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Muslims Attack London Police (Jan 3 2009)

by MarcusCMarcellus • 16,293 views

This video has been posted elsewhere by Muslims as a display of power but needs more circulation. As Diana West put it: Britain, Self-Abased. Muslims intimidate London police and force them back...

It is such a shame to see that police is running fearing these insects.  Briton brought it herself by allowing terrorist moslims in to your otherwise peaceful country.  You have done injustice to your own people.  What a pity.  This should be lesson to other countries, think before you put visa stamp on these mohammad pigs.
The British public need to rise up against this scum that resides in our country!
This is what happens when you elected a Labour government, they import millions of immigrants in a bid to gain themselves more votes. Anyone who still votes Labour or Conservative should be ashamed with themselves.
Muslim telling police to leave him alone at 9:05 why don't you leave the police alone you fucking weak child molester
iF they were miners ....the police would be right in there lol ... but muslims no way 
The Brit cops are such pussies. They need to start carrying guns, and then kick the Muslims the fuck out!!!
The cops have been told to retreat...shamefull carry on...need a change in government..
everywhere they ever entered the same policy follows: 1- move in nicely, quietly and always with a stupid face like I know no English (or the language of the host country) 2- slowly learn the civil rights of that society (which by the way they never had in their country of origin) 3- get permission to practice Islam in small places 4- assemble all the muslims in the area for "prayer" 5- teach them how to "defend" Islamic "values" 6- invite them to peaceful demonstrations 7- get local media attentions 8- gather all muslims and local islam sympathizers    9- order the followers to rally for this or that shit (usually around the issues of occupations of "Islamic land" or women being treated poorly the two issues that thicken the neck vein of any muslim instantly, amazingly they treat their land and women like shit) 10- form the hit gangs from the biggest thugs of population and set them in front line to disturb the society and scare the shit out of authorities 11- find weak politicians and weaknesses in strong politicians and demand your orders to be met or the thugs will ruin his/her term in office by leaving a 1000 years old town or a neighborhood in ruin within a single afternoon (basically do what we tell you or kiss your political status goodbye) 12- claim the host country in fact to be originally their country and force them to convert to islam and bring sharia law to the host country 13- ruin the civilization of the host country and return it back to the time of Muhammad in Arabia since the equality between civilized nation and backward Islamic countries is not possible through raising the standards there but it is easy to ruin others' 14- mission accomplish now heaven awaits you This has been the most effective tactic of islam in the last few centuries, converting civil societies around the world, or those societies capable of entering a civilized world by now into barbaric bronze age Arabia (look at Iran) Curiously there are other phenomena in nature that act exactly like Islam we call them infectious bacteria and  cancer cell The choice is yours civilized world: destroy the cancer cell or die
Like a parasite that destroys the host to grow itself.  Alla is an ahole and mohammad is a terrorist thief, child molester. moslims aholes should hang themselves for their violent culture.
This is why David Cameron had to call the Americans for help. These police are not well trained when it comes to this type of shit. 
if you wanna fight join the UK REVOLUTIONARY ARMY on facebook. together we can get rid of this cowardly government and fight these extremists
It's fucking insane to watch how the police doesent do a single thing to stop this, times like this the military should be called in to shut down these type of riots and if the people making these riots continue, throw them out of your country. i mean damn, have some fucking backbone.
Muslims calling us cowards... that's so funny why don't you go back to Iraq or whatever and fight and earn your freedom there? we not cowards we just don't rise our hands on ladies...
ya whole religion are paedo's, mohammed being the biggest inbred kiddie fiddler./ cunt!!!
Are the police in the UK not allowed to stand their ground---and "get medieval" on pukes like these??! Where is British pride? If the police and government won't stand-up to Muzzie thugs like these, that ONLY leaves the EDL and other patriotic citizens! The Islamists are COUNTING on citizen complacency, as they start taking over your country and culture.
Europe get your shit together or you will be overrun by these rats.
The British deserve this. You deserve more bombings and killings for allowing barbarians into your civilized country.
You fake muslim idiots i'm muslim, those are not muslims they are as bad as the hooligans of england, please watch this, this is the No.1 problem muslims are facing /watch?v=GtQHir1WDgo&feature=related
I think the next generation of BRITAIN'S youth will hate these muslim fanatics and a war could be imminent. I WISH THESE SCUM WOULD LEAVE MY COUNTRY....... better still I WISH MY GOVERNMENT WOULD PUT THEM OUT !!!!
wow seems like england is very a nice country...if that happens anywhere else this cowards get smashed by horses lol
Are you kidding me? This is the U.K? ARE U KIDDING ME? THE POLICE IS GETTING ATTACKED BY MUSLIMS AND THEY DO NOTHING??? THEY CALL THEM KUFFAR AND LAUGH A THEM? THere will be several civil wars in europe soon.
