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Fail Hike! (HD)

by ChimneysWorld • 32,762 views

Lindsey's Twitter: Be sure to LIKE these vlogs if you enjoy em :) Twitter: Facebook: Official ChimneySwift11 T-Shirt...

Haha wat was that noise at around 2:20
Omg in the beginning 4/18/12 was my 9th birthday!!!!
Haha, yeah. He has learned well, and has gotten the jump on the "is that your girlfriend" flood. Haha.
@XPROSKATERZ15 I'm pretty sure his mouth made that sound...
Yay, Lindsey and Chimeny!Thats so cool :3
Adobe after effects for the nerf guns
lol it was funny when she said im going to crash
They r good but could be better with frodo and plus Jerry is the mouse
Chimney doesn't know how yo use dates theirs no 18th month
"Hopefully Hopefully HOPEFULLY you guys have been enjoying these behind the scene vlogs"
Lol i remember that episode like it was yesterday:D
It is Wednesday 17th of July When will more videos come out i also have a twitter acountpost something saying what date when vids re coming out please:)
He uses camtasia. proof: watch minecraft files season 3
2 AM where you live. All I know is that's the Eastern Time Zone.
2:17 right now im uploading ah... fart oh ah its... lol
not even joking I laughed to tears just replaying it over and over XD
Right now i'm uploading *fart* I can smell it from here. Run before it's too late!! :D
the green light savor owned the red light savor
Adventure Time, Tom and Jerry, The world of Gumball <3
Your just so awesome. Don't care what vids you upload, your just epic! =)
CHIM YOU PLAY HON?! Aw shit, seems like I have to start playing again.
Chim I have an awesome idea for a vlog. Call it "Watch Chimney Sleep" and literally just videotape yourself sleeping for like an hour. LOL
Any one else here someone fart in the background?
maybe hes likes it or he wants to be a little kid again,i dont know so dont ask me how i dont do the magic
what recording program do you use on your computer?
tom and jerry is the best ! :D
XD this vid was shot on my birthday
Watch weather and turnados mon showcase, he refrences FRAPs and you can see his fps in the corner for a bit
This was recorded on my birthday
You should commentate Tom and Jerry! :D
I have seen that tom and jerry before. And I love adventure time!!!! Oh and when you said its 11 oclock there and like 2 at home, well..... I was asleep during that time because I live on the East side too:)
Oh my god he uses FRAPS. He has never said anything about Camtasia.....
that was with his mouth.... like... beatboxing... ur stupid
"It's 11:00 which would be about 2:00 where I live.". LOL you just gave your location away.
I clicked on this video because I thought the thumbnail was his gf.......
Have u noticed chim has a handlebar mustache
i love how right when he sayed they are going hiking that he asomed that we would think that they are dateing
haaay! that means Chimney lives on the East coast... Where I live!
lol i seen that ep of tom and jerry :D
I like this new channel because it feels like Chim is actually talking to you personally.
no it's not because boomerang doesnt have adveture time
LOL put his hand up his butt! ROFL!
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