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by TobyGames • 113,754 views

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You make me laugh waaaaay too much xD
There are to much pedofiles in this game....
Your laugh is amazing.
I've been waiting for him to finally talk to Peatrice but he never seems to notice her..
I'm starting to question if Toby's still a child-friendly gamer :U
"I highly suggest you call the cops, this man's a pervert" LOL.
toby im a tobuskin i sub to you i like your vedos ......
Oh gosh, Toby doesn't know that the pedophile is Kukiel's father... XD
Toby you need to do a playthrough of Lollipop Chainsaw!! :)
This game is perfect for toby. Lots of weird characters that toby can voice over xD.
Holy cow three advertisements almost in a row
Toby make himself the only normal person on Skyloft XD
@Bethie13 he does. And he rolls back in his chair.
Tobuscus should play "Revenge Of The Sunfish" I would like to see what he thinks of the game.
But....but I thought nothing could get through the cloud barrier....
Fi and Scrapper are the cutest couple <3
Toby your pedophile voice kinda sounds like Herbert from family guy.
Does this remind anybody else of Herbert from family guy.
I think Tobuskin is a better word for it...And I'm not sure why...
why does he not equip his new shield?
am i the only one that started yelling at toby " YOU SAW THAT PROPELLER SOMEWHERE. QUIT TALKING TO THE PEDO AND GOOOOOO"
I laughed alot this episode! =)
as many many people have said before.... someone needs to hire you to do the voices for video games...
We enjoy watching someone play a game while being hilarious. If you don't, go away.
Tobys high pitch voice sounds like mr Herbert from family guy.
i highly sugest you call the cops, this man is a pervert, you should be not talking to him.kkkkkkkkkkkkkk i laughed so much at this part
Why do you call him a pedophile?
Well, You're welcome. WELL, I ALSO BELIEVE THAT'S HOW IT'S PRONOUNCED. Makes sense, that is.
does link get dizzy from the change in atmospbere thinkness ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
".... my, WIIIIFFFE.. Get it? 'cause im into WOOOMMEENNN.. right? hehaheheahheha me: O___O..... (Explodes into laughter) *boom*
Blew my grandpas what tobuscus? :D
f****in scrapper. i hate you, maybe Toby will too.
master, i highly recommend that you call police immediatly and run
even for tobygames this was a really funny episode
Love these so much, keep up the great work Toby!
I think the roulette thing is for fun fun island
The happy spinny robot part should be a highlight
Merp I'm a little douchebag! Lol Toby! You are definitely changing....
The mechanic sounded like Joe Swanson from Family Guy for a second
The best parts of his Zelda play through is taking to the pedophile and all the creepy people in this game xD
this was probably the funniest Zelda episode yet, Toby. Your voices are priceless
Heyyyy Now! Watch It! That's no way to talk to someone who just saved your life! You worthless piece of shh! What the fff! Hahaha! XD
if you watched his e3 video. he says its wwwiiiiuuuu
"puts a lump in my pumpkin" lololwow
"Master, I think I am in love" XD
And Scrapper's Kind Of A Douchebag.
what is that song he plays after the video is over and you just see his dog and it says, click like or he will pee on you? sounds epic XD. can some1 plz answer?
has toby cleaned that ladys house with the blower thing yet?
WWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeOOOOOOOOOOOooo!!!! thats what he said when fallin to his death lava of hot rock place LOL... ._. what? he is so funny... lol
He said Scrapper was a douchebag! :D
are you the voice of Leo and Satan????
01:30 "no matter which way its...blowing" lost it
"Tobuscus, that robot is very attractive. I have the hots for him. Would you mind if I moved in with him?" im suprised toby didnt yell "YES GOOD LORD HILT WOMAN GO LIVE WITH HIM AND GET OUT OF MY HILT!"
word man im up to the trial in he desert in hero mode freaken guard dudes so annoying
Toby needs to do his Kronk voice more often!!
the creepy guys voice sounds like the old creepy guy from family guy
"My wife. Get it? Like I'm into women.." Oh my Buscus, I bursted out laughing at this part!!!!
"Well, the windmill's pretty smart, see. You can turn the windmill so it always catches the wind, no matter which ways it's... blowing." SEXUAL INNUENDO. o__O
~I got this propeller here in my pocket, if ya wanna come an get it~
Who else can picture Toby lift his head back when he laughs loudly?
i call that pedophile herberd the pervert (from family guy) but its also an epic song :)
5:48 "...You little piece of sh--! What the f---!" i like how he effortlessly did that :p
Toby, just so you know, you don't have to press B to open your parachute when you're diving into the lazer beams or onto the main island. Link does it automatically.
scrappers into sci-fi bondage smurf sword handle girls.
toby i think ur in the wrong place...
first time i see Toby play this game. It's kinda faggy, isn't it?
He figured out how to get Scrapper awfully fast...HEY he is FINALLY pronouncing Fi correctly! 'Bout time.
scrapper: DAMM! IMMA HIT THAT!
Get it? like I'm n to women?" xD
I almost died laughing the whole time between the pedophile and fi and the cute robot
I died when he said master I highly advise you call the police this man is a pervert
That should be Fi's job, to tell Link to call the cops. And to dte robots. ZZZRRP
longest wheeew i ever heard lol!
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