My Skin Care Miracle: Acne.Org Regimen

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* http://www.acne.org/ * The Regimen http://www.acne.org/regimen.html * Acne.Org YouTube Page: http://www.youtube.com/user/DanAcneOrg Disclaimer: NOT SPONSORED. I purchased this skin care line with...

@MakeupByLeinaBaaaby how come ? I heard it's pretty at cleansing & smoothing out the skin, im still hesitated to buy it. should i ?
Would your skin stay as clear as when you are using the products? or as soon as you stop using them the pimples are gonna come back? Thank you and congrats for your new skin and life! =)
the skincare not the make up. I am so happy for you that you found what works for you. There are products that remove spots I actually use MaryKay even skin complextion and one of the things people dont realise is i use the acne treatments to make sure I dont get acne. Its never been a bad issue for me but if I dont use the product i get it. Yes sleeping with make up will break you out also the product in your hair will give you acne too so pull your hair back and change ur pillow case often
i ordered this skin care routine because of this video! &&honestly i love it! i've been using it for almost a month and it's really wonderful so thanks for posting this video =] i love having clear skin! <3
can u put down a link to that girl JERRICA or whatever her name is video??? thnx.
for almost a month and a half.... it cleared my face except a section of my cheeks...
I just purchased the kit. I hope it works its magic on me too.
OMG! now i understand why my face get worst. Clinic sucks! never use anything from Clinic again
My mom's acne got worse after using Clinque as well.
I know how you feel, Leina! Having acne is mortifying! :(
I have a son that is going through all this acne, stuff.He had the best skin in the family so I want to help him if I can and get him something that works. Misty******
i took accutane after everything possible wouldn't work..was on it for like 8 months and the only bad thing was the blood tests every month (eek needles). i was more emotional on it, but it really did work wonders for me and my brother. however, you still have to take care of your skin afterwards, and i do get an occasional breakout, but its not a big deal to me since my face used to look horrible.
My skin was really bad for about 2 months into the regimen before it started clearing up.. Gotta stick it out. It's worth it in the end.
@bulaklakura hi i also used the acne.org regimen. although i dont use it exactly as he says anymore, it really did take me a little over three months to stop breaking out so bad. but i read people that took up to 5 months. it really is different for everyone. I know he says use two pumps but if your skin is too irritated i would cut back a little bit. my skin got better when i didnt use as much as he said. and i used 2 or more pumps of moisturizer.
does this work on people that dont have acne but get a little bit of pimples ocassionally???
i have used skin id for years and it's ok but it didn't clear up my acne completely. it got better, definitely, but i would still break out pretty often so for the money you spend, if it doesn't get rid of it fully... i'm not all for it. i just quit using that & switched to acne.org
until now u still use the acne.org products?
you look like you was about to get emotional :( bt great vid , very personal very honest and im sure alot of ppl cn relate ...
Did you have oily or dry skin prior to using the regimen?
Could you do a foundation tutorial please??
i feel like i can't lay off the makeup cause i hate how i look without it i lovethis vid thanx soo much
I agree that Clinique is TERRIBLE. My mother and I went to their assistants and they helped us find the right 3-step to take home. When my mom used it, she said it didn't change her skin and same with me. It made my acne worse. And they got bigger. Plus Dramatically Different Moisturizer - SUCKS SHT. It made my skin super oily and it was barely oily before. They have good make up. Also, don't use Murad. That skin care line sucks as well. I'm going to try The Regimen. I'm so excited.
@TheRachelSpeaks do you have any friends in the us that can buy it for you?.. then ship it to you? OR you can email the company and tell them that you're very interested for them to ship out of the us to see what they say!
I tried the Clinique Acne Solutions 3-step skincare, it was soooo drying. This video was really helpful, thanks! I am going to try the acne.org products; I read that the guy changed the formula of the moisturizer n it's not as good as before though -_-
Thank you for sharing your story with us.
please tell me what powder you are using under your eyes, Thankyou, love your vids
I just bought it hope it does the job!
Heyy, could you film a tutorial on your makeup in this video please? (:
hey clinque broke me out too! What is this? Thank you for making this video sooooo much leina <3
How long did you use the acne system before it started to clear up your skin?
