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Amanda's Gymnastics Skills

by SevenCoolTweens • 1,636,341 views

Amanda shows you a few of her gymnastics moves!

she looks like Kaelyn from SSG.
I go there lol I didn't know anyone who is on these channels lives never me!!!!!!!!
Can I join your group 👧👧👩👩👧
+Alexa Antonio I agree with you. At first I actually thought it was kaelyn at first😃
She didn't want to show her gym name
My gym goes level 8 to 1 I am level one which is the highest group
she looks like kaeyln from ssg a little
You look exactly like Kaelyn from ssg
kaelyn looks pretier than her than her she looks a little bit weard
I like this video
She kinda looks like kaelyn from sgg
You mean ssg ( seven super girls)
that was a funny pic in the middle
she looks like kaelyn from SSG OMG
u look a little bit like Kaylen form ssg. don't u think :O
omg! yr so good u should of joined sgg i am a level 2 gymnast xD going to level 3
whats her channel called?
She has a channel? 
You're great at gymnastics
Wow your amazing at gymnastics!
Im only beginner advance and I can do all of that
This was the video I watched that got me into gymnastics when I was 11 and now I'm nearly 13 And I'm a level 6 Thankyou so much amanda :)
Amanda you want to join my Channel? :)
Can I? Email me at
+Taylor Jones Yes you can sorry that i ddint respond in a month i was busy with school.. and im making a video tomorrow
Wow she's awesome at gymnastics! She's almost the same level as me :)
Your a great gymnast Amanda!
I can do skills 1 though 9 and 14 and 17 anyways good job:)
Omg, you are literally my idol, I only started gymnastics 10 months ago, and idk what level I am But I do have my back handspring, front hanspring, front tuck, back tuck, and all of the basic skills
Doesn't she remind you of Kaelyn in Seven Super Girls?
She sorta looks like Laura Marano from Austin and Ally
yea i saw a picture that is very random lol 
You are really good but your backhandspring needs work by keeping your legs together!
I have to do that stuff to and I am level 5 and also if u have time go to my friends page at Mercedeslightwood and Madison shoff
How can you do a video on YouTube
Hi amanda your very good at gymnastics hey Check my Channel out felixblecoolgymnastics
How can you do that can you teach me
Wow! Ur really good good job Amanda!!
you should straighten your back leg in the splits i mean at my dance if i dont straighten my back leg my teacher will get so mad
Isn't it SCT insted of STT?
Outstanding job! I loved it! I wish I knew you so you could give me lots of tips! But I don't
I am only in level 7
she does look like kaelyn
Level seven....I'm a aces......that's level three and four....I can almost do a round off backhand spring.
You Bent your leg when doing the splits
Can u on ur next video do a press handstand
R u reading a script or something in the beginning
Kiss your hand and repost this there will be a pink ipod under your pillow
i can do ALL hahahahahahaahahahahhahaha! ur being a show off so theres what i can do i can do all the tricks jealous!?
You look like kaelyn from seven super girls
im level 0 cause i dont do gymnastics but i love doing gymnastics though
Good skills but try to point your toes and straighten your legs it will really help you in gymnastics
wh u have shorts on top of your leo?
@gymnasticgirl421 then you must actually be level 7 cuz I'm level 5 and I can't do that
Say iPhone five times then post this to two other videos then look under your pillow
I Hope we can be friend and Love your Show.
She is on level 7 and did 20 moves
Purple cupcake eater she does gymnastics so of corse she does that
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