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Minecraft - 360 Edition Part 2: How not to survive the first night

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 2,177,889 views

Simon and Lewis huddle around Turpster's laptop and have a go at the newly released version of Minecraft on the Xbox 360! Awesome :) ● Yogscast Gear: ● Facebook:...

Late to the party...but - loving the IT Crowd reference there :D
simon's morning song was beautiful liek if u crie errey tim
U guys should do More videos on Xbox 360 new fun updates and
You can tern the britnes up
IT crowd reference lol
Do people realize that 1.) They don't read the comments and 2.) this was uploaded 2 years ago now...
the brightness setting is called "gamma"
How does xbox360 run that so smooth? Especially with recording. This is smoother than the early minecraft videos.
People make up so many lies that poison you into thinking xbox isnt good
in the description it says "Simon and Lewis huddle around Turpster's laptop and have a go at the newly released version of Minecraft on the Xbox 360! Awesome :)" how did they play MC 360 EDITION on turpster's laptop??
The 360 is hooked up to a moniter via HDMI cord. Maybe.
you can get an xbox output lead which goes to VGA rather than scart too
Time for me to correct everyone in the comments :D
10:58 I nearly laughed to death
If you press start then press help and options and then press change skin you can change your skin
I wold like to play minecraft on the Xbox but i don't have a Xbox:(
I think you press start for options and stuff and you can change your skin
If u press y you can move things in ur iventory
when you eat it make me starve
dude get xbox live then you do not have to do split screen
when that creeper came out it scared me to death
They are such freaking noobs
Are jaffas like Oreos?
I miss the old days of minecraft
Do not go out at night
I wanted to find something interesting and I found a hole X-)
simon: I found copper in vanilla minecraft. lol
Because then they can host better servers than ps3 with that money.
where can you buy jaffa cakes?
I made my own Hunger Games map if anybody wants to play. Send me a message saying something about Hunger Games
Its actually much more fun to play minecraft when our a noon for some reason
you guys like arsenal. if you do who is your favorite player.if you don't who do you like
Add me as a friend it's...... ShizzleNizzle
it says in the bottom left how to craft place destroy and use inventry and they still dont know how
2:20 - 2:30 can I buy that song on iTunes
Simon do not kill Lewis in minecraft
You press the y button to open the inventory!!!!!
Use the gamma settings for brightness
drew said herobrine and im thinking ... FUCK MY LIFEE!!
Why is everyone tellig them about changing gamma and skins now when this was recorded a year ago?
Because you are so much more important than the other 5 million subscribers they have. ;)
*Warning, this adventure contains a stuck up rick called ps3feedmyfish* Reply horrible things to him cos he is so mean*
lol they are the biggest noobs in the world
OMG... The IT crowd reference got me, it got me right in my laughter six pack!!
I take it one of them supports Arsenal...
Oh, I wouldn't know I don't watch TV ._. Now I feel stupid, but thanks :L
I play minecraft im really good at the controlls
simon lane, sponsers Mc Vities JAFFA CAKES
I always play Xbox PC is two hard
Push up on left stick 2 times fast to sprint
who else got nostalgia from the title of the video
i love how you love jaffas :D
After watching this video i feel like a master at minecraft 360!
lol how not to survive the first night
I love how they completely ignore the writing at the bottom that tells you the controls XD
Dps3feedmyfish y dont u fuck off if u dont fucking like them then dont fucking watch it then u mother fucker
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