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MW3 Tips & Tricks: USAS vs STRIKER - MOST Powerful Shotgun in MW3? (Modern Warfare 3)

by I2awInstinct • 222,280 views

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USAS stands for united states assault shotgun
Crap. I can't decide, they're my favorite shotguns
2:25... HeadShot? LOL?, he missed the shot xD
I bet that i win anyone if they using striker and im using usas 12
The usas comes with built in light weight
Sorry meant extreme conditioning
I hate the Striker 12 in real life.  Takes forever to load and it's really tedious.  The USAS 12 have a 10 round box in real life and is full auto.
but i prefer the striker so the striker is my shotgun
the striker is better as its better rate of fire if you give it range the striker is beast
Every time I try the striker its like I gotta shoot people three times, and the USAS is like god. So I am biased.
usas is the best shot gun
noob if u use steady aim if you aim the spread is bigger XD
Usas the best shot gun man crazy but true.
usas15 is the best trololololo
Striker for the rate of fire Usas for damage
Usas is better but it takes so long to get gold :)
Usas is an amazing weapon. With damage and grip, one can get plenty kills.
usas is better it shoots faster 
Sure Usas i love it
I got ksg gold first then usas then striker
The usas is good but the striker is faster becuase of semi automatic i think it is faster though thats what i like with range
My favorite weapon is usas. I got gold in just 5 days
i get like 2 prestiges in 5 days lol.
yah me2 usas is wayyh better cause of damage and magzine but da striker i like it cause of rate of fire but it reloads slow and it doesnt suprise me
the striker, you are like rambo
ok think of it this way the striker takes one more shot than the usas and thats why it has 12 shells but when you have damage and range the striker will be better off close usas long range well sorta and i like the striker better just coz i got it gold
dude, didint u get sick of it? listen lets say he was JUST showing the powerful of the shotgun, did he get permission? NO, BUT he did AFTER we kept commenting about it, so YOU STFU, there is many things you dont know about youtube and youtube video makers soooo, really STFU
lol fully automatic usas is legit but semi auto striker is ok then
3. The actual damage of the pellets isn't nearly important as the pellets to kill. 4. Not even going to mention the damage and range proficiencies? 5. Usas was never buffed, it just got the emags glitch built in.
I would say usas 12 for rushing game and for more running around. So I go for usas 12
U r a fucking copycat mutherfucker. Dick.
The striker is rubbish, specially on infected as the reload time will let the infected get the knife up your ass but the USAS has a better fire rate and quicker reload and the only thing I would complain bout it is the clip size. Thumbs up if you think the USAS is better than the Striker. Dislike if you like the Striker in which case f*uck you!
SpasMyDogs has some really good gameplay with the shotguns
Yea i agree with angryveemon srry
Max just just quit Youtube!! And taking SPASMYDOGS video is just faggot move
dude, rawinstinct used footage from a guy he is crediting in the description... he didn't stole it
omgggg all you lot like 'omgg you stole spazmydogs videos' shut up. you ever think he coulda got permission to use his videos?
So when is your first black ops video gonna come out then? a day after tmartn or iflyillini?
0:00 You're watching another TmarTn commentary... sry Max, better luck next time
STFU! hes making a difference between weapons for the second time not making a game play stupid. if he was lazy he wouldn't spend his time taking other peoples videos. hes just trying to show you which one is more powerful by showing videos of other people.
raw inscint copied and pasted videos from tmartn ali-a and iflyillini
i really like usas12, cuz it has good range and good one shot kill with damage profficiency, i usually kill the enemy striker shotgun by one shot kill from long and short range. striker is good for the amateour people i think :D
Actually I've gotten good K D in matches with the ksg.
USAS-12 is a Semi-auto SPAS. Striker proves stupidity.
i don't know why, but it feels like it's correct even though i think it's wrong :\
Fake! Max copied Tmartn and iflyillin on videos and copied Ali-a for icon
USAS by far, screw the stricker and all of its over powerd ness
in hipfire u used steady aim -_-
You can't really compare those guns. One is an automatic while the other is semi-auto.
Spasmydogs video fucking theif
Really good video. I prefer the striker, as im a sprayer.
Spas is best but out of these 2 striker
I find the USAS the best shotgun to use because most of the time its one shot kill and is better in everyway.
the usas if you want striker you need range perk
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