Anya in my lap

by Kay Fedewa • 517,801 views

0:12 for the BEST FOX FACE

This video promotes killing kittens...animal abuse
so big and fluffy :O so pretty!
Aww! :3 can you die from seeing something that is too cute? Because i almost did!
haha! made my day!! it's a smiling fox! 
Fox had that Collette Reardon face going on.
From what I can see, you've got nothing but a blank green screen. I'm so tired of people who upload videos that can't be watched in places with normal WiFi connections.
+Michelle Ettienne How did my reply to you disappear just a minute ago? Oh, I get it. You are incapable of taking criticism, so you blocked my rebuttal saying that I had been using the legitimate WiFi at Starbucks. Well, two can play that game, asshole. I can block you, too, and will do so as soon as I've posted this reply. 
she's so purdy and fluffy :)
huh.. so what did the fox say?
RIP Anya. Sorry for your loss.
It's okay. She wasn't in any pain and we all loved her. She's in a much better place.
I wonder if she would play with My 7 months old female pomeranian dog
Firefox is real... fluffy
She's so floofeh!! X3 Omg, that face is hysterical! XD
imgur meme, imgur meme every where
dies from the cuteness
ABUSE ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's so adorable! So fluffy! OMG! I'm gonna die! I seriously want one home! C:
They're like catdogs!
Crowd: Hay it's Foxy ^_^ Comedian Fox: I'm not fat I'm cute and fluffy. Crowd: hay it's fluffy ^_^
She so Cuuuute!! So fluffy!!
Oh god that's so cute. I want one so badly now.
She's such a cute, fluffy, happy baby...cute widdle Anya. ^^ - RaymanHazACarrot
Well that was beyond adorable. Super cute and a very happy fox. Anya is so adorable. :D
She is cute:) I love foxes!!!
She is a giant floof ball. owo
Hahah! Oh jeez, she looks like she is REALLY suffering being in captivity. Ooh man. Better call PETA.
0:16 is an even better fox face X3
A catdog! :D so cute :D
And that was a total fox derp. =w=
Only one thing I can say:  Totes Adorbs.
lol totes adorbs? really? >_> just say cute.
+Ferny lara no it seriously is that fluffy given poor luke's allergies to pet dander such an encounter could in fact be fatal (j/k)
I want to hug the fluffy fox so much! ^^
your profile pic is somewhat fitting
Are Foxes heavy to hold if the let ya?
They are about the size if a large domestic cat so they should weigh about 15 or 20 pounds if that. They can run pretty fast so they're as light as a feather. Not really but u get what I mean 😵
I want a pet fox!!!!
One word for this: GORGEOUS!!! XXXXXX
the cute and fluffyness is too much >< dies
Ohhhh I want a fox they look cute and fluffy and fun to be around :3
+DaWhiteWolffie The domesticated foxes that were bred over 50+ years, were specifically bred for tameness and domestication, but this breeding did cause other traits to appear, such as discoloration of the fur, curved tails, floppy ears, and other traits you would see in a common day dog. The foxes also open their eyes earlier after they are born and their fear response kicks in weeks after wild foxes. As the domesticated foxes are selectively bred even more, things like the fear response will get pushed out longer and longer until its almost non existent, like in dogs. It is believed that once this fear response is dealt with, the foxes will start being able to develop social skills with humans as dogs did.
Cool ;) but I still want one c:
How on earth did you get her! Se is so beautiful!
Adorable! That's face was hilarious!
Foxes are catdogs. :o
That is one happy fox.
Press 3 for whaaaaaaaaaa!!! 
meanwhile in Finland
I'm officially dying of laughter. dklasjhfglo.
That is the happiest effing fox I've ever seen o.o  In love <3
Epic Foxy Derpy Face
Лиса Аня :)
That is one happy foxxy.
Wow, so flexable, such fluffy, gonna die, diabetus, much coolness
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Ohhhhh!!! quiero tres!!!  Pero de los buenos, que no muerdan ^^
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Pause at 0:12. Best derpfox face EVER.
why do you have one? am i alowed to get one imma get one. bye.
you cant stay serious while watching this video
Ha ha, yes.It's easy to see your a dickhead (see photo), what I don't understand is why you feel the need to go public about it.
BWAHAHHAHAHA!! this is gonna be the next viral animal video
That face is the best face ever. :3
OMG it's sooooooooooo adorable!!! I want one so bad!
Wow! That face reminds me of my cat when you have him pinned down and rubbing his belly.
hahah she looks stoned and drunk. very cute
If that was a pokemon it would have already evolved bsed on happiness.
She have a big coat of fur. Any fox with lots of fur, hell, any animal with lots of fur look fat.
Oh wow, Anya's gotten so fluffy this winter!
It looks like an animated ball o' fluff!
yes! She has a collie look about her don't you think?
I'm suddenly overcome with the urge to take a screenie of that face and make a TF2 spray out of it XD
I agree with Striker, shooting you and those of your mind set would do the whole world a favour.
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