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Lee Hyo Ri (이효리) - Hey Mr. Big

by CJENMMUSIC Official • 1,080,173 views

이효리, 3집 It`s Hyorish 로 컴백 더블 타이틀 `U-Go-Girl``Hey Mr. BiG`상반된 매력 동시에 선보인다. `Hey Mr. BiG`은 최근 다시 열풍을 불러 일으키고 있는 유로 댄스 리듬에 일렉트로니카 사운드를 접목한 트렌디한 댄스 곡. `U-Go-Girl`은 티저 영상을 통해 곡의 일부가 이미 공개되었던 곡으로 힙합 비트에...

i like hyori very much but for me she will always stay that woman who said one time that she married an ugly husband so she doesnt have to be scared for cheating... o.o
Omfg! For 2 YEARS! 2 YEARS! I've been singing this song..but I had no idea where or who it came from....I finally found it! Omfg!!!
I didn't realize she changed so many times in this mv.....  Waiting for your comeback!!! 2015!! Let's go!
there's an angle of hers where she slightly looks like taylor swift..idk if its just me or she really have resemblance with t.swift
its the how her eyes are
Yayyyy.....this song finally got a million views <3"
I wish i could look like her T^T  She's too beautiful <3  i miss her T^T
i totally understand why is lee junho from 2pm well die for lee hyori she is extremely HOOOOOOOOOOT =)))) 
A Korean Queen , for sure
I had no idea I actually missed this type of KPop M/V and the outfit style wow
Oh my god, she is gorgeous O.O Also, great song 
lâu rồi và cũng đã rất lâu rồi ko nghe nhạc Hàn...
OMG!! The outfit in the Watch is WOOOW!!! Q Hyori has a great voice!
she is the korean Nicole Scherzinger!! :DDD
Stiil watch in 2014
I still love this song and singer too
I LOVE LEE HYO RI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         :3
Whenever feeling that i listen to this music, music is  good as well as the lyrics is so nice. 들을때마다 생각하지만 가사가 참 잘썼어
LEE HYORI I HOPE YOU CAN READ THIS !!! :( even though i know you won't I THINK YOU ARE JUST SO AMAZING !
Very Good... Love hyOri
still watch it in 2013
You should do a song with William May :)
Dobre ove japanke sisu im
Omg, I completely forgot about this song! #queenofkpop  
mr.saxobeat it 2010 mr.big 2009 girl
..this country has come a long way from war times..I salute you!!....
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That's exactly what it is! There was always something about Hyuna and her style but I could never point a finger on what was. I was even confused because I had no problems with Hyori and her sexy image. Now it all makes sense! I love Hyori's smile.
ok so as she does 'looks' well then every other idol shouldn't or can't do it too..... pfft how silly.
I'm a fan of Hyuna Lee Hyori much as I q both have a different style which makes q both are so famous in the world of music even compare with Lee Hyori Hyuna truth is the two are different in many other things.
She's starting to age a little :(. She was timeless for so long.
QUEEN of Kpop!!!!! Love her soo much <3
why do you guys keep talking about hyuna? this is a lee hyori's video not hyuna's
and hyori has a cool personality whereas hyuna also tries to be cute...its like girl, calm your tits, dont be so greedy, leave the cute concept for, sexy+chipmunk voice+aegyo all the time=just who are you?
every time i come back and watch this video the top comments are about the same thing. never fails.
why do u think so? plz search , listen and see her face when she was young. Fin.K.L
Well sure, Hyuna doesn't portray sexiness in a classy way but I wouldn't say Hyori does either...
Perfect legs..Perfect arms... Perfect waist... Perfect dance moves...Perfect face...Perfect bare underarms... Envious is what i'm getting to........
hyori unnie~ please come back sooon
you are just a piece of shit that needs to be killed. racist should be killed. and i am not going to explain you why everyone is beautiful because you have mental issues. if u saying hyori was ugly then i have to say to-shoot urself please. koreans r beautiful, every fucking race is beautiful and lee hyori is even more beautiful. so get lost please
can u guys stop comparing hyuna and hyori? both are great, lee hyori is the queen of kpop, and hyuna is a great dancer, and she's not a slut, is cube fault, both are beautiful<3
at the clock part the MV ppl photoshopped fake boobs.....
I watch her behind the scences and she's always laugh. She is also the queens of "sexy" and music in Korea
sorry my bad..i typed too fast:D i know her name is hyori and hyorin it's a member of sistar band:P
hyuna did u find your place ah it nowhere cuz the queen is here
hyorin<3 gosh i love this woman!
Why does everyone talk about Hyuna on Hyori's videos? Seriously
30> old but sexy so hot............queen Kpop
Wish people would stop hating on Hyuna on hyoris videos, getting boring......
이발소집 딸래미--많이컸찌
her voice is so sexy...I wanna be her girlfriend.
Is that why Hyuna is getting 40-50 million views and Hyori is bearly reaching a million XD Hyori is hotter but not by a big amount.
She can say no all she wants, company can force her to do it still.
Her hair colour in this is what mine is :D Omg her hair is much more amazing than mine though! :D
I absolutely love Hyori! She's probably my all time favorite kpop star:) But what's with all the hate for Hyuna? Just enjoy the video!
are you jealous of her because she has life, money, bf, fame and beauty? LOL you have no rights to say such things you fucking racist bitch. you need to shut your dirty mouth. do u think u can speak abt anything on the internet? you are extremely pathetic. I feel sorry for you. Hello it is 21st century and u don't have an proper education and morals. Your mommy and daddy couldn't afford your tuition fee? or you were born this stupid or you are mentally ill?
ye she doesnt luk desperate and dont dance proactive, watever she does will be sexy, more like a classic sexy.
ลี เฮียว ลิ น่ารักเสมอจร้า
And Koreans complain that she can't sing. She sounds wonderful.
이땐 정말예뻣었는데 ,,,,,,,,,지존이엇다,,,,,,,,이때로 돌아갈순없니 효리누나,,,
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