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Grown Up Girly / Date Night Makeup Tutorial

by Lisa Eldridge • 1,218,109 views

Follow me on Instagram for all my latest news. The products Ive used in the film are: Nails Dior - Vernis Nail Lacquer: Face...

This girl has teeth every Japanese girl would die for. Super cute.
Her lips dude. Her fucking lips are amazing.
She's so beautiful!
A beautiful girl transformed into a Gorgeous Diva
She looks so much like Jennifer Lawrence with the make up on!!
could u do a make up tutorial on asians? an everyday spring/summer makeup look?
She is like the Bob Ross of make-up artists! This is the first video of hers I have watched and I am hooked. So soothing and therapeutic! The same feeling of relaxation I got from watching Bob Ross.
I love this make up, agree with some of the other posts that I think the lashes weren't needed but Lisa Eldridge could say apply  mascara that is made of baby moth wings and I would use it :) Thank you again for another "enchanting" and fun tutorial :)
I literally thought the model was a professional. Shes stunning!
With the makeup, she reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence
Oh gosh how can she not know how pretty she is? Gorgeous girl, and so sweet, and lovely makeup as usual! x
She looked perfect. She was already beautiful and after that seems looked amazing. The only thing I would say though is that I think her eyes looked better without the false eyelashes. I think the eyelashes made her look a little bit too fake and think she would have looked perfect if not for them.
That girl needs to become a model, like for real.
Liiiissssaaaa!!! :) When will I be able to apply makeup on your face? You can do it on mine! ;)
She looks similar to Jennifer Lawrence :)
Her cheekbones and lips are to dieeee for
I love when your models talk in some of your videos! And I love how you encourage it! :)
Still one of my favorites. Love love love
she lookd so glamorous ! and after the makeup , she made me think of Jennifer Lawrence ...
I'm gonna try this tonight! This girl reminds me a little bit of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley! So so gorgeous!
Shes pretty, but I dont see any resemblance to rosie....
Fantastic model! She is stunning and this look suits her perfectly. Funny that she doesn't realize how breathtakingly beautiful she really is :)
It's surprising how the messy down hair improved this already perfect look
Someone who TRULY knows what she's doing...YOU ARE A COSMETICS WIZARD!
this girl looks pretty
Wow!! She looks so pretty with makeup on :) I love the colors
Imagine being a 17 year old boy and having Victoria Secret model for gym teacher!
Is it just me or are her eyes different shapes?
Lisa could you tell us about how you as a makeup artist sanitize your makeup and tools used on clients :)
she should be a model
damn, when she took her hair down...
Gosh...another glamorous video! This girl is gorgeous and super sexy. She has those beautiful doe eyes and Lisa brings out her beautiful facial features. I love learning makeup from you Lisa!!
she would look way better with just the hairstyle change, the makeup is unnecessary and fake looking.  I don't know why girls obsess over this crap....
Omg! Such a beautiful girl, w/ and w/out make-up. Great job Lisa.
I honestly thought she was 16 or something
There are people who would murder for her lips. Gorgeous. Gorgeous lady, gorgeous makeup
She looks so much like Dianna Agron! Gorgeous!
I love your brown eyes! They're so beautiful!
She looks so flawless and she doesn't know it
her eyes are amazing!
Why do people always curl their lashes after eyeliner and eyeshadow instead of before?
Yeah, that can be a pain. I just don't like smudging my liner when I curl them after 
because if you curl your eyelashes first they tend to get in the way when you're putting on eyeliner/eyeshadow
very very beautiful want to wear it now
Her lips and eyes!! OMG gorgeous!
i'm really envy with her lips. so beautiful!
shes just soo pretty!!! If I looked like her I wouldn't wear make up either
She looks like a vs angel model
Wow the model and the look both are gorgeous. I want those lips!!
wow she is stunning before the makeup is even applied! beautiul look
looks like hilary duff at the end
It reminds me of kids beauty patent makeup, minus the spray tan. 
so beautiful! love every detail of it:)
I love how Lisa beautify and enhance person's beauty with makeup, and not hiding it with heavy makeup. <3
shes sooooooo beautiful dang
I want to be a model in one of your videos :'( you're amazing!
She kind of reminds me of bella Thorne. Idk maybe its just the hair.
beautiful makeup, omg
I love and really appreciate how you organize the products below, thank you! You are a true professional and I can see the difference between yours and some other channels, no knocking on them but your videos shows beauty without over doing it.
Great makeup! I will use it tonight - it looks beautiful with brown eyes too :)
WOW! She looks JUST like Rosie Huntington
She looks like someone from a movie. She looks great I'm going to try it
Am I the only one who re watches lisa's videos all the time? haha
It's so comforting and happy. (Thank you Lisa ♥)
You are not alone! :D I watch them over and over again :P Love them!
the comparison before and after the makeup is huge!!!! Really love ya.
She's so naturally beautiful and she looked absolutely stunning at the end! I really like this look 
It's weird I don't think my Revlon berrie smoothie looks that pigmented, it's probably the light.
Mine does- the model has very pale lips like me. It probably doesn't show up as well on pigmented lips due to the sheer formula.
she also uses a lip pencil under so that helps with pigmentation as well
Yes, okay, she is definitely JLaw in the final shot!  
Your model is a sweetheart! Makes me smile looking at her make over. Beautiful!
She has such gorgeous lips! The makeup you've done is beautiful and really suits her!
Wow! I really love this! You did a wonderful job and your model is very, very stunning!! She looks beautiful without makeup as well. :)
No wonder why she doesn't wear make up, she doesn't even need it. (:
She.  Is.  Stunning!  Reminds me a bit of Kate Upton.  
I found you because of a tutorial on the Chanel website, youre truely amazing and are definitely high up on my list of best makeup artists along with Bobbi Brown, Gucci Westman, and Charlie Green!
Gorgeous...and such talent!!
Wow! No wonder she doesn't wear makeup on an everyday basis! She was practically born with built in makeup!
Give me an ounce of your skill! >.<
OMG,this model is beautiful without makeup.
wow she's really gorgeous!!! and so nice!!! and as usual, lisa you're the best!! i've been watching this video 1000 of times!!
she is beautifull omg wow, she needs to become a model 
I enjoy your videos so much! Beautiful look!
tried to do this on myself i looked like the opposite of her it seems like i'm not sorted to put on makeup hahaha
thumbnail looks a little like jennifer lawrence
i love ur work everytime i try to do one of ur videos i look awsome thanks to u ♡♡
Another amazing tutorial from the master. What a beautiful and sweet model. Breath taking.
This is so gorgeous. The model is so sweet and lovely and is just so beautifil!. Ms. Lisa you are so talented! Please do a tutorial on your makeup! I love how natural it looks! Just become a new subscriber
I really love lisa's videos. I also think the models really pretty. sometimes it looks like her eyes are a bit lopsided. but her lashes are so pretty even without makeup.
What a sweet model, I like her a lot!
It looks so effortless when Lisa applies it. Love this look, I'm going to try it out. I even have the lippie already. :)
this is my absolutely favorite make-up look of all time. Thank you so much for filming it :)
Check my channel out please...would appreciate it :)
She's sooooo beautiful!
It must be so happy to make someone feel better 
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