Did you have alot of blackheads? I do on my nose& it's GROSS& makes it oily & I want em GONEEEEEEEEEEEE :/
hi makeupbyleinabaaaby what do you use; if anything, to clear up the acne scaring that you talked about. ive got really bad scaring from my acne and i want some ways to get rid of them along with the current acne. your video makes me want to try the product or acne.org so thank you very much.
Yes it is true. wear a headband as close to your hairline as possible or use petroleum jelly to cover those little hairs to protect them from the bleaching.
and urr skin does look very beautiful!
I know how you feel I have acne too
Leina hows your skin so far? Im so desperate. I have horrible acne for years and Accutane did not help. This might be a miracle for me.
OMG, Clinique 3 step ruined my face too! I have had regular break outs ever since I used it! I'm currently using another system that seems to be working, but I will NEVER use Clinique again!
How long did you use it until you saw a difference and completely cleared?
proactiv works pretty well without drying your skin at all. u got to remember that everyone has different skin so different treatments will sometimes work better than others.
I just purchased this last night!!! All because of you. Thanks girlie.
That's awesome that this worked for you. I use another method that you mentioned-the dermatologist prescribed pills; Doxycycline 100mg. I was prescribed this when I literally had one pimple on my face.. the doctor said my face was 1 out of 10, 10 being the worst. The reason why I went to get the medication is because it got rid of those deep pimples/cysts and prevented acne in general. I still used it to this day because I only have to take a pill a day.
So what do you use to remove your make-up? cuz i wer light make-up too like foundation and blush. it says on the regimen that to cleanse your face with a cleanser for only 10 seconds or less. im just wondering how would that totally remove the make-up? do u remove make-up first with something else then proceed on the regimen? just wanna get some advice cuz i just recently bought the regimen from acne.org
hey i just watched your video and i see that your face has cleared up so muchhhhh and o i was just wondering how long did it take you to get your face all clear?
ur not the only one who had bad results after using cliniq products,many ppl did including my mom,she didnt have just breakouts but the skin looked like really bad and she had to take medicines to get rid of it,of course since then neither me nor mom will EVER use cliniq products
dan's regimen is pretty much god...not gonna lie. i love it
I'm on my second week of this treatment, and my skin is so clear already! It's very very VERY dry, and there's still a bit of redness, but I went from around 8 pimples at once, to just one tiny one on my face. I can't wait to continue on with this treatment to see how much better my skin will get. I feel so much better about my skin, and don't feel like I have to wear makeup all the time anymore. Thank you SO MUCH for this video, because I never would have even known about this system otherwise!
Hey Leina, i have a few questions that i'm hoping you can answer ! Ive had acne for years & its settled but its still bad i just want to be rid of it already! Ive tried many things & nothing seems to work i want to try these products, what kind of side affects should i expect Dryness, peeling, irritation? I have combination-oily sensitive, acne prone skin. How long did it take to see results im scared lol is it worth it? Are these the only products you used to clear up & maintain your skin?
how long did the flakiness and dryness last until u started to actually clear up? im on the system right now and im kinda panicking hehe
I love your skin!!! Im gonna go back on this regimen..ive been getting bad hormonal cystic acne! and still have scarring! thanks doll :)
@TearOfMangolia I saw that you said your face skin doesn't agree with the AHA+, I'm wondering if that is the same for me. Could you please tell me what your skin does with AHA and how it reacts please. I don't know if I like how my face skin reacts to the AhA, but I do know its worked wonders on along with the BP treatment on my back, but sadly my chest is still breaking out :( If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it, thanks!
its like u were saying everything in my mind, i have acne and i absolutely hate it and i can hide it w/ makeup and look pretty but i know its temporary but when i take my makeup off it makes me cry everytime i look at my face. it actually cleared up in the summer and came back cuz i started using the clinique acne solutions i went back to proactive but its still here, w/ all my scars i cant even look at my own family w/ this face, its disgusting. i wish to have nice healthy skin and be happy
How did you remove your make-up properly before cleansing? Thanks!
Hello there:) last Sat. NIght I saw this video and ordered the products right away, today I start the regimen !! Im so excited yet nervous wish me luck :0)
Everyone needs to know that IRRITATION OF THE SKIN is the primary cause of acne. That could mean dry skin, flaky skin, clogged skin but for the most part, skin that is irritated. That includes when you are washing or touching your face. DON'T scrub your face. For the longest time I was so frustrated when I'd try to scrub my acne away and it would only make it worse. That is because harsh scrubbing irritates the skin. So avoiding irritation should be everyone's main concern.
