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Ants Beheaded by Tiny Fly!

by SourceFed • 198,336 views

Order your SourceFed Posters here: ‪‪‬‬ The recently discovered world's smallest fly is also an ant decapitator. Our Source:

Nature is a bitch.... Sometimes. Only if you're a bitch to nature.
There is a parasite in the ocean that gets eaten by fish intentionally, only to hold onto the tongue. The parasite grows by eating the tongue of the fish and some of the food it eats. Eventually, the parasite replaces the tongue, and begins to eat all of the food the fish eats, effectively starving it.
Dolphins are the only other mammals to have sex for pleasure, the more you know :D
How many times did you puke in beetween taping sessions?
Cats and rats and elephants but as sure as you're more you're never going to see a freaking unicorn.....Chowwow
Female squids die right before the babes hatch and a mother scorpien will kill and eat her yung if they are still live with/on her
I want to learn more nature stuff from you guys! :D
he's getting a beard.. Shave it Joe! Shave it!
On average, there is 50,000 spiders per acre of land.. or so I've read on a nature fact app once upon a time.
the only other animal that has the urgue to enact revenge other than humans are wolves
One weird fact about an animal is "In Alaska it is illegal to whisper in someone’s ear while they're moose hunting."
Ya well honey badger dont give a shit
Joe is awesome. Cracks me up every video.
Bugs bodies are turned inside out. Polaris bears have black skin. Tigers skin has stripes just like their fur. Giraffes have blue tongues.
Clown fish maintain one breeding male and female pair, rest are all males. When female dies, breeding male becomes the breeding female and next largest male grows larger. Yep, Nemo's dad is a pre-op transexual. I wonder why they didn't include that in the movie.
I read this as "Ants Beheaded by Tina Fey." I was very confused.
A shark's taste buds are in the back of its throat.
The female praying mantis rips off the male's head during intercourse.
Born Not more Damn voice recognition
Fish can change their gender at will.
i thought i read that this type of monkey or something did it for pleasure to.
Theory includes data....dummy
A leopard can carry 2 times it's body weight into a tree. Thanks Daniel Tosh!
The only food koalas eat gets them drunk
Might I suggest fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva?
Thailand is weird, they have bees who eat tears and flies who decapitate ants...
that is right, and I realized it after I posted it. Just didnt think anybody would care enough to correct it.
i thought that the zombie apocalipse refered only to humans
There's apparently versions of that fungus that affect many species of insects and some other creatures...what if theres one that affected humans.
Did you know dolphins are the only other animal that feels pleasure when doing it?
Tuna off the coast of Papa New Guinea travel in a cube formation to look bigger and more menacing as a pack
They are kinda like tarantula hawks
think this fly is horrifying? check out the botfly
The female spotted hyena has a clitoris that is larger then the male's penis, and they will use them to rape males a s a sign of dominance. If impregnated the female also gives birth to her young by PASSING THEM THREW HER CLIT WHICH WILL RUPTURE TO LET THE BABIES OUT. I am so not making that up at all. Fucking OW.
There is a parasite that lives in a crabs egg pouch so when a crab inserts eggs into the pouch, the parasite will eat them and lay its on eggs in the pouch
if it makes you any happier... ants are everywhere except in maybe a hand full of places, they are even on beaches for crying out loud, and the death of one animal is only the cycle of life, it helps shape the ant population so us humans dont become ant food in the near future.
joe won the beard off! no.. it was steve.... i can't decide!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!
holy crap im never going to see ants the same ever again...D:
i have a horrible phobia of ants and i was squirming through this whole video
A certain parasite lets a fish's tongue die off by sucking out all the blood. Then it replaces the tongue and feeds on blood and saliva for the rest of its life.
A lobsters teeth are in it's stomach
ihate ants........they steal my food >:(
Female hyenas have false penises
Steve totally won the beard-off........
a whales mouth is the size of a one car garage
me smoke weed me so dump me make noises out my bum
Cuttlefish can release ink in the shape of their own body and use it as a decoy. They are ninja.
I'm pretty sure the fungus part is the basis for the PS3 game, The Last of Us. Very cool.
I watched this before bed... Oh lord
Starfish eat by throwing up its stomach and then ingesting it after.
a komodo dragon's saliva is so infectious that it can kill you in 1 hour if the saliva got caught onto an open wound.
humans have the largest penises in relation to body size of any mammal
I got two, the horned lizard's self defense is to squirt pressurized blood out of it's eyes at it's attackers eyes. Coyote's have been known to go blind from this. The second is my State's official lizard, the blue tale lizard. Not only can these ladies drop they're tail to evade and distract predators they are all female. Not a single male exists in the species; however they still need to have sex with each other to stimulate the A-sexual process.
That is AWESOME. Do you have any idea what it's called?
if i said every random fact about nature I know it would be like "200 minutes or less"
Early on in life a male angler fish will act as a parasite to a female. The male cannot disattach himself once this has been done and will soon loose most of it's inner organs and depend their lives on the female angler fish. Depending on how the female feels about the male, she can choose to let him live on her, or kill him in an instant by distaching him from her flesh, potentially killing herself in the process.
Naegleria fowleri is a brain eating amoeba that can be found in fresh water lakes. When a person swims in said lakes the amoeba enters the human body through the nostril and effects the central nervous system. From there, the amoeba climbs along nerve fibers through the floor of the cranium and into the brain. The organism then begins to consume cells of the brain piecemeal...
Got really excited because upon first glance at this title I thought it said "Ants Beheaded By Tina Fey"
Swimmers itch is caused by a parasite that lives in snails then waterfowl and during the transition sometimes finds swimmers to give itchy thingys
I learned about that fungus in science class this year. Disgusting.
The lancet fluke Dicrocoelium dendriticum forces its ant host to attach to the tips of grass blades, the easier to be eaten. The fluke needs to get into the gut of a grazing animal to complete its life cycle. Yup. saw that on animal planet.
Well considering you were using biology as your case and statistics as your proof, and so was I. If you were to prove me wrong, the subject was Biology, not statistics. Also, just because you made a joke, doesn't mean I'm not allowed make a counter joke, it's called a deadpan. Finally, according to Oxford Concise Dictionary: Exponential: 1, (Maths) of or indicated by a mathematical exponent. 2, (of an increase) more and more rapid QED
Cordyceps actually come in over 600 different species and each one attacks a certain type of insect or arachnid. It's been seen from everything from ants [as you mentioned] to crickets, moths, butterflies, tarantulas. The ant variety is the only one that actually goes all mind-control, though, so it is actually fucking terrifying. The Happening should've been about these fuckers. x.x
Steve is the only living Ewok on the planet. And everyone wants an Ewok hug from Steve.
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