True Facts About The Chameleon

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Here are true facts about the Shawmahlawliawn.
"what is it, the chameleon?, mmm, that word really looked like it was more fun to say." yeah, I too wished to pronounce it as Shawmahlawlilsadhdfje- ah dang it ;-; btw, nice Team Desu Profile pic "How do you know who I am? ;-;"
"If you were Jiminy Cricket, you would shit your pants right...about...now." Kills me every time XD
"Cool little alien karate chop hands" I fucking lost it
It's 2 am and I just lmfao omg I'm dying!
I lost my shit at "... The chameleon uses both of its eyes to lock onto it's prey... if you were Jiminy Cricket, you'd shit your pants... right. About. Now." XD im still laughing!!!
Fuck this guys funny lol.
This is how a Chameleon do
I love love love this channel. So great...Another really cool thing about Chameleons is that, independent of the Praying Mantis, they both evolved that back and forth motion while sitting on a branch. I believe it's to blend in with breeze blown foliage and hide from their prey, largely insects, which is the same for both creatures. 
Cool! I didn't even think about why they do that. You learn something new every day!
Since the color change happens due to mood, it is basically what chameleons have instead of eyebrows or lips, using them to tell their room mate that they should stop leaving their towels lying round. 
Do i feel like walking yes no yeees XD hahah lost it hahah 
'Do I feel like walking? Yes, no, well.... maybe.. Yes.. nooo'
1:08 wait, he actually got the cricket... except while its head was covered in sticky flesh he was still grabbing the stick and kept holding until he was able to sling shot himself to safety. What a badass, let's see true facts about the cricket if you ever come back.
You want an animal that actually DOES change its color to camouflage?  Try the octopus.  It can even change its texture, going from smooth to lumpy to rough to everything in between.
Don't forget the cuttlefish. :D
+Jose Suarez "Like the lactose intolerant cheesemaker, the cuttlefish is unaware of its own gifts." the was a good video
I just got confused on "If someone says you disquise yourself like a chameleon say your mom
Laugh Out Loud Overdose!
"How do you take your coffee, one hump or two? I mean, I just want to hump you." XD
"Do I feel like walking...? Yeah. No. Maybe. Well.. Yes.. No. Yes." I am dead.
This is probably the funniest videos I`ve seen about chameleons in my entire life xD Do you mind if I borrow one of your lines for a presentation I have to make?
Hey, zefrank1 - you should know that this video has been freebooted. Here's a link for proof   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152866963148084&set=vb.127835543083&type=2&theater
1:30 Why is that shamalameleon dry-humping a tree branch?
I had a chameleon once, I lost him.
Bwhahahaha, awesome narrator to educate while being funny! Thanks for posting. :)
hmmm... exploding.. but at least while they are dying then know they love eachother, right?
Sounds like that "dear kitten" guy. Probably is I would assume.
"Look I'm a little chicken" I died
Oh they are kind of creepy 😅
"Look I'm a little chicken" I will say that and nobody understands.
Look i'm a little chicken. HOLY SHIT I LOST IT!
"Do I feel like walking?"
christian richard Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
Tres bonne vidéo,accouplement,nourriture,bébés etc
How do you take your coffee?... one humps or two? gets slapped
Good job they don't need glasses.
im crying this is so funny lol
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA omg your so funny hahaha 
"So when someone tells you you change colors like a chameleon just say... your mom. That will get them to shut up quickly." XD
01:34 he cannot be serious anymore XD
He had to show how hard he can groove her booty. 
my life was a lie i thought they change colors to disguise
"Here are true facts about the Shamelaleong"
"Oop, red rocket, let's blur that please." LOL
Just say "your mom" lol... red rocket lol blur that
look im a little chicken!
Your voice makes these videos worth it. Super funny! Alien karate chop hands.
If chameleons french they explode... I lost it at that one!
You should do turtles
You are really funny =D nice documentary Ha! Ha!
Don't they have the power to end its life ?
do a turtle please
Unfortunately my Jackson chameleon passed away....
Lmfao. This is the best one
Do one of sugar gliders
The Shaymaleone. Officially the new name for the Chameleon.
the way he said chameleon in the beginning XD
Haha,so funny!!! OMG I love this guy!!!
This is fucking hilarious xD And educational. 
Look, I'm a little chicken.
look imma lil chicken
"Look I'm a little chicken" I died of laughter (ಥ﹏ಥ)
xD I completely lost it the first four seconds. "Interesting facts on the chameleon"
Do true facts about the komodo dragon!
"Cool little alien karate chop hands" ~ LOLOLOLOLOLOL
The way the chameleon's face looks like @ 0:33 had me laughing for hours on how stupid it looked. LOL.
Oop red rocket..but it sounded funny but looked gross XD
This is the best thing ever!
I had a feeling this was going to be done!! HAHA
Zefrank1 you should a true facts about house cats
What's the song called?
Some chameleons still use camouflage
My family love's your video's
"Look, I'm a little chicken."
the video froze at 0:54 ... IT WON'T BLINK
sooo is it a visual language?
Right... About... Now!
Shamlaneon AHHAAHAHA
what the hell is a red rocket?
Lily bird Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
awesome stuff , glad im not Jimminy cricket
"Shameleleon" That should be a word
"Cool little alien karate-chop hands"
do true facts about the tandril. look it up 
"look im a little chicken."
Do I feel like walking?? Oh look I'm a little chicken XD
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