No one,they colluded together with their wealth and power and decided they are the chosen few to decide humanities future.We deserve better and shall have it when the time is right.
Hey Rubio if you want an attack on Iran then put on a military uniform, pack your things and parachute over Iran and go fight Mr. Tough Guy. An don't tell us the american people to be ready for an Iran attack, we know this is a distraction from the failing and collapsing economy.
first off Iran never said they wanted the end or wanted to bring about the end of Israel that was a mistranslation and the media needs to correct that mistake and stop its spread. Second why is this dud talking like its a forgown conclusion that Iran wants a weapon <_< that doesn't even make tactical sense and is a baseless lie. This dud is spreading ill will if not he is far too paranoid.
Everyone needs to remember all of these pieces of shit so they don't get away like a lot of Nazis did.
I am thoroughly familiar with the precepts of the sovereignty movement. If you want real historical ammunition to prove the "fictitious person" theory to people, read Frederik William Maitland.
Who is this guy? Why do I read his name all over the place?!
Take away Israels nukes and the problems in the middle east go away. Israel has never signed any treaties and has never let anyone inspect their facilities. Every time Israel starts a war, America ends up fighting it for them. It`s time we stop this nonsense.
CFR needs to be dismantled, and every CFR member tried for TREASON..
Rubio needs to be introduced to dirt.
Well, they've made a pact with the nwo to secure "THEIR" offsprings(or so they think). It's the rest of us they need to get rid of. Hey ww3 is coming whether we like it or not. That's the fastest way they can reduce population. The slow kill is not fast enough!
(Council of Foreign Relations) This guy is actually mentioning a cost-benefit analysis - OF WAR. Human beings are not to be included in any cost-benefit analysis; every human being is priceless. He goes on to admit that India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons (but only because of each other); South Korea has nuclear weapons (but only for regime survival); the U.S. and Russia have nuclear weapons (but only because of the Cold War)...
What is good about his so called "speech" is that nobody buys this garbage anymore, at least judging by these comments. World has awaken and staring the psychopathic elite right in the their demonic eyes.
You have no say in it, Washington D.C. is not part of the Republic of America, they are seperate, that's why it is called DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. The people put in positions in this DISTRICT are from a global affiliation, they do not represent the people of America, they represent the global government. They consider you an enemy to their STATE. They need you, because the day you were born, your Mom and Dad signed you over to them and you became an asset to them, you make them money.
Marco, this is Israel's problem, not ours. Let's stop sending Israel (and her enemies) money and let her stand on her own two fat and sassy feet. They want to drag us into WW3 with China and Russia backing Iran. Fuck THAT! And fuck you too, you little sociopath.
some body send this guy an application to join the armed forces ... let him lead by demonstration ... he and the rest of the warmongers ... give all their money, put on a uniform, get a gun, go over there and show us all how it's done ...
fucking POS & enemy of humanity
Tired of this!! Israel can use their own people to do their dirty work. We are seeing through all of Israel's false flag activities. The Zionist cabal will eat itself.
they keep repeating the lie that Iran said they wish to eradicate Israel. This is not true.
Hey "ThinkProgress" doesn't Obama want war with Iran too? Both parties want to go to war with Iran.
what a bunch of outright garbage. he needs to go. he's young, you can just see that he's making things up & outright lying.
You got that right. This f'ing chicken hawk is now a front-runner for VP with Obamney. I call people like Rubio, Bill Kristol, and David Horowitz chicken hawks. They'll send our kids to war but won't send theirs or themselves to fight. I have one question. What has Iran done to put our sovereignty or well-being in danger?
ron paul hahaha ran from the mouth of the lion to the flame of the dragon
Prepare the people for war on Iran? you're already doing that on your own people, turning your cities into a police state and waging war on your own people, regarding every US citizen a terrorist suspect, TSA molesting OAP s and Children at the airports, you sick bastard Rubio, grow up and grow some balls. P.S. How much are the globalist Scum paying you to groom the public?
i'M NOT SAYING STRIKE NOW, BUT I'M SAYING WE CAN BE EFFECTIVE? WHAT KIND OF BS IS THAT? Yes, that was shouting. What a moron, but a dangerous one. It is replete not just with lie, but the idea that this is a PR campaign, and we pose as the, what aggressive warriors bringing peace? Deluded. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE IDIOTS! Don't hold back. Call them liars.
Haha people like him released stuxnet , they relaesed the ghost out of the bottle and now they see they can't get it back in. and with flame it's the same stuff: they lost control. They think they can control the whole world and are too stupid to get human. Catched in a cloud of arrogance and greed.
He wants to repeat the same mistakes Bush made with Iraq. A war with Iran will lead to nothing more than more dead civilians, more tax-power money wasted and more countries in the middle-east that hate the US.
Ba Ba Ba Ba " Translation" No Nuclear weapons Never attacked anyone But Rothschilds want Control of the Bank & the ancient History that Iran has that exposes the Religions as fraud the Bible was written in 400 AD then rewritten in 1492 by Queen Lizardbeth the 1st & again in 1604 by King James Hence the story of Guy Fawks V for Vendetta the Current Queen is as much of a Rothschild stooge as Barry Obama soritoro What about Israels Nuclear weapons
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