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Feliz Navidad - Adellapalooza 2008

by ukecrazybitches • 885 views

The UCB wanna wish you a Merry Christmas!

lol deach ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha the pop up was freakin awesome lol UCB rrrrrrrrrockk
Ah was wondering when the xmas tunes were comin out. Can you get anymore Merry in the merry xmas
I weesh you guys a merry x mas, too;)
i want to weeesh you a merry creeesmuss!
So funny! Your weekend looked heaps of fun! Merry Christmas to you all too :)
Muy bien!! I never knew Deach was a Luchadore!
This is some of the best drunk playing i've ever seen...Uke and Hooch...thats good times...i do it frequently in my videos
Oh man! It's 4.47 am and I can't sleep. Just logged on to see what's happening out there and find that it is this:UCB does Feliz Navidad. I feel that I may never sleep again. Very funny. Did Deach stay nekkid the whole weekend? Why is Adelle playing the WRONG uke? Can Russ ever keep a straight face? Just how much alcohol was involved in the production of this video? All these questions and mor....
Is that baby Jesus back there? What an adorable little guy.
How much vodka? Too much fun you guys.
HAHAHA, you guys are a hoot. You guys looked like you had tons of fun times. :)
So wonderful to see people inspired by the spirits at Christmas. I know it was a little early, but did you guys go out caroling?
and the hits just keep on coming!
lmao. too funny. i love love love this channel
I hart polyrhythmic music^^ that was soo funny^^
I don't know how you guys were able to make it through that. I would have been rolling on the floor laughing.
A totally moving experience... thanks for the fun festive spirit!
lol, that was so awesome haha
You had me laughing, especially that last verse!
Aw man - so wanna be there!!! I was in stoopid Hong Kong - where incidentally, I should have bought Deach a shirt. Love you guys.
Rudolph is so cute back there...
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