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Batman, Twilight, V/H/S, and More...It's Movie Trailer Roundup!

by SourceFed • 198,884 views

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And 2 years later Dumb and Dumber 2 was made. With Jim Carrey.
Jim Carrey as Riddler but not as comedic jim but psychotic jim like in the arkham games
I agree Luhhsetty, I like Twilight and if the haters passed me in the street they would never know. I'm not an emo teen I just think its a cute age appropriate version of True Blood. Its the haters who jump on the ewww Twilight is dumb bandwagon like it makes them cool who I find pathetic. Wouldn't be surprised to find most of DeFranco Inc employees bash it on camera but have read all the books and have seen all the movies. Posers!
Seriously what is up with the Hathaway Hate? it's so bizarre to me. I understand an animosity toward maybe, Kristen Stewart, or even someone like Amanda Seyfried. But really? Anne Hathaway?
i love how much you guys hate twilight lol
thanks to Alex Day i read Twilight. i MST3K through the 3rd Twilight movie in a theater in the middle of nowhere at a weird time because i had a date with a really pretty girl. i'm stronger than you because of it. i regret nothing.
I think Steve and Phil should see Twilight when it comes out for the Friday movie show thingy.
Damnit I though the stars of the first would be collage monster teachers
hey check out my cool videos
THANK you for saying cars sucked because everyone watches it and i just never understood..
hey guys twilight is a good series... okay I can't laugh without saying that, lol
Thanks :) I usually say I'm ashamed about it, but was kind of an important thing in my life. Like...Harry Potter and Doctor Who but WAY shittier.
"Implied in the title".... Genius, Ha!
oh the ones listed, I like the batman and monster's inc 2, but I'm most looking forward to the new spiderman.
I've read 50 Shade of Grey and I still hate twilight. Sure, the story is still kinda the same for both books but one is better than the other one, hands down.
i love the monsters inc. it and the lion king were like my childhood.
Gotta watch V/H/S and Dark Knight Rises
i actually saw the Whole twilight commercial.. and it actually looked pretty good.. i'm not the biggest twilight fan.. but u guys could have at least skipped to the end of the video.. NOBODY would b interested in that movie based on what u just showed us.
I'm not excited about the fact that it's the last of the current Batman films. Couldn't be any less enthusiastic about that.
dude you guys are actually funny. Props to you.
v/h/s is really close to marble hornets :/
Christian Bale is only hot with the mask on.
The first cars movie was great.
You've got to admit that the Mike Wazovski disco ball is a little like Twilight!
its been how many years from Monster's inc? 12. now what can i say??!!! "IVE DONE MY WAITING! TWELVE YEARS OF IT!"
Call me crazy, but VHS is on my list of must see's. If its good, then... BONUS. If not, then at least I can troll it. Lol
AH!!!! BATMAN! I will be standing in line opening night. No matter how old I get, I will watch superhero movies religiously for the rest of my life. My main motivation for one day having children is so that I'm not the creepy dude in the theater watching the superhero movie but instead the sweet father who is taking his kid out. Funny how that works...
I think the general rule is that to critique a movie, you have to go see it...right? I've seen all the twilight films. I don't think I've really enjoyed any since the first. But at least when I say the others are bad...I know what I'm talking about, right? Ignorance is not a virtue. Especially in the entertainment industry.
lol joe your daughter DOES look like boo!!!!!
No dumb and dumber 2! My heart it has just broke.
I think man hating twillight is universal and go beyond the boundry!!!!
For some reason none of them like her, which I think is stiupid.
MONSTERS UNIVERSITY! I've been waiting a long time to seen Mike and Sully on the big screen again.
Dark Knight Rises by far is what i am most excited for.
3:34 - 3:40 It's not hate, she just looks so stupid there and she is not even a good choice to play cat woman.
I'm sad now. I wanted a Dumb and Number To
I started by reading twillinght .. i saw the 1st with expextations .. 2nd - because i got invited.. Is it the 3rd or the 4th that's out now?
Ok at this point I think Ive seen enough trailers to the Dark Knight Rises. I honestly will be surprised if i see it and the movie is still good with all of the trailers that have come out for it. I mean the Spiderman movie is just as big and they havent shown NEARLY as many trailers for it. Maybe Im just a skeptic...
Gonna see The Dark Knight Rises next monday for my cousin's b-day gift!!! XD
I hate when trailers show all the good parts. They give away far too much. I've seen all the Twilight movies so far but not willingly. I will probably be subjected to this one too. You guys aren't missing anything, trust me.
Batman looks awesome but Ann Hathaway is the worst choice for cat woman I would have rather seen Oliva Wild. Can't wait to see twilight breaking dawn 2 but not cause of Kristen Stewart can't stand her she acts the same in all movies but cause of Robert Pattinson. He is hot. But Joe would be hotter in it 3
Twilights is a long drawn out nightmare that keeps playing! Kind of like the Barney days. Give it time they will eventually come up with a fifty way game to destroy it. Rock on Batman
I actually like watching trailer movie than actual movie.
The problem is that she's mostly done chickflick types... this could be the movie where she proves she's more than chickflick, or it could ruin her.
Dark Knight Rises... oh my goodness, I can't wait.
The Dark Knight Rises. Although, like you Joe, I'm not sold on Anne Hathaway. Right now, I'm just hoping for her to be better than Halle Barry...
I really want to hate a prequel (parasite) to one of my favorite Pixar movies, but that trailer actually looked like it might have the spark of an original idea or two. I'm excited. I'm also proud of Carrey for backing out of Dumb-Dumb. That was a smart freaking move. Excited for Batman, and will now keep my eyes peeled for the exploding bridge scene. ;)
The only comedy movie sequel that will ever work is Anchorman 2
Its not just because it's about vampires. Stephanie Meyer completely bastardizes every subject she brings up in the series, whether that be vampires to love to relationships. The whole book is, in principle, crap. The only reason it's popular is because apparently all teenage girls need to enjoy something is "forbidden love." never mind the primary relationship is abusive and threatening. That being said, i have nothing against the actors. it's not their fault the script sucked.
I don't watch trailers for movies I want to see, they spoil too much in them.
i wanna see perks of being a wallflower!
Hathaways gonna fail, she's a great comic and I want nothing but stone cold badassery in my Nolan flix
Although I do love the Twilight series I will admit that the first movie was terrible but I blame a huge part of that on the awful director, she butchered it!
"When Maggie Gyllenhaal died and we are all like 'Good', and then when Katie Holmes didn't die and we were like '...Damn it!'"
Agreed, I'm a big Anne Hathaway fan and I think that she'll great in Batman. I don't understand what she did wrong, I don't remember any of her movies being really bad. I understand hating Kristen Stewart (though I personally don't hate her) but this Hathaway hate seems really random.
MONSTERS UNIVERSITY!! Oh and Batman too, i guess :P
Pixar did an awesome job on the Cars movies.
Thank god someone finally said something about Anne/catwoman. Definitely not sold, especially looking at the track record of catwoman being the baddest bitch around and Anne feels so meh.
And off course the super powered creatures sparkle like hell!!!
Well, I'm not really in the business, so contract negotiations should probably be conducted somewhere else. ;-)
Anne Hathaway is way too sugary sweet to be Catwoman. She's a good actress but she looks like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, not a badass super chick.
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