OMG , I have PERFECT skin until I used CLINIQUE . It's terrible ! Their stuff is terrible terrible for your skin . I never had any pimples until I used the 3 Step System .
wow clinique messed me up 2 n i thought it would really work lol
I can relate to this. Acne completely made me lose my confidence in myself for 2 whole years in college. I missed out on so much! Its better now and my life has changed.
What Lipstick are you wearing ? Its GORG !!
Maybe you have different skin type because i use Clinique, clinique make up & face wash and it works for me it clears my skin. but i am willing to try regimen.
ur beautiful inside and out =)
@Baby05851 Yesss, I use Neutrogena makeup remover wipes to take all my makeup off.
my big cousin susan had really bad acne and had to get lazer treatment so if it runs in my family at least i will know what products to use so thank you xx:)
i just watched your video and you inspired me. i just ordered the product and i'm hoping i will get the same results as you have. your skin looks amazing! i really hate looking at my face and i hope this will change. could you also provide the video that inspired you? thanks love!
i ordered this product bcus i saw this video! ive had probs wit my skin for yeaaars! the product cleared my skin :D IM so happy! EEEEEE!lol n wish id found it sooner so thank youu bcus without your video i wudnt of known about dan kerns product! <3
how did you cover up the dry-ness when you wore make up ?? was it noticeable tht your face was really dry ?
i ordered this product and im excited ! did you use jojoba oil?
Is all you use for your skin besides MAKEUP is the "Regimen"?
what makeup remover did you use when you were going through the drying up phase?
can you PLEASSSSEE do a makeup tutorial on this video i would really appreciate it
What eyeshadow, lipgloss, and blush did you use?
How do you take off your makeup and how do you fit it into the regimen?
i wish more beauty gurus used acne.org bc i feel some give skin care advice and i feel like it could do more harm for others than good. But this regimen really works, and has a lot research behind it. I do the regimen too and i love it! faithful to it for 3 years.
How long did the flaking last? Because that's also really embarrassing..
Leina, I have just ordered these products and Am very excited to start trying them. Could you tell me what you used to remove your makeup during the regimen?
Hey Leina, Just started the regimen two weeks ago, and wanted to know what do you use to take your makeup off? Do you use the cleanser?
I ordered it yesterday . Hopefully my skin clears up because having acne is the worst thing Ever :(
benzoyl peroxide is the fucking truth if u have acne..ppl dont even believe i used to have it
Tri- luma! For acne scars go to the dermatologist. It's $170.00 a tube but it really works!!!
HEY Leina I really want to star this treatment but I was wondering how long did it take you to see results. and How long did the peeling skin last. thnx love your vids :)
@brazlovzya88 I know right !! i dont have extreme acne but when i have rough days the only thig that actually works on my skin is the spot treatment one i use the whole thing but i swear that spot one is like a miracle !!!
Thank you so much for the info on acne routine. I have the same problem and after watching this I went on the website and seriously LOVED how it made my skin feel after the first week. Thank you thank you thank you so much!
Leina make sure you continue using the treatment, otherwise acne might flare up again, try using the treatment every other day or every 2 days, even if your acne clears up you still have to continue the regimen, it is too early to stop using the treatment :) I am so happy you found a solution for your acne.
what do you use to remove all of your make up?
are you still using the clarasonic& dermabration?
Hi Leina! so after i watched ya video about 3weeks ago i ordered the regimen and i been using it since i got the kits, but my skin havnt clear up yet. I also want to ask you, what do u use to remove ur make ups before you cleanse ur face with ur regimen? u're really gorgeous..no homo.lol
ohhhh wow... dry scaly reptile look sucks =( i dnt want to do that !!
Hi Leina! I just started using the regimen about a week ago! I don't follow it EXACTLY as the directions say because it takes forever to spread out the treatment and moisturizer. I just apply it normally (but still gentle). I only use about ONE pump of the treatment even when i'm supposed to be using three. When I used more than two pumps, my face was burned so much that I couldn't even sleep at night! I only use about one pump of moisturizer because it feels like it's enough. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!
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