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by Olga Kay • 1,559,291 views

Make out with me or Toby by playing the AXE Kissing Chaos App on Facebook AXE Official Kissing Chaos App AXE Official Facebook page Lynx...

I love how Gabuscus was on the very top and then fell off, lol
gabuscus? its tobuscus
How to get men. A) wash your cunt. B) remove knickers and expose the aforementioned cunt (now clean) C) hope to dear God you don't look like the skanky, ugly bitch that makes these videos.
Me and Toby for life. I luv him toooooooo much. I'm obsessed and I want him to tackle meeeee. Lol
Too bad he stopped playing ROBLOX, his ROBLOX videos were hilarious
tobyXolga <3 I am sad.... I LUV TOBY THO
I laughed way too hard when Gabe fell off.... pffftttttthahahhaahhahahahahhahahahahahaha
Why can't Toby do that to me cries in corner
Wish you guys didn't break up you're both pretty hot and shit
What country do you and toby turner live in
RONALD JENKEES. omg I love him. He makes great music. I can't believe that someone noticed him.
aww and she and Toby were sooooo cute togetha
If axe did half the things ppl advertise it to be it would never be on the shelves
2:10 I wonder how would a random walker react if he suddenly saw on the street some group of people doing this. :D
i going to send u dick picks <3
Where do you gett that to have boyfriends
Love you moosh mommy how are you sooo pretty
You look like a tall and healthier version of Anna Kendrick!
Olga you are great💏💏💏💏💏💏💏
Me and Toby for life. I luv him toooooooo much. I'm obsessed and I want him to tackle meeeee. Lol
Juggle your fate OLGA KAY >:( you dont deserve him!
sorry your good but i prefer toby
I'm not trying to be rude, but is that really appropriate? Seriously people, STOP comparing youtubers...everyone has a different style. Everyone has a different way of doing things in videos...but seriously don't be comparing...that is possibly the worst feedback you can give. Having a preference is ok, but sharing to someone that you like someone better than them is not. That's like having twin babies and saying "nah I like the other one better, fuck this baby." 
He did not want her now he like her
You can be my friend! Because I love Toby !!!!!! :)
i:-) love:-) your :-) vids:-)
I love this video. I've seen it so many times but still it makes me laugh :D You are all pretty great actors, I love it!!! The best is when Toby's trying to hide his laugh :DD
I want that spray please order that for me
I need a bf where did you get that at Also share on google
Hahaha! This was great. 
what a wanna be tobuscus!
I have those pajamas!
Omg I have the same pjs as her!
I have that deoderant... If only Toby was here... ;)
I want that spray please order that for me
I think you shood have him👍💜💜💋💋💋👑👑👑👑🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈
i love him tho :c (cries)
Why did Olga and Toby break up?
The guy who fell off of her was Gabuscus
XD Gabes face at 2:12 priceless XD speaking of DAT RAIP FACE
"Which youtuber I should be dating next" Right...Because unless they're youtubers, they're useless, right?  Elitist...
I came here for boobs. I was not disappointed.
Are you and Toby dating
Is Toby your real boyfriend?
they use to date but broke up.
Lol have same pajamas
2:12 is HILARIOUS! Try to pause there xD
This was extremely enjoyable.. I had not watch this video..
hi olga I have only today started watching your videos and I have subscribed because your awesome, so I could you please check out mine and my friends if you don't mind thank you very much
овца заданатенная на ютубе
Girls with glasses are nympho's, probably likes her beautiful ass licked.
"But hey , i can juggle balls" do she mean waht i think she does !
On a random video stream and i like this opening so im subscribing
x) Jacksfilms and Gabuscus.
Actually I have Axe for men even though I'm a girl because I like to spray it on my pillow. I don't actually wear it, I just like to smell it. Don't judge me.
This is just toooooooo discuting
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