This is insane, as a Muslim I find this utterly shameful and disgusting. You should obey the law of the land. This is hypocrisy, going into other peoples land for a better life and causing chaos there.
fuk off u wite basterd u did cum to are countrey pakistan palstin iraq ira n u sun of bitch
xa xa kala na pathete afou tous ferate you bring then in england you eat this shit
Good, because the next blood that will be squirting is yours.
this is what 10 weeks vacation and being "on the dole" gets you. Fuck England !!!
Hilarious the white hippy chick with the orange vest, who is meant to be controlling them as was part of the commitee who organised the 'peaceful' protest. Hope she learnt from this!
1 muslim fuck 1000 christian why ?? because muslim have a faith have a religion christians lose her faith and his fake religion created by jewish and europe are fucked crisis everyday people in europe suicide cause crisis lol dumbshit
cops scared .. what a bunch of softies
If the demonstators would have been EDL their feet wouldnt have touched the ground. They would have been arrested before they were even assembled. - Appeasement of muslims?? you bet it is!
these paki,s should sod off and live in palestine..
Too bad this useless piece of shit You Tube can't improve this comment function. How long has it been around and it progressively gets worse. “An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last. Victory will never be found by taking the line of least resistance.” Winston Churchill
Muslims laughing and taunting the police and then complaining when the police do their job! What a fake ass religion.
How sad you are......... because I highlight YOUR "probable" sexual criminal activities with underage youths YOU THEN COME BACK WITH A LOT OF SHITE !!!! I'm sre people will see YOU are grasping at straws OLD MAN. Why are you on YouTube anyway OLD MAN? Are you trying to groom young internet users? 58yrs OLD and using a site usually used by folk a lot younger...... even I am thinking that I might be a bit old for this site and I'm only 31 ffs. GO AWAY NOW
Be careful what you wish for. Any attempt to do that would probably cause another holocaust/genocide of Muslims in europe.
HAH police give Muslims a beat down? You don't know Muslims the. No one can beat us down, not when we are great and strong.
Of Alvea killing of innocents and children in Palestine, Iraq, Syria and the rest of the Arab world are they Muslims do not even ye Jews infidels We Muslims if we want to declare war you will Nbedkm of land ćáÇßä our religion Islam prohibits killing ćáÇßä We Pantdhar forward promised will come and fight the infidels who worshiphumans and precious animals and demons and we Muslims than you We are three-quarters of the world But you only a quarter of the world we are Muslims we have death pride
what would happen if they had guns? this country is not in control this video proves that. its up to the EDL we need to defend our land fuck the old bill fuck the goverment
The UK is a de facto Islamic state, Shari3a is implemented and that includes no-entry zones where non-muslims are unwanted and prosecuted if they ever dare trespass. Way to go, Britain...
muslims are like spoilt children . They're obsessed with victimhood, they will never be happy until were all forced to convert to islam , enslaved or dead . Multiculturalism is a dangerous form of fascism its ruined this country .
at 9:44 "My idea is to get the girls to come up here" (up close to the police). Shows who the real cowards are.
I appreciate ur comments,but try to think of both sides.I am originally from Bangladesh& when Britain occupied our land for 200 years,did they abide the law of the land?They executed people by firing CANON at them.In Qur'an,we r ONLY allowed to retaliate if someone attacks us.In Bible,Jesus says,if someones rejects him as the King,bring em & kill em.However,I think,as muslims,we should set an example by not creating unrest anywhere.Also Think of Palestine,they occupy it just because they can?
Англичане,братья,гоните вы их нахер сраной метлой из своей страны,это бесполезные люди как показывает практика,мировая практика,эти муслимы еще ниодного великого ученого миру не дали так же как и остальных деятелей,одни убийцы и террористы.Боже, храни королеву!
Why don't they go to Syria so Assad can sort these sons of bitches out.
wow i would love to see them try to do this in the us or canada fukin get run over n shit
Islam has been at war with us since Mohammad left Medina on his holy war. It has never stopped. What short memories the West has. Letting them freely into your country through immigration is pure folly.
these hethens were behaving this way so that the police would arrest them when they finally got to their destination - so they could film the "police brutality" for propoganda- as well as this heathen behavior in this vid to show police being afraid of them. Typical borderline psychotic muslim protest duality. film themselves being "victorious" then film themselves being "victims"
i think this guyz should have meet the Iranian Police ;) btw fk the police and PEACE IN MIDDLE-EAST
@shavemyballs13 Don't worry the new base of islam is gonna be Ireland - both North and South.....there won't be any of these complications over there, they're busy fighting with each other.
@daud111 hey muslim ain't a race, there are whites, browns and blacks that are muslim, all colours. So it ain't racist to give muslims the finger. Since I hate Islam I would be a hypocrite to say something else. ps. I don't care much for any religion, but Islam I see as a threat to my family my people and my culture.
anthony342 Scared? their hands are tied,they were probably ordered by a higher authority to fall back incase they are accused of Racism, or some lawyer makes big money by accusing the police of abusing the demonstrators human rights. Put your brain in gear before you accuse the police of being scared.
