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Skyrim - UPSKIRT - Part 209

by TobyGames • 171,632 views

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Yay facecam! I like seeing his reaction :3
Which facecam does he use?
oh God please let this all be an act- I cannot think that he is this numb- he still never learned how to grind out smithing or other basics- ughh- ok wait- I think he is doing this on purpose- oh how smart- that MF Dink
ancano is a dickbutt
I like when he puts the face camera. It's such a fantastic face and it's nice to see 
Toby! Your face! Ahhhhhh!
Many in the Order? Harry Potter? :'U
For god sake do the dark brotherhood quest!!!
Careful, Toby, that college campus has stranger danger written all over it.
my question right now is: why is there so many comments on trying to get people to look at their channels? i'm confused. :s
YESSS FACE CAM! Err Merr Geerrrd!
Lol I hate random unexpected counters with other characters especially during combat.
Lol that fugitive came to me and gave me an enchanted dwarwen helmet and I waited for ever for him to come and in the end I sold it.
No, seriously I have no idea what is going on in this conversation.
Dude, I'm a bro as well, but seriously please stop comparing PewDie to other YouTubers. Just because PewDie has facecam and have the same intro/outro doesn't mean Toby is copying PewDie! What do you expect? Toby's an LPer much like PewDie, but they have different playing styles which makes them different. If you're a bro you'd represent PewDie in such a manner not compare him to other YouTubers. Also, comparing PewDie to other YouTubers will give him a bad edge so think before commenting.
watch it twice once looking at toby and once looking at the game
open console with ~ and then klick the guy , then type removeallitems player and his itiems and so his robes will go to you!
Stop the hatin'. Be a bro, and an audience. Or pick a side, or neither. This isn't college football. So people, just stop bunching up your panties and enjoy the videos. Really. Bro-Audience and proud.
He means the teenagers looking up the videos and Toby's like 27 I think
I caught myself only looking at the face cam <3 haha, this is awesome!
random fugitive in a college. nothing out of the ordinary i guess.
I don't mean to give anybody a bad name. There is just something weird going on. I don't mean to annoy anybody, I don't mean to piss anybody off. Thats it. I still LOVE Toby. This thing that I think is true wont let me hate Toby.
So, when was he over-encumbered? He's walking as if he is, at least.
Toby, you look like an 11-year-old in this facecam'd video.
FACECAM! My life is now complete. No, wait. I want to see you playing amnesia Custom stories, ever since you finished amnesia ): AND I want a VIP ticket to sit right next to you^^ Thankbuscus^^
Well what do you expect 1 . This is the internet 2 trolls and 3 you just came and started hating on toby for no reason but still i dont blame you at least we can agree that justin bieber sucks dicks thats what unites us and fuck my grammar im from bulgaria :d
Toby...Are you over-encumbered again?
Hahaha I cracked up on "Upskirt.... Upskirt..... Luckily he has 3..." xD
really? 9:30 instant reload without the loading screen? did you get a super pc? wew
I sneezed in a video first! Oh, the comment's two months old, never mind.
right at the beggining i was like " Toby dont trust him he looks like loki so he is evil!!!!" then toby was like "Idont trust hime. he looks like loki mang...he looks like a loki..dont trust a loki!" thin I was like " what just happened did ... did i just.... Wheeeeeeeewww I'm awsome!
Quaranir: Never forget that. Toby: Forget what?
Skyrim part 209 he finally does a face cam.
Pretty much every commentator has an intro/outro w/ dubstep. And they've all done facecams it's nothing new.
GAHH! DDD: WHY U NO LOAD? Last two Skyrim videos hate me D: -Sad Panda-
ur mom make me shake the bed!!!
YYyaaayyy!!! He put his face back on! I love watching his facail expressions they crack me up! :)
Not sure about the facecam... not for this game anyways.
who gives a fuck if they say join the audience, all fucking youtubers use some sort of catch phrase welcome to youtube now gtfo if you dont like what toby does. and everyone listens to and has dubstep now days -.-
Oh no, what haaaaapened...? Oooh Nooooo...! (guard comes over: "WHAT HAPPENED?!) XD XD
if you wait a little a Hunter will show up and ask you about the fugitive, who have stolen a radiant (random) item (the same item that he give to you), you can lie to him and tell him nothing, lie partially and say where the fugitive goes, but not tell about the item, or tell the truth and lost the item, if you choose anyone of the last two, the hunter will go to attack and murder the fugitive, after that you can murder him and loot his stuff, along with the one of the dying fugitive.
finnaly iv been waiting for tobys face
i sneezed in his 14th skyrim video o.o
I clicked the video and got comfortable by adjusting how i was sitting and suddenly i got a jumpscare from Toby saying:Hello once again audience!
I like looking at his face too much, I can't focus on the game now. This is what Toby must always feel like while playing Skyrim and recording-- totally distracted.
pewdiepie and toby are so freaking alike :L have you seen pewdiepies expression of toby in one of his gameplays? they sound so freaking alike :L but its awesome theres facecam now :DD
Toby turns on markers -> proceeds to continue at an unactivated quest -____-
says the bitch who is making 5 videos every 100 years that are worth shit -.-
Oh wow! Have you heard of iJustine? Olga Kay? They are playing games and have a own way to make people subscribe! Hell, I'm just gonna make my own youtube channel with games. Find out who I'm copying, and I'll give you a facepalm! Ops, already did!
Sometime it seems like it goes on but i still like seeing them lol! :)
The sound is weird on this vid. It sounds like he put the mic sound over the game sound, instead of just recording his computers overall sound. But I still love these episodes. :D
facecam was requested by us. fans. thats why he does it. not to copy pew crap man
i cant decide whether to watch toby or the game...GODDANGIT!
In my game, the Fugitive appeared in middle of a battle with a Dragon, after that he was killed by a Frost Troll, so i kill the Hunter too xD.
Go look at Toby's lazy vlog 'Bro Wrist'. He explains it all there. The webcam was a present from his mother, and he's not just going to not use it because another youtuber does. The dubstep song has been out for ages, he just decided to add it to the end, so stop whining. 'Join the Audience' is nothing like 'Become a Bro'. Toby is more famous than Pewdiepie anyway, he doesn't need to copy anyone. They both play video games to make people laugh, people just need to stop making it a competition
I see his face !,,,,,,,,,
Toby, if you go along with the Thieves guild quest then you get to become a nightingale and get awesome armour and even further along you get an amazing bow! :D
Hes one of those annoying bros/trolls who says that EVERYONE is copying Pewdiepie. But bros that arent like that, you guys are awesome.
Yeah, you're right. Although Toby's thousands of fans have been BEGGING him in every video to do facecams and after a few YEARS of doing videos he finally decided to give in to what the fans wanted, he's copying Pewdiepie. Definitely. Because Pewdie is the FIRST person on Youtube to do facecams, also. No one ever did it before him. I'm a fan of both Pewdie and Toby, but it's fans like you that give Pewdie a bad name.
Actually toby is doing the facecam cause the audience asked for it a lot, and everything else you said toby did before pewdiepie
Be careful! .... All right, then. xD
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