Yes we Muslims are powerful indeed, Allah is always on our side!
if islam is so great how come their countries are shit holes and have never accomplished or contributed anything of real importance to the world?
Police acting far too tolerant here. They should have just moved in heavily with dogs, air guns, stun guns and big batterns and knocked them the fook out to stop the demonstration as they already passed the line advancing to police and talking verbal bull-shite. If they continue to fight back once you have used light attack methods then bring in the special forces and machine guns and get rid of them. I'd love this pricks to try that in China - they would be beaten badly by police.
so how did the usa drones, copters bomb your muslim? was it allah...bombing his own muslims?
so the living standards are down to middle ages line muslims have with no oil"? where will those guys go than? to another, still rich country?
have you think, what for we did jihad from time to time, if we scare of death? u will never understand, mong. fear is not taught in islam. instead, the blood of infidels is very permitted for us to spill it!! have u ever heard stories, that scottish who fought against british for their freedom, until now they succesfully obtained their freedom. take that for example. if they can, why we should not be? thats it.
Don't UK police carry guns?? couple dead sand niggers would have stopped them in their tracks..
youre the fucking coward. 'take over' lol oh dear, isnt islam supposed to be a peaceful religion?
islam is the root of the worlds problems. No more muslims, no more problems. End free immigration to anywhere in the worls for muslims. Let them stay in their pisshole countries that they refuse to modernize. Let them rot in their own filth. I've seen how dirty these people live in their homelands. Let them die there. No more immigration for dirty muslims.
Fuck off out of our country you dirty paedophile bastards. Mohammed shags babies thats fact. You all worship your paedophile god...fucking sand niggers !!
well, that was kind of embarrasing...
You degenerate brain washed Muslims , Your police would kill us if we lived in did that in your country . You contradict yourself , you flee your country's to escape oppression and tyranny to have a better life in the western country's , then you turn around and attack us and speak bad about us. You guys are violent and have no respect for life.
One funny thing about the video of the arrest is the shit scared faces of the lefty mush heads that the hamas terrorists tricked into going along with them. At that point it's finally sunk in that they've gotten mixed up with violent psychos.
show me evidence that Israel or indeed anyone kills anywhere near as many children as muslims do every day in places like syria or iraq? or is that you find a non muslim killing a muslim alot more offensive simply because you are used too muslim on muslim violence? lol open your eyes
what a disgusting faith islam is, what a freakish mind set these people have, almost makes you sick to be human doesnt it
Look how the police run, was it surprising there was riots all over London soon after? Takes the mickey!
@daud111 btw I don't understand way you start crying like the big child you are, about my comment, it was directed at muslims and not a race. Unless you are muslim.
There will be NO palestine IN Israel. Palestinians, GET OUT OF ISRAEL, unless you cooperate and Accept Israel's existence.'s not the faith it's the people who mispractice it...but those cops are pussies...give them something to defend themselves with
They cull animals all the time and this is what these pricks are, should have just brought in the army and culled them there and then on the spot, then they would be free to go to their 72 virgins!!
wtf wake up england wtf ya doing try fighting those ragheads instead of runing away from them shit this dont happen in america especialy some raghead hiting a officer shit over here thats a mandatory asswooping wake up uk stop islam before its to late they act brave when there in high numbers dont be afraid of these cowards beat there asses
KKK is a bunch of pussy shit, Arabs are the real deal. Arabs are known to not be cowards unlike you fuckfaces. Are you hiding in your forests?
If there were anything that symbolized the state of Britain right now it's that picture of the little scumbag who threw the traffic cone at the cops and they just kept on fleeing. Sickening. What a bunch of cowards running from Islamic scum screaming alahu akbar. It just makes you sick.
The police should have given them a real beatdown! Coward police!
fuck that , only enlgish people should be able to do that and get away with it, do you see english people in muslamic countries doing that? no nnot fucking on , i would have put and ied and blown all the fuckers up
Oh no, they're Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs & Christians... yep, you've figured it all out. Good on you!
The cops might as well have dropped their pants, grabbed their ankles, and begged to be fucked up the ass. You'll never see that shit in the US. I'd like to see Muslims throwing shit at cops in the US and calling them cowards. They'd be gassed, smashed, and hogtied in minutes. I'm horrified at the cowardice shown by the British Police. You set a standard. It's your fault Muslims are attacking you. You handed them your asses giftwrapped like a bitch--they probably thought it was their birthday.
Where in the Bible (I'm not a follower) does Jesus say, that if someone rejects him as the King, to bring them and to kill them?
Why didn't they call a few thousand troops and rittle them all down? That is how you deal with cockroaches, you spray them, but in this case you spray them with bullets!
next muslim protest im loading my water pistol up with pigs blood
fucking discracefull policing, E E EDL
@gave43 keep up you're only proving us right about much for peaceful islam...
no, it is opposite. 1 white soldiers (like americans in Iraq) win over and over hordes of obsessed zombies. this may and up with nazism in europe and camps for your kind. and only you start it with all that backward religious issue.
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